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Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Reverse

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Season 2 Episode 1 | TV-PG | Premiere: 10/2/2010


The unconscious Lag is transported to the Bee Hive. Meanwhile, Lag dreams of an injured Gauche waking up with amnesia.

Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee Reverse

Season 2 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Promise

The unconscious Lag is transported to the Bee Hive. Meanwhile, Lag dreams of an injured Gauche waking up with amnesia.

E2 | Underpants and Bread

Lag and Connor search for Niche, but after a series of strange events and misunderstandings, Niche ends up rescuing Lag.

E3 | The Hydrangea-Colored Picture Letter

Lag is asked to find out who sent Ray pictures of hydrangea-colored mountains. These letters remind her of her childhood and help her find strength to fight her illness.

E4 | Lighthouse of Illusions in the Wilderness

Lag is seeing things -- a four-eyed creature, to be exact. The strange illusions continue, until Lag uncovers that they are somehow based in reality.

E5 | Reverse World

Numerous incidents are reported of Reverse Marauders, who have been attacking Bees and stealing their letters!

E6 | The Little Girl Doll

While Lag pursues a thief, Sylvette goes after Autobahn who has taken control of a carriage in order to escape.

E7 | Film Noir

Lag and Niche go out of town to find Noir. While trying to stay hot on Noir's trail, Lag discovers an unusual Gaichuu.

E8 | Blue Notes Blues

The people of Blue Notes Blues lived in peace with the Maka, until sin corrupted the hearts of man. Later, Lag discovers that Noir has entered a cave.

E9 | 200 Years of Loneliness

Lag and the townspeople are attacked by Niche. When Lag shoots Niche's sister, it is revealed how he met Niche and how their friendship developed.

E10 | Veritably Abbey

Lag learns that spirit insects were "chosen ones," born of small insects and spirit energies. But as their hearts shed away, they become Gaichuu.

E11 | Cabernet Attacks

The nuns head for the prayer hill, and Sunny is ordered to poison Connor. Later, Connor investigates claims against Reverse and finds Lag fighting Roda.

E12 | Light, Illuminating the Darkness

When Roda continues to fight with Niche and Lag, she is floored when Lag saves her in a true act of bravery.

E13 | The Scarlet Red Melody

Per a request by the government, Largo puts Zazie in charge of the personnel that will destroy the Cabernet. Later, Lag undergoes examination by Dr. Thunderland, Jr.

E14 | Day of Flicker

In a flashback, Houdai Franklin reveals the details behind the Day of Flicker, when the artificial sun gave out.

E15 | Welcome Home

Lag's request to allow Gauche to come home is denied. Largo and Dr. Thunderland seek to know how Gauche has regained his lost heart.

E16 | Roda, Wandering

A flashback reveals what happened after Roda survived her fall, and her trip to Yuusari to look for Noir.

E17 | Lies and Truth

When capital inspectors come to interrogate Sylvette, Lag impersonates her. Meanwhile, Largo gets a tip that there are Marauders around Yuusari.

E18 | The Lost Heart Bullet

There's a possibility that Noir has been using Lag's memories of Gauche as a deceptive device. Aria learns the light from Akatsuki can cause people to lose their hearts.

E19 | Neither Malice, Nor Hatred

Lag learns that, despite his intent to deliver people's hearts, it is the government who has stolen them.

E20 | The Smile of Hope

Worried that the Gaichuu may attack, Zazie seeks to use Connor's dingo, Gus, to locate them. Largo sends Lag to deliver a letter for Connor in Lament.

E21 | Lawrence's Ambition

Lag vows to defeat the Cabernet and bring back Gauche's heart. Largo leaves on a business trip, and Dr. Thunderland looks after Sunny, who is recovering at the Bee Hive.

E23 | To Akatsuki

Much to Lag's surprise, Gauche has unexpectedly saved everyone from the Gaichuu -- but still persists in an uncomfortable encounter with Lag and Niche.

E24 | Final Battle! Yuusari Central

The gaichuu are not phased by the attacks from Lag, Noir, and Zazie. Later, the Cabernet rampages through the city and the final battle ensues!

E25 | Light of the Heart

Noir is severely injured. Lag uses all his strength to issue a fatal shot to the Gaichuu. Later, everyone tries to continue living their lives as normally as possible.

E22 | A Place to Return To

Having escaped Lawrence, Noir sets out to acquire a shindanjuu; meanwhile, Roda and the others who couldn't become spirits are taken to a dark place.



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