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Waccha PriMagi!

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Season 1 Episode 25 | TV-14 | Premiere: 4/10/2022

Identity Data File: In the Case of Auru Omega

A new challenger has emerged, but Auru Omega has an unorthodox view of the PriMagi. She intends to win not with magic, but with science! Can her clinical approach get results?

Waccha PriMagi!

Season 1 | 51 Episodes

E1 | Let's Compete in the PriMagi!

Myamu wants to win the PriMagi, but first she'll need a lookbook. And before she can get a lookbook, she'll need a partner! Wow, becoming a PriMagi star sure is a lot of work...

E2 | Here We Go! The Festival Stage

Recon is an important part of honing one's craft, so Myamu and Matsuri check out Miruki, another PriMagi star performing at a local festival. But there's just one problem...

E3 | A Visit from Hina, the Queen of Style!

So many new faces, but are Matsuri's fellow PriMagi hopefuls new friends or budding rivals? Or maybe they're both...

E4 | The Duo Disbands?! It's Way Too Soon for That!

Wait, Myamu wants to disband!? She claims she needs a better partner, but is that the real reason she's run away from Matsuri?

E5 | Hey, Look! It's the Super-Duper Cute Miruki! (Heart)

All's fair in love and war... and fashion photography! Miruki won't pull any punches to sabotage Matsuri's big break, but Matsuri has luck on her side.

E6 | The Dark PriMagi Superstar?! Lemon Takes the Stage!

Lemon Kokoa might be shy, but she has big PriMagi dreams! She'll have to find the courage to perform somehow. Maybe Hina and Matsuri can offer some inspiration.

E7 | The Downright Merry Meowgnificent Magical Realm!

An unexpected trip to the magical realm makes Myamu and Gramps butt heads, but Lemon's ability to sniff out "key items" may just bring them together again...

E8 | A Crash Course with Hina-senpai! OMG, OMG, I'm Doomed!

Matsuri joins Hina for a training session to improve her PriMagi skills, but Hina's intense routine and unmatched passion leaves her feeling the burn!

E9 | A Heart Awakens! 'Tis the Advent of Lemon!!

Lemon knows just what to do to cheer up Matsuri, but when Lemon finally gets her turn on the PriMagi stage, Matsuri will need to do the cheering instead!

E10 | Nothing Beats the PriMagi! A Mega-Enthusiastic Meet-up!

While out celebrating Lemon's debut, Matsuri and her friends take a look through their lookbooks to see how far they've come — all in preparation for the challenges ahead!

E11 | Fly, Hina! Conquer Your Loneliness!

PriMagi superstar Jennifer makes a shocking announcement that leaves Hina feeling rattled before a huge performance. The show must go on, but can Hina shine in her condition?

E12 | Matsuri VS Hina: Upon Whom Will the Phoenix Smile?

Hina and Matsuri might be friends, but there can only be one PriMagi superstar! Which of their stars is about to rise, and whose will come falling back to earth?

E13 | The Magic Word is Waccha

Something is wrong with Myamu. Between her troubles and Matsuri's doubts, the pair will have to pull off a miracle to get Matsuri to the top — but they're up to the challenge!

E14 | Passionate, Mysterious, Elegant: Amane's PriMagi

Prince Amane is in trouble, or at least that's what her PriMagi partner claims. Amane says everything is fine, but Hina suspects Amane's acting skills are working overtime.

E15 | So Much for That! I'm Sick of This Stupid Training Camp!

At a special training camp for top stars, the team of hopefuls must work together to survive the week, but some students don't want to shoulder their fair share of chores...

E16 | Touma's "Magi," Hughie's "Magi"

An impromptu trip to the magical world with the mysterious Hughie puts Touma in grave danger, but Matsuri and her friends are on their way to help!

E17 | Chimumu Says Thanks for Everything, Chimu...

The stars of the training camp aren't the only ones who need to get serious about their craft. Their magical partners have work to do, too!

E18 | Amane's Heart, A Secret Garden

When a magical rose reveals Amane's hidden feelings, animosity flowers amid the stars at the special training camp.

E19 | Together! On Another Journey to the Magical Realm!

During a surprise day off, the stars take a break from the cameras and visit the Magical Realm... but the magical paparazzi wants to put them right back in the spotlight!

E20 | The Trial of a Lifetime! Miruki's Cute Court Case!

The results of the audience poll leave the stars in turmoil — and with an unprecedented decision to make. But Miruki has a (slightly suspicious) plan to get the votes.

E21 | I am Jennifer!

It's Jennifer-mania when the legendary star returns for an unexpected performance! But something about her energy feels off. Looks like even champions struggle sometimes...

E22 | Tune in for a Special Broadcast! Ole!

In a pre-exhibition special, the Superstars showcase their past performances to pick the most impressive among them — but not all feel ready to shine their brightest.

E23 | The Final Test: A Five-Man Center!

It's time to face the music. The top stars must band together to put on a performance of a lifetime!

E24 | Exhibition, Here We Come! Five Times the Magi!

The girls celebrate the success of their five-man center, but the reality of the PriMagi is waiting in the wings. What comes after this feeling of happiness...?

E25 | Identity Data File: In the Case of Auru Omega

A new challenger has emerged, but Auru Omega has an unorthodox view of the PriMagi. She intends to win not with magic, but with science! Can her clinical approach get results?

E26 | Auru's Eikichi Research Guide!

Auru's newest research mission: understanding Matsuri and her PriMagi skills! Will spending time with Matsuri and her family unlock the next step in Auru's PriMagi evolution?

E27 | The Fate that Binds Us

Behind the glittering face of the PriMagi stage, ominous forces move in the shadows. A new future for the PriMagi approaches, but what does this mean for Matsuri and Myamu?

E28 | You're My Precious One! Our Magi!

The Earthly and the Treasured have worked together for centuries, but if Omega has their way, things for the PriMagi are about to change — permanently.

E29 | Who's Gonna Team Up? It's a Matchmaking Competition

After witnessing a surprise performance from an unlikely pair, the rest of the superstars want to try a duo PriMagi, too! But Miruki has some reservations about teaming up...

E30 | Glasses and Contacts

Matsuri wants to perform a duo PriMagi with Auru, but Auru has always done things better alone. In fact, she's ALWAYS been alone... hasn't she?

E31 | Magi? Technology? It's Time for a Duo PriMagi!

Auru and Matsuri are performing together? Talk about an odd couple! Can magic and technology learn to work in harmony, or will this team-up end in discord?

E32 | A Lonesome Flower: Amane's Magi

Amane and Hina have a duo to perform, but how can you pour your heart into something when you don't know what your heart holds? Amane must look inward to discover the truth.

E33 | Those Who Shoot for the Stars

Hina is this year's Samba Sun Goddess, but the arrival of another PriMagi Superstar has cast a shadow over her shining moment...

E34 | My Very Own Vivid Star

PriMagi Superstars may be rivals, but they're also friends. No matter what, they'll be there for Hina while she finds her footing after her confrontation with Jennifer.

E35 | Fly High! Hina and Amane's Duo!

Hina fans vs. Amane fans — two households, both alike in dignity, in fair PriMagi, where we lay our scene. Can a duo between Amane and Hina strive to mend this ancient grudge?

E36 | Farewell, Lemon! Carron Bows Out

When Lemon's nerves get the best of her, Miruki sees an opportunity to shine solo — and Carron runs out of patience with her PriMagi partner.

E37 | Are You Sure About This?! MiruLemo Date!

Lemon and Miruki go on a date, but things don't go according to plan.

E38 | 'Tis the Moment of Truth! This Here is Our Duo!

Lemon learns something surprising about Miruki.

E39 | A Red-Hot Dreamer: Achihiko Omega

The CEO of the mysterious Omega Corporation reveals the philosophy driving his ambitions during a special look back at the meteoric rise of the latest PriMagi superstars.

E40 | You are MY Sunshine

As various players' motivations come to light, PriMagi as an institution faces a reckoning that could change the landscape of that magical stage forevermore.

E41 | Is the PriMagi Gone for Good?!

The deed is done and there is no going back. Now, the Elemental Spirits and the mysterious Euphoria Revue holds the key to what happens next.

E42 | The Distance Between Me and My Magi

Problems that can't be solved by the Earthly must be solved by the Treasured, and the Treasured intend to use force. But Lemon wants to take a different approach.

E43 | I Want to Win! Hear My Magi Roar!

The stars must succeed at the Euphoria Revue, but who will be the next to unlock her Heavens Form? The upcoming PriMagj will be crucial for whoever takes to the stage!

E44 | Have a Taste of Miruki's Milky Dream (Wink)

Miruki wants to unlock her Heavens Form right NOW! But the Element who just came calling has a rather odd request. Is changing who she is really worth all this!?

E45 | Auru's Path: A Scientific Approach

To reach Jennifer, the PriMagi Superstars need an unprecedented amount of Waccha. Can Auru help them manage this very charged situation?

E46 | An "I Love You" Dedicated to You

To reach Jennifer, they'll need part of a powerful gem from the Magical Realm. But there are conditions that must be met before it's handed over.

E47 | Omigosh! The Festival's Right Around the Corner!

The PriMagi Superstars are all set to perform while wearing their legendary Heavens Ensembles! It's the moment they've been waiting for, but pressure is mounting...

E48 | It Begins! The Euphoria Revue

The Euphoria Revue is now open, and it will take everyone working in concert to pull off the performance of a lifetime!

E49 | Mana-mana, Majipa, Chuppi

The fate of the PriMagi is at stake, and a final confrontation will decide the future of Matsuri's favorite stage forevermore.

E50 | The Magic Spell You Put on Me

The crisis is over — at least upon the PriMagi stage. Myamu and Matsuri, on the other hand, must manage an upheaval all their own.

E51 | Let's Compete in the PriMagi, Together!

Winners will have wishes granted, but the only prize Matsuri wants is an entire world away. How will Matsuri make her choice? The future awaits; good luck, Matsuri and Myamu!



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