The Book of Bantorra

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Season 1 Episode 4 | TV-MA | Premiere: 10/23/2009

The Setting Sun, Shiron and Colio

The trap set up by Segal steals Hamutz's attacking abilities. Feeling victorious, Segal stands proudly until Colio shows up.

The Book of Bantorra

Season 1 | 27 Episodes

E1 | Bombs, Books and Sinking Ship

The memories of the dead are recorded in books, and The Armed Librarians are charged with protecting them. When they infiltrate their enemy's base, the discovery is startling.

E2 | Bombs, a Princess and a Gray Town

Colio Tonies, who has lost all of his memories and has been transformed into a human bomb, sets out to assassinate Hamutz. He has a fateful encounter with Princess Shiron.

E3 | Bombs, Humans and the God of Death’s Disease

Hamutz arrives in Toatto Mine to stop a terror plot organized by Segal, and becomes obsessed with Colio. Meanwhile, the truth behind Hamutz's assassination plot is discovered.

E4 | The Setting Sun, Shiron and Colio

The trap set up by Segal steals Hamutz's attacking abilities. Feeling victorious, Segal stands proudly until Colio shows up.

E5 | A Betrayal, a Cup and a Meandering Path

After stealing the Yukyuk, Volken disappears from the Bantorra Library. The only clue he leaves to his whereabouts is the name "Lascall Othello."

E6 | Thunder, a Monster and a Girl’s Punch

The Bantorra Library receives an uninvited guest: the man with a golden mask. Meanwhile, Noloty receives a confidential mission from Hamutz.

E7 | A Smile, a Mask and a Man with a Death

Enrique is sent to the Church training island to be transformed into a monster. On the island, the boys are taken care of by Kumora. Meanwhile, Noloty carries out his mission.

E8 | A pond, Comrades and a Seashell

Zatoh perishes, and the monster that attacked Bantorra Library reappears. As Noloty is overwhelmed, Mince shows up and reveals the monster's identity.  

E9 | A True Man, a Battlefield and My World

All hate-filled eyes are on Enrique when he returns to Bantorra Library. Many of the Armed Librarians express their anger about the deaths of the comrades.

E10 | An Eccentric, a Mother and the Black Ant’s Next

Mokkania controls black ants that devour all living things. However, his heartache isolates him. Mokkania's life changes, and it could mean danger for Hamutz and the others.

E11 | A Weakling, The Labyrinth and Moving the Queen

Mokkania's revolt turns Bantorra Library into a labyrinth of black ants, and the Armed Librarians become their victims.

E12 | The Past, Irrationality and a Pipe’s Smoke

Matalast is not only Hamutz's right arm; he is also her ex-lover. Over breakfast, he recalls how they first met and how their relationship has evolved over the years.

E13 | A Day Off, a Picture Book and Rusty Hair

Mirepoc arrives in Fulbeck, chasing the mysterious Lascall. As Mirepoc looks for the Book of Bonnie, she gets bad news from Alme: the one who chases Lascall is sure to die.

E14 | The Settling Sun, a Storyteller and a Collection of Fables

The legendary psychic, Shiron, has reappeared. Despite the unrest, the people still continue to wish for dreams, happiness, and love.

E15 | A Girl, a Girl and the Bed of God

Mirepoc is still unable to locate the Book of Bonnie, containing the secret of Lascall. The problem is: anyone who knows the secret, is silenced.

E16 | A Banned Book, a Coward and the Sacred Eyes

Mince visits Gandali in search of the forbidden "Red Book," which is filled with the memories of serial killers -- and anyone who reads it will be psychologically destroyed.

E17 | A Return Home, an Encounter and Fiery Green

Volken returns to Bantorra Library and declares that he will correct the injustice done by Hamutz. Meanwhile, a woman named Renas goes through some strange changes.

E18 | A Propeller, Remembrance and a Man of Lead

In order to regain the memory of Renas's dual personality, Volken heads to Darai Mine. On the way, he encounters his former master.

E19 | A Fool, a Void and a Spinning Fairy

Hamutz catches up with Volken and Olivia. Volken and Hamutz finally face off! Meanwhile, the human bombs reappear.

E20 | Funeral Bells, a Book and a Boy with a Death Wish

In an effort to be promoted, Noloty investigates the Shindeki Church's bio terrorism. The mastermind turns out to be a young boy with a deep hatred of the Armed Librarians.

E21 | Enmity, the Color Blue and the Rope Princess

The fierce wars between Bantorra Library and world powers continue. As the enemies begin to encircle, Hamutz and Ireia join the fight.

E22 | The Sky, and Ending and a Girl’s World

As Noloty heads to the mansion in the mountain, the executive director of Shindeki Church appears. Katchua makes a terrifying proposal in exchange for the Church's surrender.

E23 | A Jailbreak, a Took and a Desert Violet

Hamutz seeks out the true leader of Shindeki Church. On her quest, she reminisces about her time spent in the now abandoned research facility.

E24 | Truth, Love and the Second Sealed Library

The Violent Sinner has the ability of soul transference and Hamutz mercilessly fights it. Meanwhile, something sleeping deep inside the Library suddenly awakes.

E25 | Tranquility, Indolence and a Tale of Despair

Two thousand years ago, the era of Paradise came to an end. Aiming to destroy the humans, Ontorra unleashed the beasts of the Final Chapter upon the world.

E26 | Atonement, Delusion and Books Within Books

The world is frozen in time by Ruruta's Tearless Ending. As Matalast and the rest of the Armed Librarians are peacefully sleeping, Hamutz's final battle with Ruruta ensues.

E27 | The Power of the World

Everyone who died a violent death in the battle against Shindeki Church gathers in order to rescue Hamutz.



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