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The Eminence in Shadow

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Season 1 Episode 7 | TV-14 | Premiere: 11/16/2022

A Fencing Tournament of Intrigue & Bloodshed

Cid gets a report from Nu about powerful cult members lurking in the Royal Capital. Too bad he’s too distracted about the upcoming fencing tournament to notice.

The Eminence in Shadow

Season 1 | 20 Episodes

E1 | The Hated Classmate

Akane copes with her trauma by being popular and working hard to make people like her, but one boy in her class doesn’t care about her at all. That bothers her to no end.

E2 | Shadow Garden is Born

Reincarnated as the son of Baron Kagenou, Cid bides his time as Background Character A while preparing for the day he can finally become the Eminence in Shadow!

E3 | Fencer Ordinaire

The princess is supposed to reject the background character’s confession, not accept it — since when did Cid become a rom-com protagonist?

E4 | Sadism’s Rewards

The mistake those with power always make is believing that they are the ones in control.

E5 | I Am…

Cid is not facing a minion but a would-be Knight of the Rounds. Normally, that is cause for concern, but an atomic bomb has no reason to fear the gnashing of a lowly pest.

E6 | Pretenders

While Iris seeks a bright mind to study an artifact, Cid visits a popular store. Meanwhile, in the dark corners of the city, someone commits murders in Shadow Garden’s name!

E7 | A Fencing Tournament of Intrigue & Bloodshed

Cid gets a report from Nu about powerful cult members lurking in the Royal Capital. Too bad he’s too distracted about the upcoming fencing tournament to notice.

E8 | Dark Knight Academy Under Attack

Cid sacrificed his life to save Rose. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Cid survived exactly as planned, and now his counterattack can begin.

E9 | The End of a Lie

When the students fight back, Shadow Garden joins the fray as their reinforcements. Amidst the chaos, Cid confronts the Gaunt Knight.

E10 | The Sacred Land, City of Deception

Cid heads to Lindwurm in response to a summons from Alpha, but he is not the only one traveling there; the annual Goddess’ Trial is quickly approaching.

E11 | The Goddess' Trial

The curtain rises on the Goddess’ Trial. When Cid is unwittingly called into the arena, he transforms into Shadow and faces none other than Aurora, the Witch of Calamity.

E12 | The Truth Within the Memories

The door to the Sanctuary opens and Alpha strides through it, intending to expose the Cult’s grave secrets. Meanwhile, Cid also enters the Sanctuary and reunites with… Aurora?

E13 | A Bloody Showdown as an Offering to Annihilation

Alpha faces off against an empowered Nelson in a vicious battle. Elsewhere, Cid and Aurora reach the Sanctuary's core, but a door only a hero can open blocks their path.

E14 | Your Life, Your Wish

Cid’s victory is short-lived when Nelson counters with his new magic. Meanwhile, Alexia convinces Rose and Natsume to form an alliance to uncover the truth of their world.

E15 | The Strongest Weakest Man

Only the strongest warriors can advance in the prestigious Bushin Festival, but one contestant proves himself a feeble and mundane man with no talent. Why is he competing?

E16 | Unseen Intentions

Princess Rose flees to the north of the Royal Capital. The Oriana Kingdom wants to handle it internally as a “purely domestic” matter.

E17 | Moonlight that Pierces the Darkness

Cid recollects piano lessons from his past life – what impact does this have on his present? Meanwhile, Epsilon’s performance sets the soundtrack for something else...

E18 | Betting on a Moment

Cid and Claire receive an invitation to a tournament. At the festivities, Cid receives more attention than a background character desires.

E19 | Dancing Puppet

Doem tries to make war with Midgar. Meanwhile, the match between Jimina and Iris begins.

E20 | Advent of the Demon

Provoked by the fight between Shadow and Beatrix, Iris joins the fray. An intense battle progresses across the Royal Capital. Meanwhile, Rose runs into Alpha...



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