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Season 1 Episode 9 | TV-PG | Premiere: 3/22/2008


Fumika, Kaname, and Natsuka go visit Fumika Kirameki in the hospital. Later, Chiaki invites Fumika on a trip.


Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Confession

Shota meets a mysterious girl dressed in a mail carrier's uniform, named Fumika. Fumika, comes to deliver a letter to Shota's friend, Ayase, who's father was recently killed.

E2 | Rocket

Shouta's body is found, and Asuna decides to leave by train. However, before she can leave, Fumika delivers a letter to Asuna from Shouta.

E3 | Friends

Sen, Kotake, and Nojima, playfully discuss jumping to their deaths. Later, Sen kills himself and Sen's father takes drastic measures to learn about his death.

E4 | Tears

Fumika attempts to deliver a letter to Ran, a high school tennis player. Ran's mother walked out on her as a child to live with another man and refuses to take the letter.

E5 | I'm Home

Fumika is assigned to deliver a letter to a cat. She runs into Chiaki, another mail carrier, who is also trying to deliver to the same cat.

E6 | Shout

Koichi becomes victim to internet bullying and begs his classmate, Shunsuke for help. When Koichi dies, Shunsuke gets bullied himself and finds it difficult to go on living.

E7 | Kirameki

Natsuka's sister Haruno lands an editors job for Kirameki Furikawa. Meanwhile, Kaname meets with Natsuka to learn more about Fumika Mikawa.

E8 | Beginning

While Kaname and Haruno lock up Kirameki, Natsuka watches as Fumika easily removes the bullet and repairs her clothes. Fumika then reveals her true identity.

E9 | Reunion

Fumika, Kaname, and Natsuka go visit Fumika Kirameki in the hospital. Later, Chiaki invites Fumika on a trip.

E10 | Encounter

Takehiko is asked to take care of a little girl named, Fumika while visiting a relative's house. Having left his job recently, he takes her out to have fun.

E11 | Awakening

Fumika awakens from her coma and is greeted warmly by Kaname and Natsuka. Meanwhile, Chiaki learns what would happen if the two Fumika's meet.

E12 | Shigofumi

After reporting her father's abuse to the police, Fumika becomes a sort of celebrity. Fumika and her friends find it hard to adjust to the mail carriers absence.



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