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Pop Team Epic

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Season 1 Episode 7 | TV-14 | Premiere: 2/17/2018

Episode 7

This is Boring. Hater, You're a Good Kid. POP TEAM COOKING. F**k This!

Pop Team Epic

Season 1 | 12 Episodes

E1 | Episode 1

Beef or Chicken? I Love You Lots. #1 Encounter. Strong Fighting Spirit. EAT THIS KATSUDON!

E2 | Episode 2

Different Dimension Game Vanves. Felt Anime. The Art for It Hasn't Been Ordered Yet, So No. I Can't Lose to Anyone When It Comes to Smiling. Fortunes. Think About It.

E3 | Episode 3

Morning Mood. Shooting Game Arc. It Can Cover Up Blood. Okay, I'll Pay You in Advance. This is the List. Do it. It's Happenin', Ain't It?! No, When I Take a Good Look.

E4 | Episode 4

SWGP2018. T*kimeki Memorial and D*nkey Kong Arc. Let's Pop Together. Spel*nker Arc.

E5 | Episode 5

Don't Call Me Little Sis! W*nnie the Pooh's H*me Run Derby Arc. Trip Japan. Route 66.

E6 | Episode 6

30th Cyber Warfare. POP TEAM COOKING. BOBNEMIMIMMI. Subscribe. Encore.

E7 | Episode 7

This is Boring. Hater, You're a Good Kid. POP TEAM COOKING. F**k This!

E8 | Episode 8

The Rising Dragon of Iidabashi - Pipi the Avenger. Eisai haramasukoi! Midnight Dancer. Pop Team Epic Fairy Tales.

E9 | Episode 9

Dancing with Miracles. JAPON MiGNON. Heaven or Hell? BOBNEMIMIMMI. Latte Art.

E10 | Episode 10

BOBNEMIMIMMI. Pop Team Cooking. Ginza Hostess Detective.

E11 | Episode 11

Eisai Haramasukoi. Haunted Mansion. Pop Team Epic Fairy Tales. Science. Pop Team Cooking. JAPON MiGNON.

E12 | Episode 12

TAKESHOBO. The Age of Pop Team Epic. The Heart's Big Tree. Legend of This Season's Bestseller.



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