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The Skull Man

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Season 1 Episode 2 | TV-14 | Premiere: 7/21/2007

The Man from the Past

After collapsing on the scene, Hayato is labeled as the prime suspect. Luckily, he has friends in high places.

The Skull Man

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Town Where the Mask Dances

When an actress falls victim in a string of suspicious murders, journalist Hayato goes to Otomo City to see if a local urban legend is a plausible cause.

E2 | The Man from the Past

After collapsing on the scene, Hayato is labeled as the prime suspect. Luckily, he has friends in high places.

E3 | Crimson Rain Falls in the Afternoon

The media goes wild when the actress Yui Onizuka receives a death note. Blackmail seems to the motivation, but not everything is what it seems to be around Yui.

E4 | The Ghost That Goes For A Stroll

Hayato and Kiriko think they may have a new lead when a body is found at a railroad bridge. New talk erupts that this murder may have a connection with the Phantom Monorail.

E5 | The False Blind Spot

The Monorail incident has everyone on the hunt for the Skull Man. The ties between Otomo Pharmaceuticals, The White Bell Society and The Phantom in Black are drawing tighter.

E6 | Banquet of the Grim Reaper

Hayato and Kiriko infiltrate the Byakureikai by disguising themselves as members of the White Bell Society.

E7 | Master of the Beasts

The fruits of their labor seem to be ripe for the picking, as Kiriko finally finds the man that she has been searching for.

E8 | The Maiden Whispers in the Moonlight

Nami's old boyfriend is back in town. Meanwhile, Kiriko and Hayato investigate a clue they were given.

E9 | Blessed are the Impure

Nami is haunted by relentless recurring nightmares, while something strange is going on with her body.

E10 | Master of the Beasts (B)

Hayato is on the run! An announcement is made that Father Kanzaki is really Skull Man and that he and the Lost Numbers are now going to fight the new cyborgs.

E11 | Darkness, Take My Hand

Detective Shinjou waits until the battle against Skull Man and the cyborgs is over before going to Father Kanzaki's church and try to find out more out Skull Man.

E12 | Bloody Eve

To honor the wishes of a dying friend, Hayato promises to return to Otomo City and stop Masaki Kuroshio.

E13 | Black Fable

Now that Masaki Kuroshio wants to create a new humanity, the Skull Man vows to stop him at any cost.



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