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Tribe Cool Crew

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-PG | Premiere: 9/28/2014

The Moves of Fate! The Two Meet!

Young Haneru discovers that he's not the only one who loves his dancing idol Jey El! Things change when he meets someone else who loves dancing to hip hop every day.

Tribe Cool Crew

Season 1 | 50 Episodes

E1 | The Moves of Fate! The Two Meet!

Young Haneru discovers that he's not the only one who loves his dancing idol Jey El! Things change when he meets someone else who loves dancing to hip hop every day.

E2 | Tribal Soul! On Stage!

Kanon never expected anyone would find out her secrets, now she doubts if she'll ever dance again. Can Haneru convince her to be herself?

E3 | Challenge! Dance Battle!

Haneru and Kanon learn that coming up with a team name isn't the hardest part of street-style dancing after all.

E4 | Right Cat?!

The members of Tribal Soul come looking for the fresh faces they saw at the dance competition, and Haneru and Kanon start to take things more seriously.

E5 | Maximum Moves! The Two's Appeal?

Haneru and Kanon get to mix it up and practice at a whole new hangout. Which crew's awesome spot shall they visit first?

E6 | Counterattack! Dance Battle!

When Kanon and Haneru finally get a rematch, will they show improvement? Will Haneru's trademark jumps get them through?

E7 | Tri-Crew Activate!  Haneru VS Spider!

The dynamic has changed for the group, drastically! Will Haneru and Kumo's styles ever be compatible?

E8 | Prepare for Dance Road!  Who’s the center?

Haneru keeps setting his sights higher and higher now that they’ve been invited to Dance Road. The group is stepping up their game and working on an exciting new number!

E9 | Bewitching Steps! Kanon's School Festival!

Kanon still doesn’t talk much about her hobby and when her friend Ayumu surprises her by entering Kanon into a contest, she is terrified.

E10 | The Mysterious Tengu legend. Yuzuru has vanished!

Haneru decides to pursue the person who's been watching the crew. When he catches a girl named Momiji, she has a lot of questions that need to be answered!

E11 | Let's Go To Dance Road!

On the first day of practice, Haneru and Kanon are excited to get started. However, Kumo and Haneru get into it when Janeru refuses to warm up.

E12 | The Boombox Machineguns at the Speed of Light!

Tribe Cool Crew is on a high from their performance when Yuji's team, Explosive Machine Guns, captivates the audience too.

E13 | Touch Them! Christmas Dance!

It's Christmas Eve, and the gang decides to go out for a special meal after practice, but Kumo refuses and skips practice too. Tribe Cool Crew investigates his weird behavior.

E14 | The Handspring Crash Course!

Haneru has his special move, but what does Kanon have? When she's challenged to do a handspring in class, she becomes inspired for her new move and surprises the crew!

E15 | The Birth of Tribal Soul

Akira, an old friend of Mizuki and Spider, comes back to town. The team learns about the origin of Tribal Soul and its evolution into Tribe Cool Crew.

E16 | Jey El in Japan!

On the brink of Jey El's concert, Master T catches wind of a possible threat. Haneru's excitement is nipped in the bud as the crew learns someone has hired a sniper.

E17 | Do Battle, Tri-Crew! Shocking Dance Road!

The term "Doing the robot" has a whole new meaning when Tribe Cool Crew meets their competitors at the second round of Dance Road!

E18 | They're Having a Fight?! It Started With a Squid!"

Haneru and Kanon quarrel over who has the better snacks. The rest of the team hear of the argument, creating a snowball effect leading to more fights.

E19 | I Did it? The Galaxy Walk

Haneru shocks everyone with his newly evolved dance: the Galaxy Walk. His only problem? He can't repeat it. Mr. Wakui stops by to help them get the move right.

E20 | Kanon's Longest Day

A stranger who Kanon does not know is persistently trying to recruit her to his talent agency. What is this stranger hiding?

E21 | Clash! Haneru vs Hiroto

Haneru is getting increasingly frustrated by a classmate who is always bugging him, especially when he refuses to watch Haneru dance.

E22 | The Horror of Pickle Mansion

On a trip to Lake Suwa for the next round of Dance Road, the dance crew is caught in a rainstorm causing them to get dry in an inn.

E23 | Lui and Moe!

While everybody wants to take a break from their travels, Haneru however, desperately wants someone to go and explore the area with.

E24 | Foggy Dance Road Tower!

Kanon wears a new outfit that surprises the crew. On their way to Jey, the Tribe Cool Crew are disoriented by the thick fog.

E25 | The Dancing Master T!

The Tribe Cool Crew are facing their final contest, and precision is the theme to this competition. In the end, they have only got one shot at winning.

E26 | Moves in Full Bloom! Dancing Before Flowers!

Yuzuru gets to show off his culinary skills and creates a ridiculous amount of decadent offerings to enjoy beneath the trees.

E27 | Ball-Cup's Vow!

Haneru saves a hungry kid from starvation and brings him home so his parents can feed him. Later, the Bakuon Machineguns challenge them to a duel.

E28 | The Demon Princess and Tribe Silky Smooth

Mizuki has agreed to train some young at heart dancers. Thanks to her efforts, she has become over worked and the lack of energy begins to show.

E29 | Spin And Transform! Yuzuru's True Form?

While Kimika and Yuzuru are at a tea shoppe looking for Ms. Otsuru's legendary Miracle Diamond tea, robbers arrive and send the shop into a panic.

E30 | Lui and Moe Once Again!

After a lot of pratice, Lui and Moe have changed up their dance style, and they're are ready to prove they are the best dancers.

E31 | Ayumu's Operation Romance!

Ayumu tries to play matchmaker when she suspects Kanon is falling in like with Haneru. Are her suspicions right?

E32 | Momiji Returns! Flaming Finger Snap

Haneru gets chosen to become a dance instructor by Kumo. His task is teaching the new girl Momiji the basics of Dance.

E33 | What Happened to Kanon?

Ever since Kanon had a strange dream, she has been nervous and aloof. The dream has started to take a toll on her and is starting to show in her practices.

E34 | Tribal Soul Vs. Cool Crew

Kumo feels that Kanon and Haneru's skills are being held back because they have grown too comfortable, and he chooses to split the group up because of this.

E35 | The Fateful Decision! Twins or Croquettes?!

Hinata and Yuji practice with Manabi, and they realize that they would just not mesh together as a crew.

E36 | Tri-Crew Wavers?! The Forbidden Moment

Haneru convinces the rest of the Tribe Cool Crew to get more amped when doing their routines after being blindsided by Team Sakura and the Explosive Machine Guns.

E37 | The Terrifying Spider Mansion!

During a round of practicing, Kumo gets injured leaving him out recovering and won't make Dance Road. The crew now has to adjust and adapt their routines until Kumo returns.

E38 | The Required Change! Overcome the Dance Road Challenge!

The dance crews who are participating in the fourth round of dance road are getting stoked as there will only be two crews progressing on to the next round.

E39 | Haneru VS Crowd High!

The dance crews have been able to make TV appearances and become household names at Haneru's school. Haneru tries to get Tribe Cool Crew more coverage.

E40 | Haneru and Jey

Haneru takes up the advice that Lui and Moe gave him. He pours emotion into his routine and instantly feels more connected and powerful in his moves.

E41 | Sparkling Cool Crew

To celebrate Kumo recovering from a foot injury, the members of Tribe Cool Crew take a break from training to head to the beach.

E42 | Happy! Operation: Shopping Spree?!

Kanon gets sidetracked on her gift buying adventure at the mall and winds up participating in a dance contest.

E43 | Did You All Get It Done? The Research Project!

Summer’s here, but Haneru is in a bind. He has no idea what to do for research. All is lost, however, because Koji has the bright idea of working together to get it finished.

E44 | Haneru And His Dad And The Stormy Summer Festival

Haneru’s dad is excited to play the drums at the Bunchaka festival. Haneru doesn’t want to help his dad out at the festival. Tension and arguments between the two ensue.

E45 | We Have Finally Come to Jey’s Island!

Haneru and the crew head off to Bright Island where the final round of dance road is being held. When they arrive, they all find out why dance road has been kept a secret.

E46 | Showdown! Crowd High

Everyone is surprised when they hear that Crowd High is chosen to take over Dance Road. A dance battle results between Crowd High's Trendsetters and the Dance Road finalists.

E47 | Blossom Bullets Rises to the Challenge!

The dance duo Gold and Silver think they are the best dancers in the world. Yuri and the Blossom Bullets think otherwise and challenge Gold and Silver to prove their chops.

E48 | Soulful Moves!

The battle between Gold and Silver and Tribe Cool Crew heats up. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear to everyone that Tribe Cool Crew has Jey’s spirit for dance.

E49 | Jey Versus Tribe Cool Crew

Celebrating their win against Gold and Silver was not as relaxing as it should have been because a dance battle between Gallagher and the Dance Roid must take place.

E50 | The World Can Change! Dance Can Change It!

Jey awakens from his coma because of Tri-Cool’s spirit. Not only does Jey awaken, it also ignites the other crews passion for dance as they join Tri-Cool in an epic dance.



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