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Season 1 Episode 13 | TV-PG | Premiere: 12/27/2023

What is Your Favorite Cloud?

With Exodus finished and in the can Aoi takes on her next assignment - The Third Aerial Girls Squad!


Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | Exodus to Tomorrow!

As students, Aoi and her friends made a pact to one day create an anime together. Two years later, Aoi works in the industry and it's not quite what she thought it would be.

E2 | Arupin is Here!

Aoi faces increased responsibility and stress as Segawa-san falls ill. The director decides to re-do a scene while a major deadline approaches.

E3 | No More Recap Episodes

The staff's workload increases due to retakes and technological issues. The deadline for Episode 4 draws closer, increasing the staff's stress.

E4 | I Totally Messed Up

Shizuka auditions for a role with Prussia Studio but must go up against a more popular voice actress.

E5 | Those Who Blame Others Should Just Quit!

Major problems threaten to ruin the production of Exodus. The team stresses out and fights with each other.

E6 | Idepon Miyamori: On the Move

Aoi makes Honda aware of the team's troubles. Aoi and Erika discuss the differences between 3D and 2D animation.

E7 | Retake With Cats

Unexpected meetings and announcements catch Aoi by surprise. Ema deals with self-doubt over her abilities.

E8 | I'm Not Criticizing You or Anything

Aoi wonders about her future in animation. Ema continues to deal with her feelings but finds inspiration in an unlikely place.

E9 | What Do You Suppose I Wanted To Convey?

Misa and Sizuka feel unsatisfied in their work. Aoi faces more deadline problems as work on Exodus continues.

E10 | Just one more for the road.

Aoi takes a visit to the sound department and gets drawn into their work. Misa thinks about leaving her job.

E11 | The Little Key Animation Girl

Aoi faces trouble finding the right animators for the final keyframes. The deadline for the last episode approaches.

E12 | Exodus Christmas

Still facing difficulty with the final scene of Exodus, Kanno helps Aoi find the right person for the job

E13 | What is Your Favorite Cloud?

With Exodus finished and in the can Aoi takes on her next assignment - The Third Aerial Girls Squad!

E14 | The No Holds Barred Audition Meeting!

Shizuka auditions for a role in The Third Aerial Girls Squad. Members of the Production Team decide who will voice the main character.

E15 | Is This Artwork Really Okay?

Musashino Animation begins production on The Third Aerial Girls Squad. New problems arise that threaten to bring the show to a screeching halt.

E16 | Turning the Tables

With Nogame refusing to approve the show's character designs production completely stops. With only vague instructions to go off of the designers try again.

E17 | Can You Please Tell Me Where I Am?

Musashino Animation announces The Third Aerial Girls Squad to a skeptical public. The pressure is on as they face a deadline for the promotional video.

E18 | You Set Me Up!

The staff helps Kyoko with her voice acting. Aoi gets Ookura to do a scene for her but problems arise.

E19 | Are They Biting?

Aoi does some soul-searching as the stress of working on The Third Aerial Girls squad starts to get to her.

E20 | If I Mustang

Hiraoki makes startling accusations against Midori and gets into an argument with the director over the key animator

E21 | Don't Take the Quality Hostage

Misa gets a chance to shine. Aoi deals with Segawa's complaints about Hiraoki, which causes more drama in the studio

E22 | Noa is in Underwear, Ma'am

Yuma and Rinko's workload becomes too much for them to handle so Yuma offers a hesitant Ema a promotion

E23 | Turning the Tables, Part II

The show is almost finished but Nogame still hasn't given his approval. Seiichi tries to reach out to him.

E24 | A Delivery Too Far

With the series completed, Aoi prepares to deliver the final tapes to the TV stations but things don't quite go as planned.



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