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Season 1 Episode 31 | TV-14 | Premiere: 3/13/2001

Ambition / The Arrogance of the Gods

A platoon of five skilled warriors visits Prince Homura to join the army of the Celestial Heavens. In this band of soldiers, the Sanzo Party may have finally met their match.


Season 1 | 50 Episodes

E1 | Go to the West / To the Distant West

Genjo Sanzo is sent on a journey west to discover the reason behind the increase in demon activity. Irony has it that his companions for the quest are demons themselves.

E2 | First Game / A Guide to the Netherworld

When the Sanzo Party stops at an inn, the daughter of the innkeeper, Houmei, makes her hatred of demons known. However, it may take demons to save her when she's kidnapped!

E3 | His God, My God / Where the Gods Are

The party finds a temple hidden away in the mountains. Realizing who Sanzo is, the monks offer to let the group rest, but there's a catch: no smoking, drinking, or mah-jongg.

E4 | Crimson / Crimson Tears

The group is taken in by a young woman, Shunrei and her aunt. As they sit down to dinner, Shunrei mentions a man that Gojyo suspects may be his brother.

E5 | Pure Assassin / A Beautiful Assassin

Having met failure after failure, Kougaiji`s subordinate Yaone decides to undertake the mission of destroying Sanzo and the others herself.

E6 | Rancorous Exchange / Unnatural Talismanic Monk

An former aquaintance of Sanzo's is aiding a town in banishing demons. However, the man is not as familiar to Sanzo as he used to be, harboring a fanatic hatred of demons.

E7 | Goodnight / A Twilight Farewell

As Sanzo is wounded, Goku loses his power limiter. Now that his powers are out of check, he can't determine who his friends or foes are.

E8 | Confront / The Man Who Foretells Death

When the Sanzo party encounter a mysterious fortuneteller named Chin Yisou, more dark secrets from Hakkai’s past could be revealed.

E9 | Lethal Trap / Fight Party

The battle heats up as the two factions continue to battle. It will be a short lived duel when the demon crab, thought to be defeated, rises again.

E10 | Fake the Face / False Saviors

The Sanzo Party ventures to a town that almost reveres Sanzos due to one saving them long ago. However, what will happen a fake Sanzo Party shows up?

E11 | Tragic Revenge / The Laughing Grim Reaper

In order to clear his head from thoughts about his past, Hakkai takes a walk at night. However, it seems Chin Yisou plans to torture Hakkai by making the whole party suffer.

E12 | Wandering Destiny / Battle Against the Darkness

As the battle with Chin Yisou continues, Sanzo and Hakkai hope to confront Yisou head on. However, Yisou has one last trick up his sleeve, and it may cost Sanzo his life.

E13 | Crude Counterfeit / Fruit that Summons Death

Goku and Lirin find a fruit tree in a temple inhabited only by two twin boys. Though Sanzo refuses their hospitality, Goku sets out to prove their trustworthiness.

E14 | Sweet Client / Their Promise

Gojyo catches the eye of a girl who's just... not his type at all: she's a little girl. She won't leave him alone, because she believes he can grant her desire for revenge.

E15 | Fated Guys / The Binding Spell of Crimson

As the team sits out a rainstorm, Gojyo recalls a night three years prior where he met Hakkai on a deserted trail. The story grows, recounting how the foursome met each other.

E16 | Be There / An Ode to the Living

More regarding the party's past is unearthed, as they try to track down Gonou only for one of the Dark Crow clan's members to attack him.

E17 | Eden / Eternal Paradise

The Sanzo Party runs across a female demon that requests passage to a hidden town. Upon arrival, they find the town swallowed by mist, and all but Sanzo are turned to stone.

E18 | Vice or Justice / The Truth of Justice

Yaone is captured and Hakkai can only free her by fighting an old friend. Past loyalties compete with current circumstances, until a larger demon comes into play.

E19 | Don't Go Alone / Maidens of Sorrow

Sanzo and his friends have a chance encounter with four beautiful sisters. Sanzo, however, is the only one not interested, and warns his friends not to get involved.

E20 | Sandstorm / The Quicksand Trap

Sanzo, choosing to ignore the risks, makes an unexpected stop in the desert to search for a lost scripture. However, the scripture's location may prove tricky to access.

E21 | Selfish / Berserking Toward Destruction

The poison is taking effect and finding an antidote in time seems impossible. However, Kougaiji offers Goku a solution, if he can defeat him in a fight.

E22 | Devastation / The End of the Battle

Goku removes his limiter to battle against Kougaiji. Not in his right mind, can he get the antidote to Sanzo before he dies, even if he does win?

E23 | Scapegoat / The Price of Submission

The Sanzo Party comes across a village where the citizens make a human sacrifice to the resident demon, or risk having their city destroyed.

E24 | Mother / Crimson Bond

The group finds a town short on food and water, and discovers that the village blames a young mother who gave birth to a half-demon/half human baby for the draught.

E25 | Tomfool! Tomboy! / Horrifying Assassins!

Once again Lirin, the young sister of Kougaiji, appears to challenge our heroes. This time, her trick is “Operation – Meat Buns on the Road”!

E26 | Calling / The Cry that Does Not Reach

A set of Kougaiji’s troops engage the Sanzo Party, only to be completely humiliated by them. Rashu, the leader of the group, sets a trap to capture Sanzo and Goku.

E27 | Advent / The War Prince Descends

New enemies appear, but they aren't humans or demons, instead calling themselves gods. One of them, Prince Homura seeks to steal Sanzo's scripture.

E28 | Lonely War / The Launch of a Rebellion

Abandoning the Heavens, Prince Homura, Zenon and Shien decide to build a new world, choosing the tower and castle made by Monster King Gailu as their headquarters.

E29 | Unexpected Defeat / The Fall of Houtou Castle

The Celestial army attacks Castle Houto, and Kougaiji realizes the gods are after his father. With Dokugakuji’s help, Kougaiji fights back against the Celestial army.

E30 | Undertaker / An Invitation to Hell

The Sanzo Party enters a desolate village, only for four coffins to suddenly appear before them. An Undertaker appears, and the party members become more and more agitated.

E31 | Ambition / The Arrogance of the Gods

A platoon of five skilled warriors visits Prince Homura to join the army of the Celestial Heavens. In this band of soldiers, the Sanzo Party may have finally met their match.

E32 | Fake Star Strike Back / The Pride of Clowns

The Sanzo Party comes across the fake Sanzo Party once more. Despite pledging to stop their farce, they decide to plot revenge against the true Sanzo Party.

E33 | Faraway Dream / Dried Up Tears

The gang finds themselves in the middle of a blizzard, only to learn that its a trap by a boy named Shouryu. Why does this kid want Sanzo's sutra, and can they defeat him?

E34 | Second Contact / The War Prince Once Again

The group of five heavenly warriors attack again, this time focusing on Goku, intending to make him come to their side.

E35 | Solitude / Solitary Soul

Kougaiji visits a tomb, and swears revenge on Son Goku and his teammates. He summons and awakens a demon that will aid him in a plan that might eat at his own heart.

E36 | Brotherhood / Crimson Flower

Gojyo refuses to sleep in the rain, and discovers a cave, only to find that he is completely lost. Exploring the cave, he runs into none other than Dokugakuji.

E37 | Taciturnity / The Smile that Was Locked Away

Sanzo and his party walk into the village where Hakkai grew up in the orphanage. Hakkai has mixed feelings, but finds that he may be able to help a boy similar to him.

E38 | Fleeting Vision / Unfulfilled Promise

While drinking, Sanzo recalls the incident involving his master, Koumyo-Sanzo and himself long time ago. Soon after, Sanzo and his comrades join a drinking competition.

E39 | Misty Rain / Rain

Goku worries about Sanzo and tries to cheer him up, but only causes him more annoyance. When Goku runs off, he remembers his heavenly guardian, Konzen Douji.

E40 | Twilight / The Irate Sun

Five-hundred years ago, on a different plane of existence, Son Goku meets Konzen Douji. Meanwhile, there is a glimpse into Homura's past.

E41 | Collage / Quiet Expulsion

One day, Goku goes to visit Nataku and sneaks into the Great Palace. There, he meets Kenren, the Commander General of the Army of Celestial Heavens.

E42 | Festival / Unforgettable View

Sanzo’s party drops in on a town called Saika on the day of a god festival, worshipping Shien. Lirin makes a play for the sutra.

E43 | Tears / False Town

Zeon gets word that a sutra was discovered and goes to verify the news. Meanwhile in a neighboring village, the Sanzo Party hears about a monster devouring human’s spirits.

E44 | Plunderers / Scripture Stolen

Homura is ready to begin the Creation of New World. However, they need Sanzo’s sutra to accomplish their plan. However, Sanzo has no intention of giving it up.

E45 | Glorious Days / Before Dawn

While Sanzo recovers from his wounds, Goku goes to catch some fish. More of the heavenly past is revealed.

E46 | Chaos / The Trembling Earth

Homura's creation of a new world begins. Sanzo and his companions go to the Tower where Homura’s party are waiting behind multiple barriers of enemies.

E47 | Guilty or Not Guilty / Kaizai

Goku resists the attack of Homura’s Royal Guards single handedly. The enemy uses an artifice that forces a person to remember old wounds in the heart, and Goku has many.

E48 | Absolutely Heaven / Door to Freedom

Homura takes off Goku's headband to start the process of his perfect world. Kougaiji and his friends show up to take back their scripture!

E49 | Missing Desire / Shining Paradise

While Sanzo deals with Demon Goku, Homura dreams of his past. At the same time Gojyo and the other's have to deal with Zenon in his demon form. Is there hope for any of them?

E50 | Alone / Westward

It's up to Sanzo and Goku to stop Homura from destroying the world! Can they do it alone or will an unexpected group show up to help?



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