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Season 3 Episode 8 | TV-14 | Premiere: 5/27/2017

Open After Seven Days / Silver Scythe / Prince of Shinigami

A cursed doll from Ageha's past comes to haunt Renge. Later, Rinne helps a spirit by setting her up on a date with Matsugo, despite Matsugo's lingering affections for Rinne!


Season 3 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Gold License

When Sabato gets caught distributing fake Shinigami Gold licenses, Rinne discovers that his father might have been a genius Shinigami in high school!

E2 | The Cursed Ace / Draw Me

A ghost hand seems to have a grudge against a member of the track team. Later, Sakura discovers a mysterious female spirit who demands art students to draw her face.

E3 | Wheel of Reincarnation Cleanup Day / Infinite Malice / A Puppy in the Rain

Rinne and the other Shinigami are tasked with cleaning the Wheel of Reincarnation. The dangerous work only gets worse when a brawl breaks out, and Damashigami enter the scene.

E4 | Ane at the Shopping Mall

Sakura meets a fortune teller who illegally possesses a Shinigami tool. Rinne goes to collect it, but the fortune teller won't give up her crystal ball without a fight.

E5 | Kuroboshi Sansei / The Lucky Pot / Bamboo Shoot in Rainbow Color

Tamako asks Rinne to train a young black cat to support a Shinigami, but this cat's particular phobia gets in the way. Later, Rinne hopes to intercept a "lucky" pot of money!

E6 | Special Protected Sacred Bird / Imaginary Picture / The Safe From Hell

Shoma offers to pay Rinne handsomely to take care of a sacred bird, forgetting to mention the bird's frightening appetite. Later, Sakura meets the ghost of an angry bride.

E7 | Wandering Power Stone / Poltergeist / The Taboo in the Shinigami World

Jumonji finally gets a chance to impress Sakura when he tries to quell a mischievous spirit. Later, Sakura and Rinne help a "creepy" spirit give the performance of his life.

E8 | Open After Seven Days / Silver Scythe / Prince of Shinigami

A cursed doll from Ageha's past comes to haunt Renge. Later, Rinne helps a spirit by setting her up on a date with Matsugo, despite Matsugo's lingering affections for Rinne!

E9 | Apologize in the Altar Room / Goddess of Wisdom / River of Treasure

Sabato falls victim to the mackerel curse! Later, Jumonji invites Sakura to study for a test at his place, only to have his alone time with her horribly interrupted.

E10 | The First Union Meeting / An Ominous Prophecy

Someone is trying to take over the Damashigami Company! Later, when Renge tries to steal Annette's Peep Ball, she sees a vision of Kain... putting handcuffs on her?

E11 | Mystery Of The Flower Field / I'll Lend You My Right Arm / Black Report Card

A search for Kain goes awry as Ageha and Matsugo continue to fight for Rinne's affection. Later, Sakura notices that Rinne, who never studies, is passing every test. How?

E12 | Evil Spirit in the Summer House / Eggplant Romance / One Coin Investigation

Rinne tries to purify a poltergeist, and Sakura helps a spirit who's scared of eggplants. Later, the group takes a trip to a festival to bust a Damashigami scheme.

E13 | Otome the Shinigami

While visiting a pawn shop Rinne discovers something related to his mother, and learns more about her. Later, Sakura and Rinne check on a little girl who can see spirits.

E14 | Lies and Truth

Sabato reveals an interesting detail concerning the disappearance of Rinne's mother, leading the others to a startling revelation about little Ichigo's true identity.

E15 | Kokkuri-san / Cursed Piggy Bank / The Hated Sansei

Ichigo asks Rinne to banish "Kokkuri-san". Sabato tries to offload a cursed piggy bank. Later, Sansei makes another attempt to fight his fear of spirits.

E16 | Curse of Splurge / The Cursed Peep Ball

Stingy Annette finds herself suddenly unable to save money. Is it truly a snake spirit's curse? Later, Masato attempts to sabotage Rinne's happiness... again.

E17 | Head Man / When You Wish Upon the Moon / The First Saury Festival

Refuto hires Rinne to protect an offering of delicious dumplings. Later, Rinne looks forward to a Saury Festival... with one hidden condition.

E18 | The Practical Training for Capturing a Dream Demon

Rinne's dreams are being invaded by a Dream Demon. To stop the madness, Rinne and Matsugo have to capture a it in a world where one person's dream is another's nightmare!

E19 | Nothing Inside / Mystery of Koshikudake Hill / Effect of the Matsutake Mushroom

Incidents around steamed buns make life difficult for Rinne and Rokumon. Later, Rinne experiences a problem originating from a mysterious package of mushrooms.

E20 | Wings of Celebration / Kabakichi-kun / Scream of a Cassette Tape

Something terrible has happened to Matsugo: he's turned into an angel! Worse, he's HELPING people! Later, Sakura and Ichigo bump into Shoma as he tries to help a hippo spirit.

E21 | Black Square Thing / Shortcut Through the Alley

Rinne is suspected of stealing money at his own school! On the hunt to find the actual perpetrator, he discovers how little faith his friends have in him and his poverty.

E22 | A Ring and Stamp / Food at the Porch / Black Cat Children's Association

Ageha has one last chance to stop her sister from making the biggest mistake of her life: marrying Sabato! Later, Rinne discovers that Rokumon may have a secret food supply.

E23 | Good Luck Wax / Maneko and Kotomi / Where's My Money?!

The new wax finish on Rinne's scythe is attracting coins! Later, Sakura helps her friends Miho and Rika when a walking mannequin attacks them.

E24 | Supplemental Class for Fierce Dog Catching / Money Spirit / Evil Spirit's Legacy

Sakura finds herself dealing with a fierce dog spirit... but is he really a dog? Later, Rinne wonders if his never ending money problems can be solved by a money spirit.

E25 | A Promise in the Underworld

Matsugo invites Rinne to his school festival, so (of course) Sakura, Jumonji, and Renge come along. The festival's ghost-house proves more dangerous than they thought.



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