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Space Runaway Ideon

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Season 1 Episode 38 | TV-MA | Premiere: 7/26/2018

The Space Runaways

Still on the run, the colonists realize that the increasing power of the Ideon is a double-edged sword:  the more powerful it becomes, the easier it is to track.

Space Runaway Ideon

Season 1 | 39 Episodes

E1 | Resurrection of Ideon

Planet Solo comes under attack by a mysterious humanoid alien race. The only way for the humans to stave off the attack for the Ideon to somehow activate. Will it save them?

E2 | New Lopia in Flames

The conflict between the two human civilizations escalates. As New Lopia is attacked, the scientists fight to discover why the Ideon has suddenly begun to function.

E3 | The Trembling Earth

Having been mistaken for colonists, Karala and Mayaya end up on the derelict alien vessel, along with Cosmo, Kasha, Sheryl and a large number of refugees from New Lopia.

E4 | Escape from Planet Solo

As the Solo ship rushes to aid New Lopia's survivors, Karala and Mayaya plan an escape. Meanwhile, Cosmo and Kasha are joined by a new pilot for the third Ideon vessel.

E5 | Infinite Power - The Legend of Ide

With the Ideon damaged, the Solo Ship returns to the planet to make repairs. As Gije attempts yet another rescue, Karala reveals the significance of Ide to her people.

E6 | White Flag of Betrayal

Karala attempts to call a cease fire, but things quickly go horrifically wrong due to incompatible technologies and a major unforeseen cultural difference.

E7 | Escape into Hyperspace

Negotiations to hand Karala back to the Buff Clan break down and the Ideon must fight the Clan’s more experienced Zan pilots in the treacherous dimension known as Null Space.

E8 | Duel in the Sandstorm

When the Solo Ship lands to make repairs on a planet populated by dinosaur-like creatures, Deck and Ashura sneak out to explore, while Gije challenges Cosmo to a duel.

E9 | Burning Hyperspace

As the Buff Clan leaders grow increasingly at odds with each other, the Solo Ship’s repairs are delayed by dinosaur-like creatures, setting up another battle in Null Space.

E10 | Surprise Attack - The Bajin Plan

Unaware that they are now being tracked by the Buff Clan, the Solo Ship’s crew lands on a crystalline planet inhabited by a silicon-based life forms called the Bajin.

E11 | In Pursuit - The Ruined Planet

Now under the command of Karala's older sister, Harulu, the Buff Clan forces pursue the Solo Ship to a desolate planet filled with ruined buildings.

E12 | Break Through the Enemy Front

Karala plans to meet with Harulu and ask her sister to stop attacking the colonists on the Solo ship... but the Buff Clan has already slipped a saboteur onboard.

E13 | Shoot the Alien

As the Solo Ship attempts to escape through a dangerous asteroid field, someone attempts to assassinate Karala and Cosmo tries a new combat tactic in the Ideon.

E14 | Doku's Attack Strategy

The Solo ship finally makes contact with another Earth colony, but the Ideo-Delta is badly damaged in battle and Cosmo must recuperate on the planet Brazillier.

E15 | Recapture the Ideon

Sheryl disobeys Bes’ orders and kidnaps Karala, but both are captured in a Buff Clan trap. Cosmo and the other Ideon pilots must resolve a hostage situation.

E16 | Damido's Lethal Strategy

While Deck becomes Cosmo’s co-pilot on the Ideon Delta, Sheryl begins to suspect that the Ideon’s performance in combat is enhanced by the pilot’s emotions.

E17 | Battle on the Ape Planet

With Cosmo and Kasha imprisoned, and the Solo Ship under attack yet again, the alternate pilots prove to be unable to make the Ideon run at full strength.

E18 | Betrayal on Ajian

The Solo Ship is allowed to land on the Earth colony world of Arjian, but when the Buff Clan forces appear, a three way battle ensues that decimates the planet.

E19 | Gamms's Special Command

While the Solo ship stops on the all water world Flag Star to gather supplies, Karala attempts to negotiate with a new Buff Clan commander, Gyamus.

E20 | Attack of The Twin Devils

Gyamus sends twin pilots in the powerful new Rogg Mack fighters to kill Karala. Cosmo learns that both Buff and Earth have been under attack by mysterious meteors.

E21 | Sink the Enemy Battleship

The Solo Ship and the increasingly powerful Ideon engage in a furious battle in Null Space with Harulu’s Buff Clan ship and a mysterious new force.

E22 | The Legend Lives Again

In a flashback episode, Karala tells Mayaya about the legend of the Ide from the Buff Clan's perspective.

E23 | The Shocking Decoy Planet

The Solo Ship answers a distress call from an Earth colony under attack by “aliens,” Cosmo rescues a girl named Kitty and the mysterious Daram Zuba attacks the Ideon.

E24 | Strike the Infiltrating Guerillas

While Cosmo and Kitty try to get the Kyaral military to supply the Earth colonists on the Solo Ship, Gije and Daram attempt to steal the Ideon.

E25 | Ideon's Counterattack

As the Solo Ship and the Carale forces gear up for a counterattack on the Buff Clan fleet, Karala contemplates revealing the location of her home planet.

E26 | Deadly Fight - Fear of Gel

In order to prevent the pursuing Buff Clan from earning Earth’s location, the Solo Ship team attempts to destroy Daram’s forces completely… but Cosmo is still injured.

E27 | Infiltrate the Lunar Base

The Solo Ship finally arrives at Earth but are shocked by the reception that they receive.  While Sheryl travels to Moonland Base, the Buff Clan attacks again.

E28 | Wrath of the Wave Gun

The Buff Clan attack again, the Earth Forces order the Solo Ship survivors to surrender both the Ideon and their ship to Earth, and Cosmo gets a REALLY big gun.

E29 | Glinting Swords

While the technicians try to unravel the secrets of the new Ideon Gun, the Moonland Base forces become increasingly hostile to the Solo Ship and Gije encounters Sheryl.

E30 | Desperate Sniper

As the Buf Clan attacks the Earth, the Solo Ship crew joins the battle, only to discover that their new Ideon weapons are too powerful to safely use on a planet.

E31 | Home Aflame

While Gije is held prisoner on the Solo Ship, Bes and Cosmo are detained at an Earth base near Bes’ home town, leaving the colonists open to a Buf Clan attack.

E32 | Amidst the Flames of Fate

Having removing the tracking devices, the Solo Ship’s crew plans to escape and hide from both opposing forces, while Rukuku’s new lieutenant plots against her.

E33 | Waft Zone Gamble

With Bes ill and Moera dead, the colonists need a new 3rd pilot for the Ideon, but when the Solo Ship is attacked again, the only  qualified candidate is… Gije!

E34 | After the Meteors Fall

While the Solo Ship tries to hide on a ocean world filled with strange giant creatures, an ill and fevered Bes has a metaphysical encounter with the spirit of Ide.

E35 | Surfacing from Darkness

The Solo Ship colonists attempt to hide on an asteroid shrouded world, but must fight when the Buff Clan and the Terran Union join forces to attack them.

E36 | Farewell, Solo Ship

The colonists attempt to scuttle both the Solo Ship and the Ideon, but their plan to destroy them is sabotaged by the Earth fleet and the Buff Clan’s attack.

E37 | Colony of Hatred

The Solo Ship’s civilians are taken hostage when the colonists attempt to make repairs on the planet Ajian.

E38 | The Space Runaways

Still on the run, the colonists realize that the increasing power of the Ideon is a double-edged sword:  the more powerful it becomes, the easier it is to track.

E39 | In the Cosmos with You

The Ide unexpectedly transports Karala onto a Buff Clan ship.



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