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Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-PG | Premiere: 10/3/2009

Letter & Letter Bee

Gauche Suede works as a Letter Bee, a courier with special powers to fight against the monsters that wander in the wastelands between towns.

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Letter & Letter Bee

Gauche Suede works as a Letter Bee, a courier with special powers to fight against the monsters that wander in the wastelands between towns.

E2 | My Friends

Lag steals Gauche's Shidanjuu while he sleeps, but unwittingly falls into a sand trap laid by a Gaichuu.

E3 | Crybaby Boy, Letter Girl

After five years living with his aunt and studying to become a Letter Bee, Lag passes the preliminary exams.

E4 | Lag’s Dingo

Lag delivers Niche to a strange circus, where animals are treated badly. Strange may be an understatement.

E5 | Dead End Town

Lag and Niche arrive in Kyrie, a dead end town where very few people visit -- perhaps, for a reason.

E6 | Letter to Jiggy Pepper

Neri's attempt to cross the bridge is thwarted by the gatekeeper, who summons a monster to dispose of her.

E7 | Central Yuusari, 13 Nocturne Way, Head Post Office Beehive

Lag and his group are permitted to pass over to Bifrost, where he reunites with Connor and prepares for his exams in the Head Post Office.

E8 | Meeting with Sylvette Suede

Lag learns of Gauche's stress-induced breakdown. Connor brings Lag to Sylvette Suede, Gauche's sister.

E9 | The Crybaby Boy’s Vow

Lag and Sylvette witness flashbacks of Gauche brought on by touching his Shindanjuu, where they learn he overworked himself to try and cure Sylvette's disability.

E10 | Beneath the Light

Sylvette rents Gauche's room to Lag. Aria, Lag and Niche visit the Hill of Prayer, where the artificial sun shines brightly.

E11 | Letter of Lies

Lag and Niche take on their very first delivery, meeting a fellow Bee named Moc Sullivan along the way.

E12 | The Red & Green Ribbon

Lag and Zazie take on special jobs for Holy Night, a holiday where the celebration surrounds gift-giving.

E13 | The Promised Land

Lag and Niche become entangled in the nefarious plot of Galador to force Pistis to marry him when they attempt to deliver a letter from her fiancee, Promessa.

E14 | The Corpse Doctor

Lag's friends suggest he be checked out by a doctor. But this isn't any doctor. This one's earned his title as "The Corpse Doctor."

E15 | Escape of Love

Niche thinks he is doing a service for a passionate couple named Bonnie and Moss, when he learns they are on the run, and works to uncover the real reason for their pursuit.

E16 | Fan Letter to the Musician

When Lag delivers a fan's letter to the pianist Mathilda Rein, it seems innocent enough... until Lag finds out they were written by someone else.

E17 | Letter Bee & Dingo

Lag and Niche receive a package to deliver a former Letter Bee, but this delivery is anything but ordinary.

E18 | Letter Pigeon

A group calling themselves "The Letter Pigeons" wage a friendly competition against the Letter Bees.

E19 | The Sick Letter Bee & Girls

Lag comes down with a fever, and it's up to Sylvette and Niche to nurse him back to health... if they can quit arguing long enough to take care of him!

E20 | Lost Letter

Zazie is injured during a delivery and has lost his letters. The Bees must recover his lost letters, even if it means going up against the Gaichuu.

E21 | Potpourri of Memories

Lag, Connor, and Zazie scope out a new therapeutic center in the Bee Hive, and the caretaker of the center has quite a story to share with Lag.

E22 | The Note that Connects Dreams

Gauche takes on the nearly impossible task of delivering a letter to a far away territory, at the southernmost end of Yuusari.

E23 | Honey Waters

Lag, Connor, and Niche meet a married couple who seems normal enough... that is, until they attack and capture Niche and Connor!

E24 | Memories of Three Hearts

A Gaichuu attacks! While Lag and Connor work to defeat it, the townspeople perpetually get in the way.

E25 | The Ones Unable to Become Spirits

Ann and Hunt are snatched up by the Gaichuu. Zazie and Connor attack it while Lag lets loose a shindan to catch the Gaichuu.



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