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Season 1 Episode 13 | TV-MA | Premiere: 4/22/2005

Summer Pair of Early Winter

Ichika and Sei share one final day with their beloved counterparts. Is this really the last goodbye?


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Early Summer of Chance Meeting

While cleaning on the day before summer holiday, Ichika misplaces her phone and finds it INSIDE a huge mirror. Suddenly, a girl named Manatsu Kuroki appears before her…

E2 | Night Sky of Near Approach

Ichika is devastated by all the lies she’s had to come up with ever since Manatsu's arrival. Later, they meet up with Ichika’s friend, Maki, and her shifty friend Ryou.

E3 | Sandy Beach of Scorched Heat

While leaving the beach, Ichika is reunited with her childhood friend, Nao Shimizu, who was less than excited to see her…

E4 | Lake Shore of Sudden Shower

Ichika’s parents enroll her in a summer program to create “fond summer memories”, but things take a turn for the worst when Ichika has to find a lost bungalow-mate.

E5 | Flowering Buds of Shed Tears

The girls meet up with a couple of guys at the beach to watch a Fireworks display. Ichika questions her ability to “see”, while using the spirit Djinn’s power.

E6 | Slight Fever of Wet Skin

Ichika becomes ill after staying out in the rain, watching a mysterious confrontation with Saya and Sei from afar. What mysterious relationship could these two share?

E7 | Jealous Envy of Tree Tops

After the current turn of events, Ichika is embroiled with jealously and envy over the untold connection between Saya and Sei, so much that she can’t think straight!

E8 | Impulsive Urge of Scattered Petals

Ichika’s class volunteers at a rehabilitation center to help heal the people’s hearts. When an unruly patient degrades Ichika’s kindhearted sentiments, things get volatile.

E9 | Painful Itch of Romantic Love

Ichika is tormented by the Djinn’s power, so much so that she becomes a threat to everyone around her. The pendant, which was at one point a gift, has become a curse.

E10 | Second Encounter of Life and Death

Sei is turned to stone before he is able to divulge the truth behind Ichika’s fate. With unwavering courage, Ichika is able to face reality.

E11 | Surging Wave of Parting and Separation

With only one week remaining before the move, Ichika enjoys much needed quality time with her friends at the beach. The truth behind Kai and Sei’s relationship is revealed.

E12 | Poem Verse of Fragmented Pieces

As a chosen Child of the Trials, Ichika is tested by Saya to choose between life and death of humanity. 

E13 | Summer Pair of Early Winter

Ichika and Sei share one final day with their beloved counterparts. Is this really the last goodbye?



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