Trinity Seven

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Season 1 Episode 12 | TV-14 | Premiere: 12/23/2014

Criminal Girl and His World

The Trinity Seven stands by Arata’s side as he faces off against the one he wants to save the most.

Trinity Seven

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Administer and Third Selection

Arata Kasuga is living an average life with his cousin Hijiri until the sun suddenly goes black. As the world he knows collapses, Arata enters a reality of mages and mystery.

E2 | Prison Lock and Grimoire Security

When Arata and the girls are trapped in his room by a magical seal, the group tries to figure out how to escape. Unfortunately, among the panic, Arata’s power is unleashed.

E3 | Magus and Alchemist

Arata begins to learn about the magical world he’s found himself in, including the magic seven archives and spells.

E4 | Labyrinth and Magic Gunner

Another breakdown occurs, and the group realizes that it was caused by a member of the Trinity Seven losing control.

E5 | Dream World and Sub-Administer

A strange figure appears during a thunderstorm at the academy. Mira deduces that the magic trace from the mysterious person matches another incident in the “Eternal Library.”

E6 | Dark Mage and Big Event

The dark mage Liese attacks in possession of a demon lord seal and steals not only Selina’s magic, but also Arata’s. Who will protect the school when it falls under attack?

E7 | Lost Technica and Problem Solving

Liese witnesses the Headmaster’s grimoire. However, as she visits Selina, Liese attempts to absorb the rest of the Trinity Seven’s magic, only for Arata to burst in.

E8 | Study and Holiday

Arata is given a committee position, and the Trinity Seven accompanies him to another magic academy, where Arata meets a friendly face.

E9 | Bible Battle and Sweet Memory

In a world of rifted dimensions, Arata and the girls try to survive the onslaught of monsters, but when things go too far, Arata’s emotions awaken the dark power inside him.

E10 | Game Master and Satan Slave

After the transformation into the demon lord, Arata is nearly drained of magic. However, he doesn’t get much time to recoup, as a uniquely powerful mage aims to kill him.

E11 | Fianna Knights and Sisters

The school is again under attack from a demon lord candidate. While Yui tries to evacuate the students, Levi goes to fight the threat on her own.

E12 | Criminal Girl and His World

The Trinity Seven stands by Arata’s side as he faces off against the one he wants to save the most.



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