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Waccha PriMagi!

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Season 1 Episode 15 | TV-14 | Premiere: 1/23/2022

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This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.

Waccha PriMagi!

Season 1 | 15 Episodes

E1 | Let's Compete in the PriMagi!

Myamu wants to win the PriMagi, but first she’ll need a lookbook. And before she can get a lookbook, she’ll need a partner! Wow, becoming a PriMagi star sure is a lot of work…

E2 | Here We Go! The Festival Stage

Recon is an important part of honing one’s craft, so Myamu and Matsuri check out Miruki, another PriMagi star performing at a local festival. But there’s just one problem…

E3 | A Visit from Hina, the Queen of Style!

So many new faces, but are Matsuri’s fellow PriMagi hopefuls new friends or budding rivals? Or maybe they’re both…

E4 | The Duo Disbands?! It's Way Too Soon for That!

Wait, Myamu wants to disband!? She claims she needs a better partner, but is that the real reason she’s run away from Matsuri?

E5 | Hey, Look! It's the Super-Duper Cute Miruki! (Heart)

All’s fair in love and war… and fashion photography! Miruki won’t pull any punches to sabotage Matsuri’s big break, but Matsuri has luck on her side.

E6 | The Dark PriMagi Superstar?! Lemon Takes the Stage!

Lemon Kokoa might be shy, but she has big PriMagi dreams! She’ll have to find the courage to perform somehow. Maybe Hina and Matsuri can offer some inspiration.

E7 | The Downright Merry Meowgnificent Magical Realm!

An unexpected trip to the magical realm makes Myamu and Gramps butt heads, but Lemon’s ability to sniff out “key items” may just bring them together again…

E8 | A Crash Course with Hina-senpai! OMG, OMG, I'm Doomed!

Matsuri joins Hina for a training session to improve her PriMagi skills, but Hina’s intense routine and unmatched passion leaves her feeling the burn!

E9 | A Heart Awakens! 'Tis the Advent of Lemon!!

Lemon knows just what to do to cheer up Matsuri, but when Lemon finally gets her turn on the PriMagi stage, Matsuri will need to do the cheering instead!

E10 | Nothing Beats the PriMagi! A Mega-Enthusiastic Meet-up!

While out celebrating Lemon’s debut, Matsuri and her friends take a look through their lookbooks to see how far they’ve come — all in preparation for the challenges ahead!

E11 | Fly, Hina! Conquer Your Loneliness!

PriMagi superstar Jennifer makes a shocking announcement that leaves Hina feeling rattled before a huge performance. The show must go on, but can Hina shine in her condition?

E12 | Matsuri VS Hina: Upon Whom Will the Phoenix Smile?

Hina and Matsuri might be friends, but there can only be one PriMagi superstar! Which of their stars is about to rise, and whose will come falling back to earth?

E13 | The Magic Word is Waccha

Something is wrong with Myamu. Between her troubles and Matsuri’s doubts, the pair will have to pull off a miracle to get Matsuri to the top — but they’re up to the challenge!

E14 | Passionate, Mysterious, Elegant: Amane's PriMagi

Prince Amane is in trouble, or at least that’s what her PriMagi partner claims. Amane says everything is fine, but Hina suspects Amane’s acting skills are working overtime.

English Simulcast
Sun, Jan 23, ’22 2:00 AM
Screenshot for Waccha PriMagi! Season 1 Episode 15

E15 | Coming Soon

This episode is not available yet. Please check our schedule for details.



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