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Urusei Yatsura

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Season 2 Episode 19 | TV-14 | Premiere: 2/23/2023

Magic Realm! Jungle of Terror / Pickled

Pro tip: never hurt an octopus’ feelings and never give an oni pickled plums.

Urusei Yatsura

Season 2 | 12 Episodes

E12 | Ten is Here / A Date for Just the Two of Us

Lum’s cousin Ten thinks Lum should look for greener romantic pastures! And if Lum can’t see reason, Ten will burn her relationship with Ataru to the ground.

E13 | The Great Off-Campus Snack Battle / A Gift from Ten!

The girls in class aren’t the only snacks Ataru has his eye on. When teachers crack down on off-campus snacking, a no-holds-barred snack battle begins!

E14 | That Mizunokoji Boy / Love Letter Trouble

All’s fair in love and… baseball? It’s time for a showdown on the baseball diamond! And once the dust settles, a “love letter” stirs up trouble.

E15 | Anko Pathos, the Taste of Love?! / Memories and a Close Call... / Adverse Effects

Lum and Ran are friends, but one can best describe their relationship as prickly.

E16 | Family Feud!! / Hello, Sailor Suit!!

Ataru and his friends were supposed to have a fun beach trip, but they find themselves swept up in Ryunosuke’s family drama instead!

E17 | A Chest Full of Longing!! / Wish Upon a Star

Ryunosuke teams up with three delinquents to help Shinobu ward off an unwanted suitor. Later, Ataru’s family must be careful what they wish for.

E18 | Indelible Lipstick Magic!! / Lethal Attacks: Yaminabe!

There is nothing suspicious about the lipstick Lum wants to put on Ataru. Nope, nothing suspicious at all. Later, Ataru’s class takes the dreaded Yaminabe food challenge!

E19 | Magic Realm! Jungle of Terror / Pickled

Pro tip: never hurt an octopus’ feelings and never give an oni pickled plums.

E20 | Recovering That Which Was Lost

Three punks challenge Lum and her friends to a duel after stealing Benten’s precious chain.

E21 | Cosmo Teacher CAO-2 / Ooh, Scary! Voodoo Doll

Lum and her friends worry the past will come back to haunt them. Later, Mendo’s life becomes much more complicated thanks to a voodoo doll.

E22 | Big Bottle, Little Bottle / When Love Strikes

Lum is quite the handful, no matter what size she is. Later, a shapeshifting fox takes a liking to Shinobu.

E23 | Title Match!! The Tomo-1 Queen Contest

The finalists have different motives. Lum wants Ataru’s attention, Ran wants to get in Lum’s way, Shinobu and Sakura want the money, and Ryunosuke has something to prove.



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