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The Magnificent KOTOBUKI

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Season 1 Episode 11 | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/24/2019

Duel in Ikesuka

Dog fight? No, it's a dog WAR as the KOTOBUKI Flight Corps joins the aerial assault on Isao's forces and Ikesuka!

The Magnificent KOTOBUKI

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Moonlit Guns for Hire

Pressure is at an all time high as the ladies of KOTOBUKI Flight Corps fend off more than just air pirates in the air and on land.

E2 | The Wandering Six

The squad's RandR is interrupted when they receive a new mission for triple the regular pay! It's an opportunity too good to pass up, but does this mean triple the danger?

E3 | Rahama's Longest Day

The town of Rahama refuses to sell the Raiden, a powerful fighter plane. Elite Industries won't accept "no" for an answer. Now, our intrepid heroines must fight back.

E4 | Elite Fortress

The squad must somehow infiltrate Elite Industries' stronghold. Fortunately, a traveling tavern gives Zara a sudden idea.

E5 | The Splendid Areshima

Julia fundamentally disagrees with an idealistic and influential man named Isao. But he apparently has a plan to deal with both the air pirates and the energy crisis.

E6 | No Place to Return

When a solo mission goes horribly awry, Kylie's skills as a pilot are put to the ultimate test.

E7 | Blood for a Nazarin Pound

Most people rely on water to put out fires, but using a bomb to douse an inferno? Only the KOTOBUKI Flight Corps could think up a stunt like that!

E8 | The Great Airship Robbery

The KOTOBUKI Flight Corps must transport a rare fish across the skies, but when their mission makes newspaper headlines, air pirates come calling to claim the valuable cargo.

E9 | The Vagabond Spruce

Kylie promises to stay out of trouble when her plane is grounded for repairs. Too bad a scenic flight with Allen in a training plane lands her in hot water...

E10 | The Aggressive Bombers

Join the Brotherhood of Freedom Union or be bombed into oblivion? Not if the KOTOBUKI Flight Corps has anything to say about it!

E11 | Duel in Ikesuka

Dog fight? No, it's a dog WAR as the KOTOBUKI Flight Corps joins the aerial assault on Isao's forces and Ikesuka!

E12 | KOTOBUKI of the Setting Sun

Bravery. Chutzpah. Derring-do. The KOTOBUKI Flight Corps will need all that and more as the battle in the skies over Ikesuka soars to its thrilling conclusion!



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