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The Qwaser of Stigmata

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Season 1 Episode 3 | TV-MA | Premiere: 1/24/2010

The Seeker

The Magnesium Qwaser's wrath is child's play compared to Mafuyu's rage! Later, Mafuyu discovers that housing Sasha is easier said than done!

The Qwaser of Stigmata

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Quavering Night

The girls of St. Mihailov's Academy nurse a strange boy back to health and become embroiled in a strange series of events, learning about soma and its role in vitality!

E2 | Friendship of Masks

Tomo tries to get some much needed rest and sleep off her troublesome fever. Meanwhile, Ayana displays her true colors!

E3 | The Seeker

The Magnesium Qwaser's wrath is child's play compared to Mafuyu's rage! Later, Mafuyu discovers that housing Sasha is easier said than done!

E4 | The Queen and I

During what was supposed to be a girl's day out, Tomo and Teresa are abducted, and Sasha must find them!

E5 | White Lilies of the Battlefield

Teresa's nightmare may be an ominous premonition of things to come. Father Yuri reveals information about Teresa's past, and Tomo becomes involved in a hostage situation.

E6 | The Princess' Egg

Worried that powerful Qwasers will step in on the Tsar's Crowning, Mafuyu begins searching for the icon herself. Later, Miyuri offers herself up as erotic entertainment.

E7 | Bleached White Maria

Using another childhood memory, Mafuyu and Miyuri set out to find the Tsar's Crowning. On their journey, helium wielding Qwasers attack them.

E8 | Atomis of Two Faces Part 1

The Adepts are successful at turning Yuu into an oxygen-wielding Qwaser out to get Athos. However, a wrong choice from the Adepts will soon be their undoing.

E9 | Atomis of Two Faces Part 2

Teresa finds herself at an impasse with Yuu, and her negativity towards him has completely soured her soma.

E10 | House-Sitting for the First Time?

Mafuyu is having difficulty containing her mammaries. Meanwhile, a Qwaser named Joshua Phrygianos seeks revenge against the Qwasers who have mistreated him.

E11 | Witch's Crucifix

A set of sisters taunt a policewoman with BDSM cat-and-mouse games before brutally ending her. Shin'ichiro searches for clues to the location of the Tsar's Crowning.

E12 | Stigmata Sword

Hana persecutes Sasha and sets the stage for Mafuyu's abduction. Later, we learn that Eva Silver narrowly escaped death.

E13 | A Night at the Iron Spring

Sasha is abruptly promoted to mid-level element control. Later, a disaster of epic proportions spells trouble.

E14 | The Melancholy of Miyuri Tsujido

If the fiasco at the hot springs wasn't strange enough, Miyuri stops a trio of molesters. Later, Sasha's amnesia begins to improve.

E15 | Anglo-Russian Entente

Sasha wanders in his own thoughts while Elizabeth notices a rift beginning to form between her and Shin'ichiro.

E16 | Phoenix of Conviction

Elizabeth finds herself torn between her loyalty to Shin'ichiro, and her friendships with Mafuyu and Tomo.

E17 | Gospel of Flames

Things continue to go south as the Gold Qwaser takes Mafuyu captive, holding her under lock and key.

E18 | Uroboros' Trap

Back at St. Mihailov's Academy, the atmosphere of anxiety regarding Tomo's uncertain status increases.

E19 | Secret Garden

With a potential enhancement procedure on the horizon for Tomo, Sasha figures out how to use Tasuku's powers to his advantage.

E20 | Figurehead Princess

Sasha and Mafuyu desperately rifle through Shin'ichiro's research for clues to help secure the Tsar's Crowning.

E21 | Aquatic Sanctuary

The Adepts form an alliance with the Ancient Regime. Meanwhile, the Holy Aurum Qwaser declares that it's time to uncover the Tsar's Crowning.

E22 | Trinity * Gehenna

As the Tanner brothers are about to throw Mafuyu into an energy matrix around the Sanctuary, Sasha intervenes just in time!

E23 | Sasha, the Fatal One

Everything is falling into place and almost perfectly aligned for the Holy Aurum Qwaser to realize its master plan.

E24 | You, Live Not Your Youth!

Sasha is at odds between duty and his feelings for Mafuyu; meanwhile, Miyuri tries to capitalize on Mafuyu's insecurity.



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