Ushio & Tora

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Season 1 Episode 35 | TV-MA | Premiere: 5/27/2016


The pieces of the Beast Spear, resonating with the hope in Ushio’s soul, restore his memory to the people who’ve forgotten him. Meanwhile, Tora squares off against Hakumen.

Ushio & Tora

Season 1 | 39 Episodes

E1 | Ushio and Tora's Fateful Meeting

Ushio finds someone imprisoned in the basement of his family’s shrine and accidentally releases its aura, attracting thousands of monsters.

E2 | Rock Eater

Tora starts following Ushio to school. Meanwhile, Asako, Mayuko, and the girls of the library club are attacked by a stone monster in the old school building.

E3 | The Oni in the Picture

Ushio meets the daughter of a painter he admires, and he’s determined to have her model for him. However, it seems like accidents await anyone who dares to come close to her.

E4 | Tora Goes to the City

Workers accidentally release a family of malicious demons bent on revenge against the woman who trapped them, and Ushio’s friend, Inoue, looks just like her.

E5 | Hyou the Exorcist

A powerful exorcist from China comes to Japan seeking the monster that murdered his wife and child, and he’s convinced that Tora is the yokai he seeks.

E6 | The Sea of Ayakashi

An ancient ocean spirit asks Tora to help destroy a powerful serpent demon. When Tora gets eaten, he does the unthinkable: ask Ushio for help.

E7 | Heritage

After learning his mom might still be alive, Ushio presses his father for information. Meanwhile, Ushio’s father is given the order to kill Tora and reclaim the Beast Spear.

E8 | That Thing's Up in the Sky

Ushio and Tora’s plane to Hokkaido is attacked by a yokai who hunts and devours humans in the sky. After an intense fight, it looks like not even Tora can defeat it!

E9 | Mad Wind

Juurou, a yokai driven mad by the construction near his family’s home, goes on a killing spree. His siblings approach Ushio and beg him to kill their brother.

E10 | The House Where the Child Dwells

The Takatori family has kept the yokai, Omamori, captive for years to ensure their prosperity. Saya, the white-haired girl who cares for her, needs Ushio’s help to free her.

E11 | One-Hit Mirror

While staying with the kataimachi, Ushio sees a vision of Asako and Mayuko getting attacked by a mirror demon with a perverse preference for young women.

E12 | On the Road to the Tono Yokai Battle, Part 1

On the road to uncovering the truth about his mother, Ushio is attacked by a massive hoard of demons, all hell-bent on ripping him apart.

E13 | On the Road to the Tono Yokai Battle, Part 2

Staring down the jaws of imminent death, Ushio prepares himself for the worst. His enemies are strong, but are his allies, those whose lives he’s changed, stronger?

E14 | Hiyo Pursuit – Inheritor

Ushio is intercepted by a young woman, one of four who’ve been trained to inherit the Beast Spear. Faced with the truth, will Ushio hand over the spear to its rightful owner?

E15 | Crossroads of the Pursuit – Inheritor

Nagare comes to terms with Ushio as the wielder of the spear, but the tension rises as Moritsuna, the most favored and most powerful successor of the Beast Spear, arrives.

E16 | Shapeshifting

Against the advice of everyone around him, Ushio decides to use the Beast Spear to enter a human’s body, determined to fight off the yokai possessing Moritsuna.

E17 | To Kamui-Kotan

As Ushio loses more of his soul to the spear, the spirit of the Kohamei Sect founder offers the only solution to stop his rampage: gather the girls whose lives he’s saved.

E18 | Recovery ~ And, At Long Last...

Tora and the girls continue their efforts to restore Ushio. As the situation intensifies around them, Ushio’s life, and everyone else’s, falls on Asako’s shoulders.

E19 | Tokisaka the Time Turner

A monster inside the cave transports Ushio and Tora to Ancient China where Ushio meets a young Jie Mei, the sister of the Beast Spear’s creator.

E20 | The Creature Returns

Ushio, Jie Mei, and Giryo are deeply shaken after the tragic encounter with Hakumen no Mono, and Ushio’s despair only deepens as the true nature of the spear comes to light.

E21 | Kirio, The Fourth Candidate

Ushio’s peaceful homecoming is broken when the fourth successor, Kirio, appears. Meanwhile, an avatar of Hakumen no Mono attacks the main temple of the Kohamei Sect.

E22 | Great Summoning - The Destruction of the Beast Spear

Kirio leads a surprise attack on Ushio and succeeds in taking the Beast Spear. A raid on Kirio’s hideout reveals the mysterious circumstances of his birth.

E23 | Eternal Solitude

With Nagare and Hinowa in the clutches of a monster, Tora busy, and the Beast Spear on the verge of destruction, is Ushio strong enough to fight Kirio and his “mother” alone?

E24 | Fools Flock to Parties

Tora decides to haunt Mayuko for the day, but the quiet afternoon is shattered when she’s lured into a trap at a shopping center!

E25 | The H.A.M.M.R. Institute

Ushio and Tora are targeted by a group of scientists, and Asako gets caught in the crossfire! What dark secrets await in a lab that studies yokai?


Shigure and the JSDF close in on in the lab. Meanwhile, Ushio and Tora fight to rescue Bal, and Asako works with the H.A.M.M.R. scientists to restrain the synthetic Hakumen.

E27 | The Wind Blows

Ushio is devastated when he discovers that no one, not even Asako, knows who he is. With everyone’s memories erased, can Ushio hope that Tora remembers him?

E28 | To Lose No More

Jie Mei’s spirit appears and appeals to the yokai to spare Mayuko’s life. With both of their lives on the line, can Ushio and Tora make it in time to stop their plans?

E29 | Night of the Crescent Moon

Ushio’s surprise meeting with Hyou is interrupted by a pack of yokai that look similar to Tora. Where do their loyalties lie, and why does Hyou know of their origin?

E30 | The Journey of No Return

A shocking betrayal from one of Ushio’s closest allies is followed by a summons from the surviving H.A.M.M.R. scientists. Can their gift to him change the tide of battle?

E31 | To the Sea of Chaos

Ushio and Tora rush to save his mother, but they’re intercepted by Nagare. As Nagare and Tora face off, Ushio attempts to persuade the JSDF to call off the attack.

E32 | Mother

At the stone pillar beneath the sea, Ushio prepares himself to finally meet his mother. Meanwhile, the yokai of the East and West clash as the JSDF launches their attack.

E33 | The Destruction of the Beast Spear

As Hakumen writhes out of the sea, Ushio's fear turns into despair and hatred. As the battle begins against the dreaded creature, Ushio loses his mind to the spear.

E34 | Tora

Ushio has a dream about a child born on the night a star destroyed an ancient village. As this cursed child grows into a terrifying man, Ushio realizes Hakumen’s origin.

E35 | Hope

The pieces of the Beast Spear, resonating with the hope in Ushio’s soul, restore his memory to the people who’ve forgotten him. Meanwhile, Tora squares off against Hakumen.

E36 | To the Promised Night

Humans and yokai unite behind Ushio to fight Hakumen at sea, while Saya opens the gates to the underworld for help. Meanwhile, Hyou faces Guren in a fight to the death.

E37 | The Biggest Insult

Mayuko goes to revive Tora as he lies heavily wounded in the ocean with a hole in his chest. Are Mayuko’s affections enough to bring him back to the battle?

E38 | Endgame

The humans join the fight at sea, but Hakumen releases a toxic gas, trapping Ushio and Tora. Inside, the two find themselves at the mercy of Hakumen’s most dangerous form.

E39 | The Destiny of Ushio & Tora

Hakumen, the embodiment of all darkness, fights against the light. As Hakumen, driven mad with hatred, hunts down the spear, Ushio and Tora make an impossible choice.



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