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You're Under Arrest

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Season 1 Episode 46 | TV-PG | Premiere: 9/27/1997

File 46: Training for kendo

On the side, Toukairin gives kendo lessons to a group of kids. For everyone else, there is another Traffic Safety Class awaiting them.

You're Under Arrest

Season 1 | 52 Episodes

E1 | File 1: And So They Met

Arriving late for work is no way to start your first day at a new job. Neither is getting pulled over by your future partner. Natsumi Tsujimoto is not having the best first day with the Bokuto Police Traffic Division.

E2 | File 2: Tokyo Typhoon Rally

What is it about bad weather that turns ordinary people into drivers from Hell? With severe weather on its way, Natsumi and Miyuki are trying their hardest to shelter their city from the sudden downpour of reckless drivers.

E3 | File 3: Love's Highway Stars

Scheming and plotting, the women of Bokuto Station try to hook Miyuki up with Ken. When Miyuki goes to a reunion, Natsumi steps in to try to convince Ken to go after her. Things don't go according to anyone's plans and the gossip mill goes into overdrive over the relationship between Natsumi, Miyuki, and Ken.

E4 | File 4: On the Road Again

When Natsumi is offered a position in the parade honor guard squad, it looks like it could be the end to her career as a traffic cop and her partnership with Miyuki.

E5 | File 5: The Beauty, Her Name is Aoi

The Bokuto station has a new female police officer. At least that is how things appear. Aoi Futaba is an undercover officer who's special disguise is as a cross dresser.

E6 | File 6: Superintendent from Hell

The Bokuto Station has itself all wound up over the upcoming inspection by Superintendent Arikuza. Nothing escapes his eagle eye or is spared from his sharp tongue. Hopefully Natsumi can shake off her hangover before the station gets shut down.

E7 | File 7: Strike-Man Appears

It is the police officer's duty to protect the people and uphold the law. What's a cop to do when they have an eccentric, baseball bat-wielding vigilante running amok?

E8 | File 8: Lucky Yoriko's Great Match

Things get not so friendly at the Station when a former classmate from the academy comes to visit. Chie Sagami-Ono is looking for payback from the person she feels caused her to fail. Will pride or reason win out in a duel of honor?

E9 | File 9: Ken's Mystery Woman

Ken may be in trouble after Miyuki finds out he's being talking to another girl.

E10 | File 10: Opera Woman's Scooter Crisis!

Bokuto is under siege as a rash of motor scooter thefts keeps the traffic division busy. To make matters worse, they also have to deal with the Motor Scooter Mama, who isn't about to let the rules of the road keep her from getting to every sale in town.

E11 | File 11: The Santa From Hell

Christmas is supposed to be a time of cheer and celebration, but when a thief dressed as Santa comes to town, it is nothing but work for Miyuki and Natsumi.

E12 | File 12: Saori's Appearance

Saori Saga is a typical, fickle teenager, unsure of what she wants to be when she grows up. After she is almost run over by Oshou, she decides to become a priestess. Then she has another close call with Miyuki and Natsumi, and decides that she would rather be a police woman.

E13 | File 13: Hot Springs Resort

It is Christmas break and everyone has earned their vacation. However, their trip to the hot springs becomes a little less relaxing when the girls become hounded by men.

E14 | File 14: Manjou are scary!

Natsumi goes on a wild trip after she hits her head and dreams that she's gone back in time to feudal Japan.

E15 | File 15: Chie's rematch challenge

Chie just won't give up and challenges Yoriko again, this time to paintball. They put on quite a display for two very confused thieves.

E16 | File 16: Mystery biker

Natsumi and Miyuki think they are seeing double when they encounter a biker that reminds them of Nakajima. Lucky for them, it's only his father.

E17 | File 17: Mom's only 20?

Things get a bit complicated for Nakajima at home. It seems that his new step-mother-to-be is only 20 years old!

E18 | File 18: The strike girls

Strike Man is at it again, only this time, he's recruited. The Bokuto Police Station now must deal with not only his antics, but those of his entire Strike Youth Brigade.

E19 | File 19: Zapper retrials

Natsumi may be in over her head when her motor bike breaks down and the mechanic makes her fix it herself.

E20 | File 20: Sentai battle!

Educating the public about traffic safety is not the greatest part of the job. Things get even worse when the team tries to produce a play.

E21 | File 21: Natsumi and Miyuki. The bank robbers!

A simple training exercise proves to be far more difficult for Miyuki and Natsumi. They're traffic cops, not professional bank robbers!

E22 | File 22: Yoriko's day off

It's Yoriko's day off when the team gets a big assignment: find a certain Prince somewhere in Tokyo. Poor Yoriko is none the wiser as to whom this stranger she has just met is.

E23 | File 23: Sena and Daimaru's wedding

Its Nakajima's father's wedding day and everyone will be joining in the festivities.

E24 | File 24: Aoi-chan's romance?

A famous actor comes by the Bokuto Station and is quite taken by a certain, special policewoman... Aoi.

E25 | File 25: Striker. Strike's back!

Strike Man, the citizen defender of justice and perpetual pain to the Bokuto Police, has just been duped into robbing a loan office.

E26 | File 26: Red dress and a knife

A new maniac is on the streets of Bokuto, this time cutting up red dresses. Nakajima and Aoi must go undercover to try to catch him.

E27 | File 27: ABC driving school!

Natsumi finally decides to get her driver's license. Her poor colleagues think that the world is about to come to an end.

E28 | File 28: Thief #704

In addition to their regular duties as traffic police, the team is given the task of checking in of the elderly. Things get more complicated after someone starts robbing these senior citizens.

E29 | File 29: The battle for Miyuki. Ken's challenger!

Sena begins scheming on how to get Miyuki and Nakajima together. When a cousin comes for a visit, Sena plans to use Yuichi to make Nakajima jealous.

E30 | File 30: Department store disaster

It's supposed to be their day for shopping, but Miyuki and Natsumi find themselves hunting for a bomb, rather than bargains!

E31 | File 31: The mysterious suitcase

Saori has returned with a mission to return lost and found items. Unfortunately, she finds herself caught up with a bunch of crooks.

E32 | File 32: Natsumi's new supermachine

Natsumi finds herself without wheels after she wrecks Miyuki's bike. She buys what she thinks is a car, but ends up with a rolling piece of junk instead. Enter Miyuki with a few modifications, and Natsumi finds herself the proud owner of a super-charged set of wheels!

E33 | File 33: Eeeek! It's Toki the idol!

No one is above the law, not even famous pop stars! Natsumi and Miyuki have their hands full when Toki tries to play the prima dona.

E34 | File 34: Disaster at 250 meters -- part 1

A thief is about to get some high charges when he tries to run from The Captain at Tokyo Tower.

E35 | File 35: Disaster at 250 meters -- part 2

The Captain and the purse thief wind up trapped at the top of Tokyo Tower. The entire team is called upon then to orchestrate a daring rescue mission.

E36 | File 36: Maho-chan's lost kitty

Strike Man is back in action, this time trying to find a lost kitten. On small issue: Miyuki and Natsumi are already on the case and the three don't play well together.

E37 | File 37: Train riding pickpockets

When a pair of pickpockets start lighting the passengers' baggage, Yoriko and Aoi are dispatched to bring them in. unfortunately, Aoi becomes more occupied with arresting perverts and molesters.

E38 | File 38: The newest officer, Toukairin

The team is to undergo new training. Shouji Toukairin is supposed to be in charge, but Natsumi won't allow some new guy to outshine her!

E39 | File 39: The challenge of beach volleyball man

The team takes a fun and relaxing vacation to the beach. Unfortunately, so does Strike Man, now known as Beach Volleyball Man.

E40 | File 40: Triple double date

It looks like Nakajima and Miyuki are about to have their first date. Unfortunately, Yoriko, Natsumi, Aoi, and the Chief take it upon themselves to see that the couple enjoys their day.

E41 | File 41: Renegade cop -- part 1

Three rogue cops kick up some chaos in the streets, resulting in all of the other officers being called in.

E42 | File 42: Renegade cop -- part 2

Nakajima and Natsumi are in hot pursuit of the rouges. The chief tries to orchestrate a complicated trap on the highway.

E43 | File 43: Bokuto station peeping scandal

The Bokuto station is in an uproar after a series of embarassing pictures come out. Turns out the culprits are three kids and a remote controlled helicopter.

E44 | File 44: Halloween at the station (Bokuto station ghost diaries)

The night is dark and stormy. The chief has everyone's attention as he tells the story about the ghosts that haunt that very station.

E45 | File 45: The summer of keeping promises

Natsumi, Miyuki, and Toukairin are sent on an errand to the country to deliver a special package.

E46 | File 46: Training for kendo

On the side, Toukairin gives kendo lessons to a group of kids. For everyone else, there is another Traffic Safety Class awaiting them.

E47 | File 47: Time limit

A horrible accident leaves a young boy trapped in a car. Toukairin and Natsumi are dispatched to rescue him.

E48 | File 48: The End of Summer

It is Toukairin's last day at Bokuto Station. Everyone gets together to throw him a goodbye party.

E49 | File 49: Inspector Kinoshita

Inspector Kinoshita comes to the station to create a special task force to catch a gang stealing luxury cars. Natsumi gets selected.

E50 | File 50: The Investigation at Bokuto Station

With her partner off investigating the car thefts, Miyuki compensates by putting on her best Natsumi impression and keeping everyone on their toes.

E51 | File 51: Bukuto's Best Investigation Partners

The task force closes in on the car theives. The whole team will have to step things up to bring them in.

E52 | File Special: Diverting Traffic at the Beach

Miyuiki and Natsumi seem to have landed the perfect assignment: Diverting traffic at the beach! But work must come before pleasure.



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