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Season 1 Episode 8 | TV-MA | Premiere: 5/18/2023


Pushing aside suspicious thoughts about Tsukasa, Hiroki starts his mission alongside Satoru.


Season 1 | 13 Episodes

E1 | The Crushers

Hiroki and Tsukasa dream of opening a store just like Kenji's someday. However, their employer has been acting strange lately, which raises the duo's suspicions.

E2 | Views of the Peak

Kenji knows Hiroki and Tsukasa's secret, and the duo now have a dilemma on their hands. They could just deal with Kenji. Permanently. But surely there must be another way?

E3 | Jobs

Their dream has come true, but they soon discover there's no happily ever after. Not when Tsukasa must use his powers for assassination.

E4 | A Trap for Hayashi

Not only has Hayashi been in Japan all along, but he quickly proves that he's two steps ahead.

E5 | Locks

Conflicting emotions rage within Tsukasa when he finds himself face to face with Hayashi. Meanwhile, Satoru meets a woman who has a suspicious offer to make.

E6 | Back Door

Hayashi will not back down and will take Tsukasa with him, no matter the cost. As Tsukasa tries to resist the memory tampering, his dark past reveals itself.

E7 | Revenge

Meiling has powers as well, but she has a tremendous disadvantage. One the Company is all too happy to exploit.

E8 | Intrigue

Pushing aside suspicious thoughts about Tsukasa, Hiroki starts his mission alongside Satoru.

E9 | The Way the Wind Blows

While preparing for his discharge at a hospital, Hiroki notices something odd. A horrible memory spurs him to seek answers.

E10 | Broken Fish Tanks

Hiroki thought he knew Tsukasa, but it turns out he was wrong. When a dark secret reveals itself, Tsukasa realizes he may have lost Hiroki for good.

E11 | Reunion

Satoru's excitement over his reunion with Hayashi shatters when faced with the reality Hayashi is no longer the man he knew.

E12 | Carrier Pigeon

Hiroki faces a shocking revelation. Now trapped, he resorts to desperate measures to escape.

E13 | Rainbow

Satoru learns the truth while Tsukasa believes his plan has come to fruition. However, Hiroki has an important question. One Tsukasa must answer.



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