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Phi-Brain ~ Puzzle of God: The Orpheus Order

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Season 2 Episode 1 | TV-14 | Premiere: 4/8/2012

Orpheus Order

Kaito discovers a strange puzzle while exploring the area and not solving it the right way could mean the end of his life. Meanwhile, Tamaki is approached by a strange man.

Phi-Brain ~ Puzzle of God: The Orpheus Order

Season 2 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Orpheus Order

Kaito discovers a strange puzzle while exploring the area and not solving it the right way could mean the end of his life. Meanwhile, Tamaki is approached by a strange man.

E2 | Darkness of the Heart

With a strange earring given by one of the Orpheus Order’s members, Tamaki challenges Kaito to a Judgement Puzzle. After the challenge, Kaito starts to question the order.

E3 | Licky-Lixky’s Trap

Clumsy Puzzle Club member Airi is approached by a member of the Orpheus Order. They give her an Orpheus Ring, leading to a confrontation with Kaito.

E4 | Night of the Knights

Cubic is able to deduce the recent Orpheus Rings are modernized replicas of the ancient artifacts. The gang ends up in a stadium where they must fight for their lives.

E5 | Wandering Galileo

Gammon’s frustration turns into a slump in his puzzle making under the name Setsu Chidou. In his most burnable, he’s given an invitation to join the Orpheus Order.

E6 | The Battle is Investigating the Puzzle

The Orpheus Order show up at Root Academy. They challenge Kaito and the others to a duel in which, if they win, the gang will have to aid in their plans.

E7 | The Promise

Kaito begins his match with Pinochle, who predicts his next moves after having studied the data. Pinochle reveals some of his past.

E8 | I Want to Give You Happy-Smiley

Kaito’s starts to recall some of his memories. Meanwhile, with another loss resulting in a team loss, Ana must face against Mizerka.

E9 | The Truth Behind the Smile

Freecell continues to torment Kaito by withholding information about what happened to his mother. As Gammon and Kaito team up, their desire to win is strengthened.

E10 | Puzzle Time Won’t Begin

Following after their battles against Orpheus Order, Elena takes the Phi Brain on a vacation where puzzling isn’t allowed! Although that turns out harder done than said.

E11 | Even Nonoha Wants to Solve Them

The vacation ends up being puzzle-centric which makes Nonoha feels a bit left out. She resolves to figure out the puzzle Kaito gave her when they were younger.

E12 | Minotaur’s Lure

Souji is contacted by the Minotaur, who is revealed to work for the Orpheus Order, and tries to tempts him with the replica ring.

E13 | Forbidden Fruit

As Kaito pushes through the Fool's Puzzle. Nonoha and the gang decide to fly to England to find out more about the Fool's Puzzle from Souji on the way.

E14 | The Devil Has Returned

Elena is kidnapped with the intention of luring Kaito and Nonoha to a film studio where they must battle two Orpheus Order members for Elena’s freedom.

E15 | Atonement

Rook must confront Lotte and her intelligent dog named Rummy in a fog-filled maze over a deadly drop, with the loser falling to their death.

E16 | The Pieces of Hatred

Ana is visited by his sister Eve and realizes that she isn’t her kind-hearted self. Instead, she blames Ana for her failed dreams as an artist and challenges Kaito.

E17 | Pinochle’s Resolve

Pinochle challenges Kaito to one final battle with the caveat that if Kaito wins, he will tell him everything that happened between Kaito and Freecell.

E18 | Regarding That Man, Herbert

Finding the location of the Orpheus Order, the gang head towards the location only the to be confronted by Herbert. Kaito is forced to finish a puzzle to procede.

E19 | The Awakening

As Nonoha goes in search of Kaito, she comes across Freecell. She is forced to work with Freecell to solve a puzzle blocking their way. New information is brought to light.

E20 | The Puzzle of Fools, Once Again

The gang tries to find out more about Klondike and the Replica rings. Kaito realizes he has to become stronger and asks Rook to take to a Fool’s puzzle.

E21 | The Sad Clown

Mizerka and Doubt find out the truth about their rings. They challenge Kaito and Ana to a final puzzle.

E22 | The Ruler Atop the Board

Melancholy and Whist appear to deliver a message from Klondike, challenging Kaito to a puzzle. They admit to having Freecell in their possession.

E23 | God’s Miscalculation

Soiji returns with a diary from a woman who used to be in the Orpheus Order. The content inside the dairy changes everything.

E24 | The Closed Off World

Nonoha is taken by Freecell, and she tells him the truth about his mother. Meanwhile, Kaito, following Nonoha’s trail, is met by Whist.

E25 | Release the Infinite Puzzle!

Kaito and Freecell begin the Puzzle of God; they get so immersed into the puzzle that they enter an eternal loop.



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