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Psychic Detective Yakumo

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Season 1 Episode 4 | TV-14 | Premiere: 10/24/2010

That Which Connects to Spirits ~Posession~

A young reporter becomes possessed by the spirit of a man who passes away as she tries to render aid.

Psychic Detective Yakumo

Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Forbidden Room

After visiting a condemned building, Haruka's friend seems to be possessed. She turns to Yakumo, a college student rumored to possess supernatural abilities, for help.

E2 | Curse of the White Fox

Work on a new building turns into a spooky endeavor for two construction workers. Haruka and Yakumo finds themselves involved in a case of possible engineered hauntings.

E3 | The Tunnel’s Darkness

Yakumo starts to believe that he can only see spirits and begins to consider the danger he is bringing to everyone around him.

E4 | That Which Connects to Spirits ~Posession~

A young reporter becomes possessed by the spirit of a man who passes away as she tries to render aid.

E5 | That Which Connects to Spirits ~Rebirth~

Two young girls have been murdered, and Haruka may be the third as someone sets their sites on using her as the potential vessel for a deceased loved one's soul.

E6 | Bargain Property

Yakumo and Haruka investigate an apartment seemingly haunted by the previous tenant. The ghost has a seemingly simple request of Yakumo.

E7 | Sentiments that Bind ~The Trap~

Yakumo is commissioned to investigate a mansion where four members of a family were murdered over fifteen years ago.

E8 | Sentiments that Bind ~Fate~

While Yakumo and Detective Gotou are still missing, it begins to come clear how Yakumo and Haruka are connected.

E9 | Sentiments that Bind ~Light~

The ghost of Yakumo's father has unpleasant plans for Haruka. Yakumo struggles to shake off the shackles of his father's nefarious plans, even after his death.

E10 | Beyond Despair ~The Omen~

The culprit behind the Nanase murders is finally apprehended and captured, but the dangers to everyone involved are far from over.

E11 | Beyond Despair ~Assassin’s Blade~

Ishii sustains injuries that might be impossible to recover from. Meanwhile, Yakumo and Haruka investigate another ghost in the hospital.

E12 | Beyond Despair ~Animosity~

Isshi's attacker's motives come to light, and not a moment too soon. As Yakumo follows clues left by a little ghost girl, he realizes a greater danger awaits.

E13 | Beyond Despair ~Eternity~

Miyuki tries to make Yakumo angry enough for his father's spirit to succeed in possessing his body. Will his father's evil plans finally come true?



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