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Vermeil in Gold

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Season 1 Episode 11 | TV-MA | Premiere: 9/13/2022


When the ignorant act on their fears and hatred, the result is a tragedy of their own making.

Vermeil in Gold

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | The Desperate Magician and the Imprisoned Disaster

All Alto wanted was to graduate. Next thing he knows, he has a familiar with no regard for personal space.

E2 | The New Term and the Fairy Flower

Vermeil draws the attention of the school's Dragonriders after she defeats a dragon with a flick of her finger. Later, who will become the second-year representative?

E3 | A Dragonrider's Beating Heart

The Student Council is absurdly powerful, and Alto and Vermeil's antics have landed them in the crosshairs of one member in particular: Chris, captain of the Dragonriders.

E4 | A Creeping Madness

It's not a question if Vermeil's interested in Alto. It's a question if her demonic nature means she's interested in him or only in his mana.

E5 | Rampage

Chris is no match for a suddenly empowered Rex, but how did he become so strong? Something sinister is happening at the academy.

E6 | Wish

Obsidian binds Vermeil into his service! But the now berserk demoness is too powerful to control, and that means consequences for everyone. Especially for Alto.

E7 | Confession

Something has changed between Alto and Vermeil since their encounter with Obsidian; something important.

E8 | Selection

Alto joins the student council, but the president has an agenda of her own.

E9 | The Mage of Heaven's Will

All they need to do to pass the practical exam is pour their mana into a flame. Simple, right? Wrong.

E10 | Questions

Iolite may be eccentric, but he proves himself more than a match for Alto and Vermeil.

E11 | Past

When the ignorant act on their fears and hatred, the result is a tragedy of their own making.

E12 | Together

Alto makes his choice.



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