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Toka Gettan - The Moonlight Lady Returns

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Season 1 Episode 19 | TV-14 | Premiere: 2/28/2023


A play at Toka's school is more personal than most. Plus, what's the difference between dreams and reality if they both make you suffer?

Toka Gettan - The Moonlight Lady Returns

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Cherry Blossom

Our story of rebirth and revelation begins with an ending.

E2 | Song

Toka must do whatever it takes to protect his homeland, but unintended consequences follow.

E3 | Sword

Preparations for the concert are underway. Meanwhile, Yurika has her own mission ahead of her.

E4 | Crown

The last Shikigami, Mihashi, has captured Momoka, but Toka won't let her go without a fight.

E5 | Buddha

Makoto receives a directive while Momoka contemplates a big change. Elsewhere, three long-separated individuals reunite.

E6 | Butterfly

Winning a cooking contest or capturing moonlight on water - which is more difficult?

E7 | Darkness

Awakenings beget disaster, and forces collide with devastating results.

E8 | Ice

Momoka wants to try ice skating, but she'll need help learning from a certain someone.

E9 | Snow

Momoka made Toka a gift for Christmas, but her present has mysteriously disappeared!

E10 | Blood

A new enemy has appeared, and after an encounter in the rain, the enemy is not alone.

E11 | Festival

The school festival has arrived! Momoka and Toka visit the festivities together.

E12 | Life

There's a dog in Toka's room!? Where did it come from?

E13 | Mansion

A trip to visit some mountain hot springs turns sour when people begin disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

E14 | Journey

Hazuki and Lilith are on a search. It's only a matter of time before Kamitsumihara turns into a spirit realm...

E15 | Calendar

Matsutake, shiitake, and enoki mushrooms, oh my! Add some bok choy. Lady Yumiko has a mealtime meltdown.

E16 | Star

An extremely long-lasting game of hide and seek meets a conclusion with celestial implications.

E17 | Moon

Makoto receives a bad fortune: "Your wish will come true eventually. The one you're waiting for will arrive, but late."

E18 | Sea

It's not summer without the sea! Nene and Yumiko discover a sea when one suddenly appears outside the house. Guess it's pool time!

E19 | Curtain

A play at Toka's school is more personal than most. Plus, what's the difference between dreams and reality if they both make you suffer?

E20 | Peach

The third child hurts its finger on a thorn. Never mind, it's peach picking time!

E21 | Garden

Momoka explores a peach garden. Existential pondering ensues.

E22 | Cruelty

Someone is spying on Toka. The Stupendous Spot gains recognition.

E23 | Bride

Just having one extra girl makes the house so lively and bustling.

E24 | Pattern

The new school year starts at Tokadi Academy. It wouldn't be a new year without new drama.

E25 | X

Tonight on Subtitle: X, Haruhiko and Shoko probe the mysteries of Kamitsumihara.

E26 | Bloom

People are fated to disappear and so is Toka Gettan in this conclusion to the series.



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