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Tsurune - The Linking Shot

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Season 2 Episode 11 | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/15/2023

Falling Into Place

Kazemai, Tsujimine, and Kirisaki compete in a national tournament that means something different to each team.

Tsurune - The Linking Shot

Season 2 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Summer Calls

The school prepares for the annual Sports Tournament and other students note Minato's absence. However, a familiar sound tells his friends where they can find him.

E2 | All in the Mind

Each participant in the regionals has their own worries and hopes. They are all different, but the one thing that unites them all is kyudo.

E3 | Winds of a Brewing Storm

Kazemai's performance earned them victory. However, another team is quickly making a name for themselves with their unorthodox yet ‌effective kyudo techniques.

E4 | Broken Tempo

Exiled from the shooting range on Masaki's orders, Minato finds himself forbidden from wielding his bow. Meanwhile, Kaito blames himself for the team's poor performance.

E5 | Push and Pull

Minato endures Masaki's deluge of instructions. Meanwhile, the rift between Nanao and Kaito deepens, casting a dark cloud over the entire kyudo club.

E6 | Taking Shape

It's their turn this time; Seo, Hanazawa, and Shiragiku have signed up for a kyudo tournament and are bursting with excitement for their first team competition.

E7 | Unwavering Spirit

Now that they know what they need to do, Minato and the others try to find their own "ikiai."

E8 | Trajectory

The Kazemai kyudo club heads to Kirisaki's campus for a joint practice session.

E9 | Bending Will

Kazemai has a summer training camp and is ecstatic about getting a beach-side kyudo range all to themselves! Too bad the Tsujimine kyudo club beat them to the punch.

E10 | Draw of a New Dawn

How can Tsujimine be in sync when its members seem so different? Minato wants to know why, and Fuwa will tell him if Minato explains why Nikaido is obsessed with beating him.

E11 | Falling Into Place

Kazemai, Tsujimine, and Kirisaki compete in a national tournament that means something different to each team.

E12 | The Linking Shot

Minato had setbacks, but all of his hard work earned him a spot on the national stage. Now, as he steps onto the range, he faces Shu once more.

E13 | Resounding Release

The conclusion of the national tournament heralds the end of summer. As Minato reflects on kyudo, he and his friends help Masaki prepare for the Star Festival at Yata Shrine.



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