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Vinland Saga

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Season 1 Episode 20 | TV-MA | Premiere: 7/7/2022


Sometimes, a political enemy is far more dangerous than the enemy on the battlefield.

Vinland Saga

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Somewhere That's Not Here

Weary of battle, Thors traded his sword for a peaceful family life, which allowed his son, Thorfinn, to grow up on tales of a near-mythical Vinland. But nothing lasts forever...

E2 | Sword

Thors' past comes back to haunt him when the Jomsvikings arrive in his village looking for recruits to fight in the escalating war between England and Denmark.

E3 | Troll

His men have dreams of glory, but Thors understands the grim reality of war. Unaware of the plot against him, Thors realizes his son is a stowaway on his ship.

E4 | A True Warrior

Askeladd and Thors are unparalleled warriors, but Thors has people he must protect. To save them, he challenges Askeladd to a duel.

E5 | The Troll's Son

Thorfinn will never forgive Askeladd. Ever. As hatred takes root in the youth's heart, the life Thors never wanted his son to have now seems inevitable.

E6 | The Journey Begins

An ambush should have been the end, but the English underestimate Vikings at their own peril. Amidst the fighting, Thorfinn takes his first kill. The first of many...

E7 | Normanni

Now a battle-hardened veteran, Thorfinn negotiates an alliance with the Franks on the behalf of Askeladd's band.

E8 | Beyond the Edge of the Sea

The day has come for the fateful duel with Askeladd. Thorfinn has speed and the advantage of youth, but Askeladd has experience and brutal cunning.

E9 | The Fierce Battle of London Bridge

The Danish cannot proceed so long as Thorkell the Tall guards the London Bridge. Thorfinn challenges the giant in exchange for a promise.

E10 | Ragnarok

A dream turns into a nightmare. Unable to sleep, Thorfinn finds himself at the ruins of an ancient civilization.

E11 | A Gamble

Ragnar's followers surrounded Thorkell and his men and demanded the release of the captives. Unfortunately for them, Thorkell is about to do something unexpected.

E12 | The Land on the Far Bank

Prince Canute is now in the custody of Askeladd's band, but they are all still in danger; Thorkell hasn't given up pursuit yet.

E13 | Progeny of a Hero

Askeladd must secure safe passage with the messenger of Brycheiniog and faces opposition from Ragnar over Chaute's involvement in the negotiations.

E14 | The Light of Dawn

Askeladd desperately needs winter supplies. Meanwhile, in a nearby village, a young woman worries about the sin she committed, unaware that it might have saved her life.

E15 | After Yule

Canute is too naive to be an effective leader. Realizing this, Askeladd plots to murder the young prince's innocence.

E16 | History of Beasts

A prisoner taken from an English ambush leads to a shocking revelation and a mutiny amongst Askeladd's men.

E17 | Servant

Askeladd faces an insurrection, and the threat of Thorkell. By all accounts, Askeladd is finished. But the cunning warrior didn't get this far through leadership alone.

E18 | Out of the Cradle

Thorfinn faces his most powerful opponent yet: Thorkell the Tall. Both want to kill Askeladd, but only one may earn that privilege through a duel.

E19 | United Front

Thorfinn cannot win with strength alone. While Thorkell allows a temporary truce to their duel, Thorfinn and Askeladd debate about how they can both survive.

E20 | Crown

Sometimes, a political enemy is far more dangerous than the enemy on the battlefield.

E21 | Reunion

Thorfinn runs into an old acquaintance who offers him a way home. But Thorfinn has chosen his path and is determined to see it to its end.

E22 | Lone Wolf

There is a reason Thorfinn cannot defeat Askeladd in a duel; Askeladd's past forged him into the person he is today, and he and Thorfinn share similarities.

E23 | Miscalculation

Sometimes, the course of history hinges upon a single moment. For Askeladd and Thorfinn, that moment is quickly approaching.


Askeladd decides, and Thorfinn's life arrives at a crossroads. Whatever the future holds, only one thing is for certain: the saga has just begun...



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