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Yumeiro Patissiere

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Season 1 Episode 6 | TV-PG | Premiere: 11/4/2019

Birthday Party at Chirp-Chirp Preschool!

What's this? The Sweets Princes all have Sweets Spirits, too?! The Spirits will help the Princes achieve their goals, but can they help a lonely little girl make friends?

Yumeiro Patissiere

Season 1 | 50 Episodes

E1 | I'm Going to Be a Pâtissière!

Ichigo Amano doesn't have many talents, but her lot in life changes when she meets famed pâtissier Henri Lucas at a local sweets festival!

E2 | The Legendary Sweets Spirits?

Even though she's new to St. Marie Academy, Ichigo is placed in the most prestigious class with the Sweets Princes. Will Ichigo be able to overcome the jealousy of her peers?

E3 | The Rose Sweets Prince

St. Marie Academy is a magical place, but Ichigo still isn't immune from homesickness. Luckily Ichigo's classmate knows how to cheer her up when she's feeling blue.

E4 | I Hate These Stupid Cakes!

Ando invites Ichigo to visit his family's shop, a confectionary specializing in Japanese sweets... but why does one of his younger siblings seem to despise cake so much?

E5 | Angel? Devil? Spirit??

With a test coming up that will gauge Ichigo's skill with chocolate, she decides to make Kashino a chocolate cake that is sure to impress!

E6 | Birthday Party at Chirp-Chirp Preschool!

What's this? The Sweets Princes all have Sweets Spirits, too?! The Spirits will help the Princes achieve their goals, but can they help a lonely little girl make friends?

E7 | Friendship Birthday Cake

Pastry school might be sweet, but its students can be downright salty. Can Ichigo create a new cake in time for a party after her cake design is stolen by her classmates?

E8 | The Genius, the Archrival, and the Natural?

The Cake Grand Prix boasts a fabulous prize: a chance to study sweets in Paris! But Ichigo isn't the only one who wants to win such a wonderful opportunity.

E9 | The Fated Pudding Showdown!

It's Ichigo vs. Heiress in the pudding showdown of a lifetime! Who will walk away the victor in the sweetest competition of them all?

E10 | Strawberry Tart of Memories

Seeking comfort and distance in the aftermath of the pudding competition, Ichigo heads home, but the world of sweets isn't isolated to just St. Marie Academy.

E11 | The Prince's Friendship Madeleines

Once upon a time, the Sweets Princes were strangers to one another — not to mention to their Sweets Spirits. How did they meet, and when did they become such fast friends?

E12 | The Seven Year Merry Christmas!

Every year, St. Marie hosts a Christmas cake event for charity, but not all of its visitors this holiday season are merry and bright...

E13 | Happy Sweets Dream

Ichigo isn't going home for the holidays, but she won't be spending her vacation alone. In fact, Ichigo just received a magical invitation to visit the Sweets Kingdom!

E14 | The Cake Grand Prix Begins!

Ichigo has 15 days until the kickoff of the Cake Grand Prix, so the Princes give her a crash course in sweets to prepare for the competition's devious first test.

E15 | Rosewater of Memories

Team Ichigo must make four cakes that conform to the theme of "family," but Hanabusa's idea for a rosewater cake isn't quite what everyone had in mind...

E16 | Sweet Rose Memory

Hanabusa's sudden burst of inspiration might have saved his rosewater cake, but will a last-minute change to their themed cakes spell disaster for Team Ichigo?

E17 | Pâtissière Showdown!

Hayami, one of Ichigo's classmates, is quite bitter about Ichigo's relationship with the Sweets Princes, but could there be more to her attitude than meets the eye?

E18 | The Bitter Circumstance of the Kashino Household

When Ichigo takes a tumble, the Sweets Princes rush her to a nearby hospital... well, all of them but Kashino, that is. Why is he so leery of the hospital, anyway?

E19 | Happy Valentine

The Heiress' father will be throwing a party on Valentine's Day, and the Heiress wants Ichigo to attend... so she can challenge her to a trial by chocolate!

E20 | A Powerful Foe!? The Transfer Student from Paris!

It's the quarterfinals of the Cake Grand Prix's middle school round, and Team Ichigo is up against the only remaining team of first-years. Should be a piece of cake... right?

E21 | Friendship Maccha Gâteau Chocolat

The theme of Team Ichigo's rematch against Team Lemon is "friendship," but that theme might be Team Ichigo's downfall considering their friend Ando just went missing.

E22 | The Promised Perfect Sweets

Is it possible to write a message in the rings of a Baumkuchen? The head of the girls' dormitory thinks so, and Ichigo is determined to help her succeed however she can.

E23 | Ichigo Illusion!

A circus might have come to town, but the real circus is the vegetable-packed dessert Ichigo just concocted to please a pair of picky eaters!

E24 | The Chocolate Cake of Love Battle!

The dessert? A chocolate cake. The theme? Love. The stakes? If Team Ichigo loses in the semi-finals of the Cake Grand Prix, Kashino will have to join the Heiress' team!

E25 | Farewell, Kashino

Team Ichigo is confident in their design for the latest round of the competition. So is Team Koshiro. After all, they're copying Team Ichigo's design almost exactly!

E26 | Nightmare of the Heiress Empire

The bitter taste of defeat won't stop Team Ichigo from giving their all in the third-place round of the Grand Prix... but does Team Koshiro's newest member feel the same way?

E27 | Surprise Sweets!

Ichigo and the Sweets Princes aren't the only ones who have to study. The Sweets Spirits must pass their makeup exams or be barred from the human world forever!

E28 | Ichigo and Natsume and the Princes

When Ichigo goes home to train on her own, she learns her sister Natsume is quitting the piano. Can a nostalgic tart from their childhood rekindle Natsume's passion for music?

E29 | The Mille Crêpe that Binds

The theme of Team Ichigo's next match? "Bonds." To win, they'll need to practice — so why is their teacher giving them only the most basic of lessons?

E30 | Miracle Cheesecake!

To understand baking, you need to understand your ingredients. The best way to understand your ingredients? Go to a ranch where they're made, of course!

E31 | The Princess and the Heiress!

As the main tournament begins, Team Ichigo faces off against the Country Girls, who only use wholesome organic ingredients in their creations.

E32 | Tropical Paradise!

Ichigo makes some new friends at a local festival, but sweet turns to sour when she must face off against them in the Cake Grand Prix.

E33 | Strawberry Panic!

After tasting Team Natsuki's delicious pastry, Ichigo worries she can't compete. Perhaps using an unusual ingredient will give her the inspiration she needs to taste victory!

E34 | The Greatest Pair in History!

Sometimes the Sweets Kingdom can be so boring. That's why Marron has decided to travel to the human world — to put a little spice in her life!

E35 | Welcome, Henri-sensei!

It's been so long since Ichigo has seen Henri Lucas, she wants to make a great impression when he returns to St. Marie Academy! But will her cakes impress or fall flat?

E36 | Night before the Finals

Practice makes perfect, especially with pastry... but can a good grasp of the basics carry Team Ichigo when the theme of their next match is kept secret until the big day?

E37 | Unwavering Feelings

They have just a day to dream up four new sweets? Team Ichigo has their work cut out for them in hours before the final round of the Cake Grand Prix!

E38 | The Closed Path

This is it: the final match. The moment they've been waiting for. Win or lose, Team Ichigo will put on the fight of their lives to make their culinary dreams come true!

E39 | The Vanished Recipe

The results of the Cake Grand Prix are in, but not everyone is happy with the result — particularly Ichigo's father, not to mention Kashino's entire family.

E40 | Bonjour, Paris!

Getting lost in a foreign country is no fun. Luckily Ichigo is great at making new friends (although the rest of her team isn't too happy about that...).

E41 | The Fourth Sweets Prince?

Team Ichigo is up against a stellar team. It would be tough to beat them on a normal day, but competing with a broken oven really puts their feet to the fire (so to speak)!

E42 | Gelato of Happiness!

Who needs an oven when you can make gelato? Although Team Ichigo's idea is super cool, they'll have to invent a truly outstanding flavor if they want to win.

E43 | Underneath the Orange Tree

Famed pâtissier Monsieur Blanc might look bitter, but his pastries are totally sweet. Now if only he'd be sweet to Ichigo and Kashino, who just started training under him...

E44 | Chocolate Princess!

Once upon a time, Team Ichigo made a chocolate dress in hopes of becoming the bell of the semi-finals ball. Will this round of the competition have a happily ever after?

E45 | Bon Bon Chocolat De Tour

Fresh from a whirlwind tour of Europe, Team Ichigo and Team Koshiro are thrown into an all-things-chocolate rematch. Let the chocolate confrontation... commence!

E46 | Grandma's Recipe

Ichigo's grandmother's strawberry tart recipe isn't the only recipe that's gone missing. Perhaps a trip to the Sweets Kingdom will shed a little light on the disappearances.

E47 | The Paris Found in the Backyard

The search for the perfect strawberry leads Ichigo on a trip around the world and back again, but can anything compare to her grandmother's homegrown fruits?

E48 | It Can't Be, Henri-sensei!

A shocking upset throws Team Ichigo for a loop, but the fate of Team Tennouji isn't the only unpleasant surprise in store for Ichigo and her friends.

E49 | The Finals at the Palace of Versailles!

The finals of the World Cake Grand Prix have arrived, and to taste sweet victory, Team Ichigo must face a grueling three-hour battle against the formidable Team Francois.

E50 | Dream Strawberry Tart

In the World Cake Grand Prix's final challenge, Ichigo must stand on her own two feet — and the likelihood of victory will all come down to her extraordinary palate.



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