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Spy Classroom

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Season 1 Episode 6 | TV-14 | Premiere: 2/9/2023

FILE: Pandemonium Sybilla

The girls receive some advice: "Deceive each other. Trick each other. Improve each other."

Spy Classroom

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | MISSION: Flower Garden I

Spy-school washout Lily just accepted a provisional graduation, and she couldn't be happier! But there's more to her new assignment (and her new teacher) than meets the eye.

E2 | MISSION: Flower Garden II

From defeat comes wisdom. To vanquish Klaus, Team Lamplight must learn from their mistakes — but once they enter enemy territory, the time for mistakes will be over.

E3 | MISSION: Flower Garden III

Impossible Mission or not, it doesn't make sense for a team that legendary to go down so easily. A traitor betrays his team.

E4 | FILE: Fool Erna

Nine elite members form a new team called Lamplight, and they're going to pick up where Inferno left off.

E5 | FILE: Lamplight Days

With Wunderkind Lily at its head, Lamplight's going to lead the charge. Their inaugural Impossible Mission is just around the corner.

E6 | FILE: Pandemonium Sybilla

The girls receive some advice: "Deceive each other. Trick each other. Improve each other."

E7 | FILE: Meadow Sara

With a ghost on the loose and a literal ticking time bomb, the girls start worrying about the manor's structural integrity.

E8 | MISSION: Daughter Dearest I

Coming back from a break, everyone is recharged and ready for the next mission. Lamplight's been promoted from a provisional team to an actual team.

E9 | MISSION: Daughter Dearest II

When you're a spy, sometimes being stealthy is not enough. You also have to be well fed!

E10 | MISSION: Daughter Dearest III

During the Pre-Impossible Mission Planning, the assassins make their way into the manor disguised as delivery people.

E11 | MISSION: Daughter Dearest IV

Lamplight faces a battle they have to win on their own.

E12 | FILE: Daughter Dearest Grete

This will be the first time in a long while that all nine Lamplight members back together!



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