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Tabiaruki from Iwate

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Season 1 Episode 3 | TV-PG | Premiere: 9/16/2018

Northern Cities – Exploring the Spicy Foods

Stimulate your appetite with spicy northern cuisine.

Tabiaruki from Iwate

Season 1 | 22 Episodes

E1 | Tsugaru-fuji, News from Spring

A late spring has arrived in the city of Tsugaru, Japan.

E2 | A Moment of Coolness

Sometimes, it’s wiser to find ways to stay cool in Iwate than be out in the sun.

E3 | Northern Cities – Exploring the Spicy Foods

Stimulate your appetite with spicy northern cuisine.

E4 | The Towns Where A Steam Locomotive Runs

In a world of automobiles, there are places where the trains not only still run but have become iconic fixtures.

E5 | A Summer Story: Searching for illumination spots

As the sun sets, lights have a way of bringing a prefecture to life during the cool summer nights.

E6 | A Walk in the Sky of Morioka in Early Fall

Fall is quickly approaching, and it’s time for a walk around the city.

E7 | Charmed by Autumn Colors

There is beauty in autumn colors, and they are found in more than just the leaves.

E8 | Our Own Travel Guide: Around Kita-Akita

Come and explore what Kita-Akita has to offer.

E9 | Late Autumn in Ihatov: Looking for Signs of Autumn

Autumn has arrived in the scenic areas of Ihatov. What can be experienced?

E10 | Tasting Tour with Cherry Blossoms in Three Cities

What better way to watch the flowers than with delicious food?

E11 | A Tale of the Mountain Streams in Iwate – To the Waga River System

The autumn rivers have a tale or two to tell if one knows where to listen.

E12 | How About Lunch at a Hot Spring Resort?

Snow blankets the region. For those looking for a warm hearth, the hot springs offer food and shelter from the winter’s embrace.

E13 | Newly Brewed Japanese Sake

Come with us and discover how people make nihonshu, rice wine.

E14 | Our travel guide: Falling in love with snow in Northern Tohoku

The Earth may slumber in winter, but there’s plenty to do in Northern Tohoku.

E15 | Winter Fun in Iwate

What activities are available in Iwate while the snow falls outside?

E16 | Our travel guide: Along the Coast Part I

Coastal towns have much to offer if you know where to look.

E17 | Our travel guide: Along the Coast Part II

Our journey isn’t over yet! There are many places to see and food to eat.

E18 | Our travel guide: Along the Coast Part III

From Yamada to Kamaishi, there’s still plenty left to take in.

E19 | To the Hills and Fields, in Search of Spring

As the snow melts, the Earth comes back to life.

E20 | Taste the Seasonal Food

New seasons bring new flavorful food.

E21 | Autumn Breeze Road Trip

The leaves turn and Autumn approaches once again.

E22 | The Wait is Over! Shin Soba

The harvest is here, and it’s time to make shin soba noodles.



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