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You're Under Arrest: Fast and Furious

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Season 2 Episode 7 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/7/2019

The Return of Strike Man

Strike man helps Natsumi hunt down a recycling information-theft ring.

You're Under Arrest: Fast and Furious

Season 2 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Assignment: Bokutou Police Station Traffic Section

Saori realizes her dream of being a cop, and joins the Bokutou traffic department.

E2 | The Formula for a Successful Social

Goukon is a group date thing that Yoriko gets the gang to try out for a night. Saori doesn't think it's appropriate, so the gang spins it around and convince her to go along as an "undercover...

E3 | Dragnet for the Beast of Tokyo

A beast has been wreaking havoc by the waterside and the Bokutou station is assigned to chase him. It's a monkey that Natsumi's boyfriend has befriended.

E4 | 24-Hour Cyber Police

Bokutou station has been modernized to the latest automated police equipment from a robotic vending machine to GPS installations to terminals acting as patrol units. How will the gang deal with the new changes?

E5 | Chase the Ghost Thief Gang!

A mysterious creature has been rampaging through some local shops.

E6 | Scoop! Big Escape of Love

A movie star is caught speeding. He asks the station for help in allowing him and his girlfriend, whom he's been hiding from the public, to be able to go on a date without the paparazzi hounding them. The gang works out a decoy plan.

E7 | The Return of Strike Man

Strike man helps Natsumi hunt down a recycling information-theft ring.

E8 | Spin! Coffee Cup for Two

Ken and Miyuki take Honda's daughter Megumi to an amusement park.

E9 | Women at War! Return of the Arch-Rival!!

Yoriko's rival is back to challenge her to a flag team competition. Yoriko enlists the help of Natsumi, Miyuki, Aoi, and Saori. But there's alsos a stalker after Yoriko!

E10 | For Their Bond

Honda gets called away to work as a mechanic, but Megumi forgot to tell him about a father-daughter show and tell at school. Miyuki rushes to the races to find Honda, but will it be in time?

E11 | Big Panic on the Bokutou Line! Part 1

Miyuki and Natsumi have a fight. Miyuki meets up with some engineers who show her a new heavy-ops robot. A major earthquake hits the area and the subways are shut down - with Natsumi inside.

E12 | Big Panic on the Bokutou Line! Part 2

While people continue to be evacuated from the subway line, the tunnels begin collapsing from the aftershocks and a small group becomes cut off. It's up to Miyuki to save the folks trapped inside - Natsumi among them!

E13 | Fake Officer VS Actor Cop

In order to prepare for an upcoming role, a famous actress joins the Bokutou police force. She and Natsumi encounter a police impersonator with a self-righteous attitude.

E14 | C'Est Si Bon ~ Wandering Love

After Nakajima rescues a cat, the group celebrates with drinks. Drunk, he calls up Miyuki to propose - but signals get crossed and instead demands more space! Just when it couldn't get more awkward, they must couple up in an undercover operation.

E15 | Keep the Memories Brilliant

Daimaru's wife Sena shows up at Nakajima's house, cooking and cleaning. She and Daimaru had a fight over forgetting the day they first met. After having Sena over at the gals' place, the gang try to figure ways to get them back together.

E16 | The Proper Way to Make an E-Mail Friend

Aoi has been text messaging on the Internet, and now a guy wants to meet her in Tokyo, except he doesn't know Aoi is a guy.

E17 | A Midsummer Night's Curse

The gang unintentionally break some sealed up police box in the park, and strange things start happening at Bokutou station. There's a legend of a police woman who haunts the place.

E18 | Cake or Steak: The Fateful Choice!

Chief tells Natsumi that he has something important to tell her in private. Natsumi thinks Chief might still have some feelings for her. So she struggles between her feelings for Chief and her boyfriend who happens to be in town.

E19 | Vacillation

Natsumi thinks about her promotion to the special forces. Miyuki is conflicted about it. She wanders around and meets with Honda. They have a heart-to-heart talk about what it means to let go for someone else's benefit.

E20 | Missing the Bus

Natsumi travels to train for her new job. Miyuki ponders, then starts shopping for herself and gifts she can give her friends. Miyuki drops by the Zapper store to give Honda's daughter Megumi a gift.

E21 | Nakajima Swallows His Pride

Nakajima struggles with the possibility that Miyuki might be in a relationship with Honda. Nakajima tries to tell her his feelings, but ends up as usual changing the subject. In the meantime, Natsumi returns to Boukutou on special assignment.

E22 | Is the Partnership Breaking Up?!

The tension is still increasing between Miyuki and Nakajima. The chief has a new assignment: patrol for speeders taking residential short-cuts that are off-limits during school hours.

E23 | Bokutou Police Station's Best Partners

Following their fallout, Miyuki requests to be assigned a different partner. Natsumi is partnered with Saori for the rest of the speeders mission.

E24 | Separate Ways

The traffic section throws Natsumi a farewell party in honor of her transfer to the MPD Special Assault Team. A last minute emergency call comes in that beckons the dynamic duo of Bokutou Station once again.

E25 | Crossing the Bridge to Tomorrow

Everyone is trying to get used to Natsumi's absence, even though the mess she left in her locker leaves a lasting impression. Assistant Inspector Kinoshita stops by with a special assignment for the Traffic Division - handle security and preparations for the Bokutou Ohashi Bridge opening festival.

E26 | Hot Spring ~ Summer Kimono ~ Marriage Proposal?

Ken wins a weekend for two at a secluded hot spring and works up the nerve to invite Miyuki. Of course, this means that everyone else has to show up, too! Will Ken finally man up and pop the question? Which bath will Aoi choose? Who are those men who snatched Yoriko?



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