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Samurai Punisher

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Season 1 Episode 12 | TV-MA | Premiere: 1/19/2018

A Woman’s Hellish Journey

Han falls in love with a beautiful mute girl, whose entire family was enslaved and murdered by an ambitious Lord.  Needless to say, it's Punishing Time.

Samurai Punisher

Season 1 | 26 Episodes

E1 | Sell Your Life, Get Gibbeted.

Mondo Nakamura’s wife and coworkers think he’s incompetent. But at night he sheds his civil servant disguise, and teams up with Tetsu and Jo to fight crime and corruption.

E2 | The Bloody Wish Left in Prison

Is a mysterious woman killing wealthy Soybean wholesalers and leaving playing cards on their bodies? In a strange twist, they become bodyguards for the next likely target.

E3 | No Pity For the Outcasts

When Kanoke and Nebutsu are arrested after assassinating a rapist without Mondo’s help, Mondo must rescue them from a corrupt police official who murders girls for profit.

E4 | Human Trash, Human Payment

When a mentally unstable gangster launches a series of bloody attacks against other Yakuza, Crime Boss Koroku hires Mondo to be his personal bodyguard.

E5 | Hang Buddha!

The ruthless Daihachi of the Back Daruma Gang wants to drive a sweet potato shop’s owner off his land, so the owner turns to his old prison buddy, Nenbutsu, for help.

E6 | The Grudge Carved Into The Walls

When a group of Samurai begin killing peasants in order to test their swords, the Punishers are hired by a local prostitute whose father and sister were murdered. 

E7 | Deep Abysses in Closed Eyes

When a young woman attempts to murder a blind money lender, Mondo is forced to turn her over for execution… but is the blind man truly who and what he claims to be?

E8 | The Power of Bare Grass

A dog-obsessed noblewoman has a series of young women beaten and disfigured by her giant body guard, but the plans to punish her are stymied by the fact that she has a gun.

E9 | The Ones Who Use People, The Ones Who Are Used

Nenbutsu starts to have feelings for a new courtesan, but his hopes for romance go awry when it turns out that she is under the spell of a murderous pimp.

E10 | Cloth, Thief, Jet Black

When the father and fiancé of an old friend are murdered by one of the Shogun’s Concubine’s guards, Okin makes plans to infiltrate the Shogun’s harem. 

E11 | A Plot Behind Exile

Demon Iwa, an infamous lawman who frames innocent suspects to protect the wealthy, sets out to catch the Punishers, and his first target is Okin.

E12 | A Woman’s Hellish Journey

Han falls in love with a beautiful mute girl, whose entire family was enslaved and murdered by an ambitious Lord.  Needless to say, it's Punishing Time.

E13 | The Worse They Are, The Better They Seem

A potentially explosive crisis ensues when a rural samurai takes the daughter of a powerful retainer hostage in a shop filled with highly flammable oil and a lit candle.

E14 | A Paper to Stake One's Life On

When Han’s mentor, a crusading tabloid sheet writer, takes on a developer whose negotiation techniques include blackmail and murder, the Punishers are drawn into the fray.

E15 | The Inn at which Night Bares its Fangs

On a dark and stormy night, a landslide traps Jo, Tetsu, and an assortment of unsavory travelers in a haunted Inn, while an unknown murderer picks them off one by one.

E16 | The False Tears of a Scoundrel

A compulsive gambler is accused of a murder committed by a masked killer, the Punishers help to plot a temporary jailbreak, and fires break out across the city.

E17 | To Throw Love Away And Wish for Death

The Punishers become involved when two vengeful sisters seek to expose a group of oil merchants who had their father wrongfully executed for arson.

E18 | Everything's Prepared, Now For The Punishment

When a young bride to be is driven mad by a mysterious masked attacker, the Punishers must work around her amnesia to find clues that led toward the guilty party.

E19 | Hate the Sin, Hate the Sinner

As a famine strikes Edo, Mondo must figure out how to rescue Jo and Tetsu, who were caught in a roundup of vagrants and sentenced to the life in the mines.

E20 | Darkness Smites the Woman Pursued

While the police scour the town for a knife-wielding murderer, Okin finds herself trapped in her home with a very unwelcome guest.

E21 | Let Live Trees Flourish in this Living Hell

When a young couple are cheated out of their land by corrupt authorities and businessmen, it is up to Nakamura, Jo, and Tetsu to dole out the appropriate punishment.

E22 | No Parent Knows Joy Without Hardship

It’s a different kind of family drama when a woman from Mondo and Tetsu’s past arrives in town with a child she claims is Mondo’s, and a ruthless killer in pursuit.

E23 | Murdered for Going Too Far

When Mondo falls behind on his arrest quota and must also foil a plot to kill Boss Tenjin in jail, he comes up with one solution for both problems: arrest his friends!

E24 | Evil Encroaches Upon a Love that Doubts

Ruthless developers and officials plot to tear down some row houses and build a giant pleasure garden… but unfortunately, those are the houses where Tetsu, Jo and Okin live.

E25 | An Incompetent Crow Sharpens His Claws

When an ambitious noblewoman’s son fails to gain admission to an exclusive school, the deadly Tiger Mom will stop at nothing, even murder, to get him in.

E26 | No Love Lost for Resplendent Edo

When a drought causes most of the wells in Edo to go dry, the rich hoard the little water that remains while the poor become willing to do anything to get it.



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