Phi-Brain ~ Puzzle of God Season 3

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Season 3 Episode 18 | PG-13 | Premiere: 2/5/2014

It's Okay If I Can't Solve Puzzles

Kaito, Freecell, and Nonoha learn that they may be able to alter their past if they listen to Orpheus and become his vessel.

Phi-Brain ~ Puzzle of God Season 3

Season 3 | 25 Episodes

E1 | Raetsel

As Kaito tries to help Jin solve his memory problems, a young woman named Raetsel steps in to take matters into her own hands.

E2 | You Don't Know Anything

Raetsel reveals that the Republic of Amagine has a bounty on every last puzzlers heads. How will Kaito keep him and his friends safe?

E3 | Even So, I Believe In Him

With the puzzlers confusion heightened, an imposter makes an attempt to put an end to Kaito's puzzle solving.

E4 | A Good Meal Can Resolve Most Problems

The great mathmagician Dr. Theorem challenges Q-Taro to a seemingly illogical game of numbers. In the end, who is the true number master?

E5 | I Get That Feeling

With the help of Kaito, Rook takes on a deadly puzzle of fools in order to uncover Jin's past. What he discovers could change everything.

E6 | Rae-Rae is a Feline Friend

While the girls take Raetsel on a girls day out, they find themselves the victims of a master brain's trap. Gammon accepts the master brain's puzzle challenge.

E7 | Would You Also Like Some Flowers?

While Kaito learns that Jin may have created three puzzles of fools, Melancholy exacts her revenge on Freecell by becoming a Master Brain herself.

E8 | Farewell Forever

Having been tricked by her boss, Melancholy and the other puzzlers band together to solve the puzzle of fools.

E9 | Let's Go to That Place

Enigma makes surprising revelations about Jin's past and explains the connection that Raetsel shares with Jin.

E10 | What is Your Real Dream?

The puzzlers arrive in Texas after following a clue left behind by Raetsel. Gammon rides to the rescue as he solves a puzzle that is managed by a misguided brother.

E11 | Just Now, I Was Thinking of Someone

Cubik and Ana are waiting for the other puzzlers to arrive when they meet a woman named Regina who offers to take them on a mini tour of the waterfalls.

E12 | Is That What You Thought I'd Say?

Herbert Mueller is determined that the puzzles he has created will defeat Kaito and the Puzzlers for good.

E13 | She's Too Shallow

Determined to defeat Kaito, Raetsel sets out to create a puzzle that even the best cannot solve. Half way across the world, Rook discovers the entrance to Pythogoras's puzzle.

E14 | If It Were The Us of Then

Kaito and the other puzzlers complete their puzzle only to discover that half way across the world, the puzzle that Rook and Freecell must solve is their only escape.

E15 | I Want to Make a World With Full Bellies

While the Baron is revealing Jin's past and his ties to the fallen puzzler Lavoushka. Enigma shows up and reveals his past and his motives for having the puzzlers eliminated.

E16 | The Journey Ends

Kaito and Nonoha reason with Raetsel by revealing what Enigma has been hiding. With the truth finally revealed, Raetsel is determined to bring back Jin's memories.

E17 | Become a Phi-Brain

After Jin regains his memories, the Phi-Brain Orpheus reveals himself. Kaito and the puzzlers re-group at the POG head quarters and are briefed about how they can save Jin.

E18 | It's Okay If I Can't Solve Puzzles

Kaito, Freecell, and Nonoha learn that they may be able to alter their past if they listen to Orpheus and become his vessel.

E19 | Because You Were Watching

Upon learning that Jin could be saved if someone else replaced him as the Orpheus's vessel, Gammon and Erena go to the Republic of Amgine to challenge Orpheus.

E20 | Cheers to 100-Star Jin

Raetsel accepts Orpheus's puzzle challenge on the one condition that he promises to bring back Jin.

E21 | Kaito, You've Lost

Fed up with waiting around for Orpheus, Kaito accepts the challenge and is inadvertently dropped into a puzzle to face a close friend.

E22 | That's Why You Mustn't Hesitate

The puzzlers are pitted against each other in a game that will test their puzzle solving skills and their camaraderie.

E23 | The Two of Us!

Kaito locks himself in his hotel room to reflect on the outcomes of the last few puzzles he has solved. Will Raetsel be able to help him out of the dumps?

E24 | Even If Something's Missing

Kaito and Raetsel are shown versions of their pasts that morph and change based on their desires. Will they be able to escape this web of half-true memories?

E25 | It's Insanely Fun To Be Alive

Raetsel and Kaito are still deep within the Puzzle of God's web of memory as they face their final challenge.



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