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Scum's Wish

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Season 1 Episode 7 | TV-MA | Premiere: 6/24/2023


Noriko learns something about herself while on a date with Mugi.

Scum's Wish

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Make a Wish

The pain of unrequited love drives Hanabi and Mugi into each other's arms.

E2 | I'm Here for That Warmth

Hanabi and Mugi aren't the only ones with holes in their hearts. Noriko waits for her prince to come; unaware life is not a fairy tale. And as for Sanae...?

E3 | Show Me Love (Not A Dream)

Sanae cannot keep her feelings for Hanabi a secret any longer. This unexpected revelation has Hanabi questioning what she's doing.

E4 | Bad Apple!!

If every rose has its thorn, then Akane's is barbed and razor sharp. Narumi reminisces, and Hanabi comes to a realization.


There's a word for those who use others for their own selfish ends: Scum. Is that who Hanabi and Mugi truly are?

E6 | Welcome to the X-Dimension

Turnabout is fair play, and it's only right that Akane gets a taste of her own medicine. But Hanabi will hurt other people if she goes down that road.


Noriko learns something about herself while on a date with Mugi.

E8 | Sweet Refrain

Sanae will never return Atsuya's feelings, no matter how much he wishes otherwise. Meanwhile, Hanabi and Mugi's relationship reaches a crossroads.

E9 | butterfly swimmer

Hanabi and Sanae take a vacation together. It's the perfect opportunity to sort out their feelings, but not everything goes as planned.

E10 | Fragile and Empty

Akane revels in her twisted games. Mugi knows how he feels but...

E11 | A Kind God

Akane doesn't understand. Why does Narumi feel this way?

E12 | Their Story

Love takes unexpected directions and isn't about what people deserve.



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