Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld

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Season 2 Episode 23 | TV-MA | Premiere: 9/19/2020

New World

Rinko informs Kazuto that Alice is missing. At the door, Kazuto finds a deliveryman with a huge cardboard box.

Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld

Season 2 | 24 Episodes

E1 | In the Far North

Six months have passed since the fierce battle against Administrator. Gazing out at the world that she saved with Kirito, Alice reflects on all that’s happened.

E2 | Raids

A force from the Dark Territory is attacking Rulid Village. Though she’d lost her purpose in battle, Alice takes up the Osmanthus Blade once again!

E3 | The Final Load Test

The mysterious group turns out to be a secret unit under orders from the U.S. National Security Agency. And its leader, Gabriel, has battled Kirito and Sinon before.

E4 | Dark Territory

Shasta had intended to use Administrator’s death as a chance for peace with the Human Empire. But his plans are thwarted by Emperor Vecta’s return to the land of darkness.

E5 | The Night Before Battle

Resolved to fight for humankind, Alice joins the forces of the Human Empire. While the forces of darkness boast overwhelming numbers, only thirteen Integrity Knights are available.

E6 | Battle of the Knights

The Final Load Test has begun, and the Eastern Gate has collapsed. Incited by Emperor Vecta, the massive army of the land of darkness pushes on towards the Human Empire.

E7 | Stigma of the Disqualified

Integrity Knight Renly Synthesis Twenty-Seven, in battle for the first time, flees his position, allowing goblins from the forces of darkness to infiltrate to the tent where Kirito is.

E8 | Blood and Life

Alice encounters an enemy survivor and learns that Emperor Vecta's objective is to find the “Priestess of Light.”

E9 | Sword and Fist

As Alice and Bercouli try to come up with a strategy to counter them, the silent Integrity Knight Sheyta Synthesis Twelve steps forward.

E10 | Stacia, the Goddess of Creation

Asuna has logged into the Underworld using the superuser account of Stacia, the Goddess of Creation. She is reunited with Kirito, but soon Alice arrives, leading to a precarious situation!

E11 | Heartless Choice

Asuna has created a bottomless chasm between the dark knights and the Human Empire Army. Meanwhile, Critter announces a limited-time beta test for a bizarre new VRMMO.

E12 | Ray of Light

U.S. players were given black knight accounts and are now continuously logging in. They begin slaughtering soldiers from both the Human Empire Army and the Dark Territory Army.

E13 | The War of Underworld

Sinon has logged in with the super-account of Solus, the Sun Goddess and rescues Asuna and the others at the last minute. Meanwhile, Leafa logs in and descends to the Underworld.

E14 | End to Eternity

The Human Empire Army and Asuna valiantly battle the wave of players surging towards them. But they’re hopelessly outnumbered, and start to fall one after another.

E15 | Instigation

After a long, vicious battle, Bercouli unleashes his secret sword skill, Uragiri, and finally defeats Vecta, despite having sustained severe injuries himself.

E16 | Code 871

When Higa attempts to restore Kirito, Yanai tries to thwart the operation. Meanwhile, in the Underworld, Sinon confronts Gabriel, who has logged back in.

E17 | Prince of Hell

Discovering the catatonic Kirito, Vassago kicks his wheelchair over. Enraged, Klein lunges at Vassago, only to be pinned down by enemy players. Just then, someone unexpected appears.

E18 | Memories

Sinon manages to damage Gabriel, but her strength has been sapped. Leafa collapses after wiping out the American players. And Asuna, her situation hopeless, gazes at Kirito.

E19 | Awakening

Escaping his nightmares, Kirito regains consciousness at last. Armed with the Night-Sky Blade and the broken Blue Rose Sword, he faces off against Vassago.

E20 | The Night-Sky Blade

Alice and Asuna head to the World’s End Altar. Kirito must defeat Gabriel and return before the maximum-acceleration phase, or spend the next 200 years in the Underworld.

E21 | Beyond Time

The maximum-acceleration phase has begun. In the real world, Higa and Kikuoka rush to shut down the STL, in order to disable the maximum-acceleration phase, but…

E22 | Alice

The “Rath Attack Incident,” masterminded by the American National Security Agency, is over. Now Rinko unveils Alice to the world as an authentic artificial general intelligence.

E23 | New World

Rinko informs Kazuto that Alice is missing. At the door, Kazuto finds a deliveryman with a huge cardboard box.

E0 | Reflection

Asuna and Alice reflect on the series of events that have led to their current predicaments and what they have learned along the way.



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