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Rocket Girls

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Season 1 Episode 10 | TV-14 | Premiere: 2/25/2019


When NASA astronauts run into a problem, the director seizes the opportunity to show what the SSA is truly capable of.

Rocket Girls

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | -destiny-

During a secret visit to find her long lost father, Yukari Morita is recruited by the Solomon Islands Space Association (SSA) director to train as an astronaut.

E2 | -assembly-

After training, tests, and a space suit fitting, Yukari learns of a local tribe led by her father and travels to him, where, to her surprise, she meets her half-sister.

E3 | -launch pad-

Yukari and Matsuri may be sisters, but they couldn't be more different. Will these differences strain their fledgling relationship to the breaking point?

E4 | -count down-

With equipment needing immediate repairs, the girls unexpectedly have some free time. However, Yukari insists on being kept in the loop and won't accept "no" as an answer.

E5 | -ignition-

The news has spread across the entire world: The SSA's astronaut is a high schooler. Now with the press converging on the islands, the girls are thrust into the spotlight.

E6 | -control-

Something went wrong. Yukari made it to space, but the ship's malfunctioning. Now she must work together with everyone else on the ground to make it back home.

E7 | -gravity-

Yukari and Matsuri have wound up in the most unexpected place imaginable. Amidst the turmoil, Akane offers her assistance.

E8 | -separation-

Akane arrives at the SSA, but she's not looking for a tour. Inspired by Yukari, she instead announces her intentions of becoming an astronaut.

E9 | -kick motor-

With Akane nowhere to be found, Yukari falls into depression after being told Akane quit the program. Meanwhile, Matsuri makes a surprise discovery in the jungle.

E10 | -orbiter-

When NASA astronauts run into a problem, the director seizes the opportunity to show what the SSA is truly capable of.

E11 | -turn start-

Yukari and Akane prepare to rendezvous with NASA's space shuttle. They're there to help, but not all the astronauts are happy to see them.

E12 | -rocket girls-

The astronauts work together to come up with a plan to save the unmanned probe. So far, everything's going according to plan, but that's always subject to change...



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