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Sushi Police

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Shorts | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/18/2021

The Sushi Interrogation of Sarah

The Sushi Police have Sarah right where they want her... or do they?

Sushi Police


Shorts | Enter the Sushi Police!

There won’t be any bad sushi in The City of Angels so long as the Sushi Police are on the case!

Shorts | Skewer of Honor

The lamentable cries of sushi lead the Sushi Police to the rain-soaked streets of France. Nothing seems amiss at first glance, but Honda insists there’s something wrong...

Shorts | The Old Hombre from Mexico

In their quest to sanctify sushi, have the Sushi Police caused more harm than good?

Shorts | The Sushi Interrogation of Sarah

The Sushi Police have Sarah right where they want her... or do they?

Shorts | Pursuit! High-Speed Sushi Delivery

Teleporting sushi around the world sounds convenient! Unfortunately, sci-fi horror movies have taught science nothing.

Shorts | The Quest for Sushi's Roots

What’s worse than bad sushi? Zombie sushi.

Shorts | The Free Sushi Movement

As Kawasaki questions his programming, the Sushi Police confront the protesters in Germany.

Shorts | Showdown! Sushi Police vs. Pasta Police

Their latest case puts the Sushi Police in direct confrontation with the Pasta Police!

Shorts | Sushi Police Surrounded

As the Sushi Police try to repair their image, Kawasaki makes a shocking discovery.

Shorts | The Evil Mastermind

The Sushi Police join forces with Sarah in the face of an unprecedented threat!

Shorts | Slaying the Kaiju Sushilla, Part 1

The sushi landscape has changed. But will it be for the better?

Shorts | Slaying the Kaiju Sushilla, Part 2

The Sushi Police have learned many things. But will it be enough to defeat Sushilla?

Shorts | The Second Serving

The dark side of sushi has given birth to a terrible power. Can the Sushi Police defeat their ultimate advisory?



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