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Special A

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Season 1 Episode 21 | TV-PG | Premiere: 8/24/2008

Evenly Matched . Wish Granted

Hikari must confront her feelings towards Kei after meeting Aoi Ogata of the Takishima Group. Aoi determines that Kei would be better off studying in London.

Special A

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Hikari . Kei

Hikari was an unstoppable wrestler as a child, until Kei defeats her. Humiliated, she swears to exact her revenge by besting him in everything, including academics.

E2 | Pride . Pro-wrestling

At the Private Hakusen Academy, Hikari and Kei are among the Special A, elite students feuding with the Student Council. They agree to participate in a wrestling challenge.

E3 | Rice Ball . Sincerity

After losing a bet to Kei, Hikari has to make him a tasty, delicious bento. She works all day trying to cook a superior meal, but the results can be classified as disastrous.

E4 | Brothers . Teacher

Kei invites Hikari over for the afternoon to talk wrestling with his father. When she meets Kei’s bratty brother, she unwittingly winds up becoming his tutor.

E5 | Festival . Challenge

Student Council has a new challenge for the Special A: organize the best school anniversary party. Kei and Hikari don't see eye-to-eye, resulting in a surprising team swap.

E6 | Invitation . Saiga Estate

Sui and Kei team up to trick Hikari into being Kei’s date to a party. It works, but Hikari is focused on uncovering more about Kei’s past.

E7 | Sensitive . Thickheaded

Hikari is unsure how to act around a confused and alarmed Kei. The Special A tries to choose a vacation locale. A race is suggested to help, and Kei makes a deal with Hikari.

E8 | Trip . Dog

The group heads off for their vacation and their stay at the Ryuu family’s villa. Their fun hits a snag when the son of an important client demands that they play family.

E9 | Villa . Letter

Hikari is curious about the tension between Yahiro, Kei and Akira. To find out more, she joins Yahiro at his family’s villa and ends up prisoner, spurring Kei to action.

E10 | Anchor . Ryu

Upon returning from their vacation, the Special A find that their greenhouse has been vandalized. As the group cleans up, Hikari suspects Nakahara, and a challenge ensues.

E11 | Girlfriend . Boyfriend

As Kei's father takes him to Shanghai, Tadashi asks Hikari to pose as his girlfriend in front of his mother, the Director of the Hakusenkan.

E12 | High fever . Passion

Upon his return and hearing about Hikari and Tadashi’s date, Kei reminds her of the promise to spend the day together -- until illness unexpectedly takes the reigns.

E13 | Magic . Friends

Tadashi’s lie to his mother results in the Special A being forced to spend three days in separate classes at a regular high school.

E14 | Protecting You . Sorry

Back at Hakusenkan, Akira learns that Yahiro has been trying to keep Yui away from her. Akira’s attempts to protect Yui from Yahiro’s efforts fail and causes a wider divide.

E15 | Morality . Right On

Kei has recovered from his fever and Hikari must go on a date with him. Hikari learns that Kei’s father has arranged a marriage between him and Sakura Ushikubo.

E16 | I Love You . Kiss

Sakura hosts a barbecue for the Special A. Instead of using the opportunity to get to know Kei, Sakura’s attentions are directed towards Jun.

E17 | Restraint . Smile

The Special A are invited to help with a cultural festival. Yahiro tries to use the opportunity to get Akira to talk to him, with Hikari's help.

E18 | Toudou . Karino

Akira is upset when it appears as though Tadashi doesn’t have feelings for her. To make amends, Tadashi takes her to an old childhood hangout of theirs.

E19 | Voice . Scoundrel

Yahiro is suspicious of Megumi’s motives when she admits she has a crush on him, challenging her to prove it. The rest of the Special A visit Hikari, who's sick with a cold.

E20 | Switch . Edge

Due to his alter ego, girls have become drawn to Jun left and right. This becomes a problem when he attends the opening of a new athletic park with Hikari and Kei.

E21 | Evenly Matched . Wish Granted

Hikari must confront her feelings towards Kei after meeting Aoi Ogata of the Takishima Group. Aoi determines that Kei would be better off studying in London.

E22 | Love . Strange

Hikari and Kei spend the day together, where she tries to understand why she feels so awkward in his presence. Could it be love?

E23 | SA . FA

Aoi has fixed things so that the Special A is shut down and Kei will go study in London. Kei tries to remedy the situation, but at a cost, and Hikari learns of his sacrifice.

E24 | Hanazono Hikari . Takishima Kei

Hikari and the rest of the Special A go to London with the determination to bring Kei back, and the two reveal their honest feelings for one another.



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