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Season 1 Episode 6 | TV-14 | Premiere: 5/14/2013

First Snow Hotpot

After discussing the theme of "Days of the week", the club approaches Mom in hopes of having a hotpot.


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Now We're High School Students

Yui, Yuzuko and Yukari stumble into the data processing club room and find themselves becoming the new (and only members) after extensive study of the sun, solar system and much more.

E2 | The Data Processing Club

The girls ponder the great mysteries of life: ton twisters, a woman's bust size, wherein they attempt to get their hands on "Mom" to find out more info; the cuteness of dogs in relation to how difficult their names are to pronounce, and more.

E3 | It's Summer Vacation

Our trio spends some time outdoors and away from the clubroom to indulge themselves at the pool. Afterwards, the girls spend time together and recount their solo adventures.

E4 | The Chairman

Aikawa reminisces on her and Yui's first encounter while she observes the trio of friends. The Data club researches whales while their teacher tries to understand her "Mom" nickname.

E5 | Yui and Yukari and Yuzuko

Yui and Yukari reminisce on their first meeting in primary school. Later, the conversation takes a strange turn that leads to childhood memories and the prospect of death.

E6 | First Snow Hotpot

After discussing the theme of "Days of the week", the club approaches Mom in hopes of having a hotpot.

E7 | 3rd Semester!

Yukari and Yuzuko enjoy the last days of their vacation at Yui's, again. And the subject of chocolates leads to today's topic: eyes.

E8 | We're In Our Second Year Now

Okano is a little jealous of Aikawa's admiration of Yui. Yuzo and Yukari are desperate to see Mom cry.

E9 | Mishmash

These cutie pies are up to the same old shenanigans!

E10 | Because It's Fun

Yukino makes popping sounds with her mouth, Yuzuko hops on the pop train. The girls have fun in cooking class and Yuzuko brings a surprise from art class.

E11 | Times Like These

The girls look into the various aspects of time, before pondering what they'd like to do in the future.

E12 | Uneventful Good Life

As summer vacation begins again, the girls spend most of their days at Yui's house, before later going to the beach.



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