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Sunday Without God

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-MA | Premiere: 1/30/2024

Valley of Death I

In a world where natural death does not occur, Ai has become the new "gravekeeper" in her small village.

Sunday Without God

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Valley of Death I

In a world where natural death does not occur, Ai has become the new "gravekeeper" in her small village.

E2 | Valley of Death II

Ai meets Scar, a real gravekeeper, and Julie, a man hell bent on avenging his wife's death at the hands of Hampnie.

E3 | Valley of Death III

While on their journey to find Hana, Hampnie and Ai are ambushed. Hampnie gets caught, and Ai comes to a stunning realization.

E4 | Ortus I

Leaving Hampnie behind, Ai, Julie, Scar and a mysterious stranger head to Ortus, the city of the deceased.

E5 | Ortus II

Ai learns more about how Ortus came to be. Kiriko introduces her to the Princess, who befriends her immediately.

E6 | Ortus III

Ulla Is revealed to hold a strange power within her, and Ai is determined to tell her the truth about the world around them.

E7 | Goran Academy I

Ai is kidnapped and taken away to a school named Goran Academy, where she meets kids with special powers.

E8 | Goran Academy II

The plan to escape Goran Academy is set, but one student has doubts about reentering the outside world.

E9 | Where Gravekeepers are Born

Ai sets off in search of Scar, using Celica as a compass needle to find her. The group then stumbles upon Story Circle, the place where gravekeepers are born.

E10 | Class 3-4 I

Alis, Ai and the group step into the world of Class 3-4, a pocket universe wished into existence by a group of students.

E11 | Class 3-4 II

Ai turns 13 in the world of Class 3-4, and Dee reveals the truth behind the reason why the world was created and why it endlessly loops.

E12 | Class 3-4 III

Dee sees a world that she can never be a part of and resolves to forcefully reset it. Alis and Ai try to stop her and a grand secret is revealed.



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