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Tears to Tiara

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Season 1 Episode 15 | TV-PG | Premiere: 9/27/2009


As the Imperial forces gather, Arthur leads a preemptive strike. As the group passes through the forest, they cross into an area under an enchantment that weakens them.

Tears to Tiara

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Demon King Revival

To protect her village, Gaelic Priestess Riannon agrees to be the sacrifice needed to revive the Demon Lord, Arawn. Her brother, Arthur, sets out to rescue her.

E2 | People of the Covenant

Arthur finds Riannon, but is faced with a potentially deadly ultimatum. Later, Lord Arawn awakens. While Arthur is struggling with trust, Riannon makes a shocking decision.

E3 | Departure

The villagers prepare to leave, but are instead captured by the Imperial Army. Despite an attempt on his life, Arawn leads the attack and is confronted by Gaius.

E4 | Avalon

War is coming as the tribe heads for the elfin city of Avalon. A merchant mistakes Arawn and Arthur for thieves and traps them. Riannon wonders about Arawn's past life.

E5 | Londinium

Arthur and Arawn try to hunt for food in another tribe’s territory. With a shortage of weapons in Avalon, the crew concocts a dangerous plan to steal from the Imperial Army.

E6 | Callous Valley

Morgan’s flute summons a girl, Llyr, of the faerie tribe. Arawn makes a mistake, binding Llyr to them. Meanwhile, a group of Imperial soldiers are hot on their trail.

E7 | Colosseum

Break time! The crew takes a trip to Londinium to watch the gladiators, where they meet a young elf, Rathty. Octavia is indebted to Morgan when she helps her thwart a cheater.

E8 | Rublum

Gaius learns that the Rublum has been dispatched to destroy the Gaels. When Morgan spots their ship approaching, Ogam warns the crew, but Arthur pays no heed.

E9 | Attack

Octavia disobeys her superiors and stumbles upon a secret. As punishment, she is sent to the mines, where she is under the orders of an old rival, Lidia.

E10 | Noble Fencer

Arawn is concerned with how the rest of the tribe will react to Octavia’s presence in the castle. Tensions rise as Arthur becomes suspicious and a challenge is issued.

E11 | Requiem

When the Rubrum learn the location of Avalon Castle, some of the Gaels suspect Octavia to be a spy, spurring her to action to dispel any doubts about her loyalty.

E12 | Threat of the Empire

Riannon is captured by Gaius and forced to heal his Imperial soldiers. Arthur wants to leave immediately to rescue her, but is cautioned by Arawn not to be hasty.

E13 | Brigantes

Gaius leads another attack on Avalon Castle. Arawn decides to try to form an alliance with the Brigantes Tribe, their neighbors.

E14 | White Angel

When the tribe runs low on funds, Arawn heads up an effort to collect treasure from his tomb. Elsewhere, Gaius is called before the High Council and accused of treason.

E15 | Candid

As the Imperial forces gather, Arthur leads a preemptive strike. As the group passes through the forest, they cross into an area under an enchantment that weakens them.

E16 | Reason to Fight

Riannon takes command of the tribe in an unlikely turn of events. Ogam goes in search of Arthur and undergoes a shocking transformation.

E17 | For My Friends

With Avalon under siege for three days, Riannon continues her efforts while Arawn is on the mend. Arthur is made commander of the Brigantes forces.

E18 | Return

With the Gaels cornered and their last lines of defense crumbling, Arthur and the Brigantes arrive. Arthur calls out to Arawn, hoping he will awaken and join the fight.

E19 | Child of the Night

The Divine Empire falls into chaos. A new foe emerges to take advantage, and Arawn devises a plan to trap them. However, to do this, he will need the aid of the Giants.

E20 | Lucifer

The 12 Angels in Heaven place the future of humanity in the hands of Merlinus when they give him charge over the new Angel, Lucifer.

E21 | The Song of Creation

Taliesin gets a glimpse of Arawn’s past. Meanwhile, the black knights are being lured into the mountains when an unexpected snowstorm complicates things.

E22 | Dyrnwyn

Taliesin’s sacrifice stops the enemy in their tracks, but Arawn knows that they must act swiftly to defeat them. Their only hope is to retrieve the sword, Dyrnwyn.

E23 | Palladium

Together again at Palladium, Arawn and Arthur lead the others into the tower. The party becomes separated as different foes pull them in different directions.

E24 | Gravitas

With the enchantment hindering them, Arawn and Ogam split off to find the source. Ogam, prepared to pay the ultimate sacrifice, plans to use the Flame of Origin.

E25 | Merkadis

The crew finally reaches the top of the tower! There, they find a beautiful garden, but Riannon senses a disturbing presence.

E26 | Power of Words

Only Riannon possesses the power to stop Merkadis, but as her brother and husband continue to fight, she must remember how.



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