Phi-Brain ~ Puzzle of God

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Season 1 Episode 1 | TV-14 | Premiere: 10/2/2011

A Pact Concealed Within a Maze

Kaito and his friend Nonoha discover a strange puzzle while exploring the area with mysterious ruins and not solving it correctly could mean the end for both of them!

Phi-Brain ~ Puzzle of God

Season 1 | 25 Episodes

E1 | A Pact Concealed Within a Maze

Kaito and his friend Nonoha discover a strange puzzle while exploring the area with mysterious ruins and not solving it correctly could mean the end for both of them!

E2 | Philosopher's Reward

With his new found powers, Kaito must now face off with another Solver, "Galilleo". Things get worse when Galilleo claims Kaito's new puzzle request as his own.

E3 | The Boy Genius’ Melancholy

A new Solver has attached a bracelet on Kaito which causes headaches whenever he thinks about puzzles. With Kaito's powers useless, he'll have to find another way to win.

E4 | The Girl in the Secret Room

Kaito is given a puzzle to solve with some help from "Da Vinci". While visitng the mansion of a late artist, they both become trapped in a room.

E5 | Invitation from a Nightmare

The mysterious organization known as POG invites Kaito to their headquarters. Along with Nonoha and Gammon, Kaito makes his way through eerily familiar puzzles.

E6 | Restoration Towards the Light

With the Orpheus bangle still tormenting Kaito and keeping him from solving puzzles, Cubic takes a stab at researching the bangle to find an answer.

E7 | Nonoha's Title

While Nonoha visits kindergarten students, their teacher hands Kaito a letter. Suspicious of the contents, Nonoha and Gammon follow Kaito in hopes of finding out the truth.`

E8 | Crab! Hot Springs! The Puzzle King!

Kaito, Nonoha and Ana are invited to a puzzle themed hotel. However, Kaito think that there's more to the hotel than meets the eyes.

E9 | The Fallen Apple & the Path's Continuation

The school festival goes horribly wrong. While Nonoha is taken hostage, Kaito finds himself competing in a cross dressing contest.

E10 | Welcome to the Queen's Country

Kaito and company find themselves trapped in another Kenja puzzle. Kaito is given the option of sacrificing his friends to get hints.

E11 | The Queen Strikes Back

Elena asks Kaito and his friends to be extras in a new show she is starring in. Later, Elena introduces them to a new Kanja puzzle: a 3D puzzle that;s three times as deadly.

E12 | Puzzle Time at Reunion

Kaito crosses paths with Rook, a childhood friend and head of POG Japan and learns that he is to become an exchange student at Crossfield.

E13 | The Tower of Parting

With the discovery of the Kenja Puzzles known as "Fool's Puzzles", the entire game changes. With Rook in Danger, Kaito desperately tries to push through the puzzle.

E14 | The Right of Friendship

With Kaito sidelined in the hospital, Cubic takes up the role of puzzle king when an invitation by Rook presents a chance to prove his loyalty.

E15 | Blue Sun, Red Moon

Kaito, frustrated with Rook's attitude toward Cubic, makes his way to one of Rook's old apartments. Along with Nonoha, they learn more about the enigmatic Rook.

E16 | Labyrinth of Condemnation

Kaito and co. get re-routed to Venice. While discussing the Phi Brain project, Gammon figures out the truth behind the reason they're in Italy.

E18 | Rebellion Against the Light

With Kaito contemplating the fate of both Rook and POG, Nonoha's at her wit's end trying to cheer him up. A summons from the principal brings Kaito back to Earth.

E19 | The Proof of Betrayal

Miharui is worried. She hasn't heard from her brother Gammon in some time, so she goes to Kaito for help. Gammon, meanwhile, is headed to POG Headquarters.

E20 | The Speeding Challenger

Kaito and Gammon square off in a deadly puzzle, with an item known as the God Scrolls in Gammon's cross hairs. The scrolls are needed to complete the Puzzle of God.

E21 | Glistening Tears

Kaito has suddenly begun losing his focus when looking at puzzles. Cubic reveals that Kaito's brain has sped up to abnormal levels, causing loss of focus.

E22 | That Which Inherits Principles

Gammon finds out that POG's leader, Count Pythagoras, intends to pit Kaito and Rook against each other in order to open the gate to the Puzzle of the Gods.

E23 | The Choice Left Remaining

Kaito visits Ana, whose drawings resemble what he sees in his visions. Afterwards, Gammon challenges Kaito to a puzzle in which they must climb to win.

E24 | The Eternal Being

As POG rips at the seams after Rook's revelations, Kaito is contacted by him, with an offer to spend some time together. What could Rook be hiding?

E25 | Let's Begin Puzzle Time!

A menacing new puzzle awaits Kaito, with Rook in the center of it all. With the God Scrolls on the line, Kaito must solve this strange new ball puzzle fast.

E17 | The Truth

The mysteries continue as Kaito and the others return to Japan, only to find that their school principal is missing.



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