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Tsukipro The Animation

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Season 1 Episode 8 | TV-PG | Premiere: 9/13/2021

Parallel Lineage

Growth and ZIX are rival bands. They say they're all good friends, but is their rivalry heating up?

Tsukipro The Animation

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | Cherry Blossoms in Full Glory

The two-day TSUKIPRO concert is at the Budokan this year! Does SolidS have what it takes to lead the other bands?


SOARA couldn't be happier about going to the Budokan and wants to give the documentary crew the best footage possible.

E3 | Small World

Shu has his hands full promoting his new drama and composing a new song, which is a lot of work. Fortunately for him, he has his band mates to cheer him on!

E4 | one day...

Mamoru's fortune states that October is a month of unexpected reunions! That prediction comes true when his former coworker contacts him about a wedding.

E5 | Back On Track

Shiki desperately needs a break. And that's why SolidS is driving around town and can't decide where to eat.

E6 | Starting Line ~Boys, Be Mighty~

The Seventh Annual TSUKIPRO Spots Tournament is in full swing with Six Gravity, SolidS and SOARA vs. Procellarum, QUELL and Growth!

E7 | Above the Best

Issei and Ichiru act in a play by an award-winning director! However, the twins have never acted before and worry about making mistakes.

E8 | Parallel Lineage

Growth and ZIX are rival bands. They say they're all good friends, but is their rivalry heating up?

E9 | Overcoming Destiny "Venga"

Dai and Rikka are starring in a commercial together! But Dai has reservations about it.

E10 | A Gift for the Future

Nozumu's older brother is the source of his inspiration and treasures the pick he received from him as a gift. But when it goes missing...

E11 | Thank You

The word on the street is that there's bad blood between Shiki and Shu, and that has Eichi worried. Is it true or is it a rumor meant to stir the pot?

E12 | Blooming in a Sunny Spot

With the TSUKIPRO concert right around the corner, the bands watch a documentary starring themselves.


The TSUKIPRO concert starring SolidS, QUELL, SOARA and Growth is finally here!



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