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Patlabor The Mobile Police (TV)

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Season 1 Episode 24 | TV-14 | Premiere: 4/11/1990

Farewell, Kanuka

Kanuka is on her way to America, but there is a hijacker on her plane. How will she stop this lunatic without her gun?!

Patlabor The Mobile Police (TV)

TV | 47 Episodes

E1 | Ingram Activated

Division 2 must upgrade its Labor when they wreck it during an arrest. Meanwhile, someone steals the new Patlabor, and Noa sets out to recover it.

E2 | Kanuka Has Come

Division 2 is sent to the Police Academy for training where everyone begins to wonder if the woman meant to instruct them may actually be vying for a pilot position.

E3 | This is SV2

The crew enjoys their off time by fishing, farming, and gardening. Unfortunately, this down time is interrupted when Ota sinks his Labor.

E4 | Head to the Mountain of Mystery

A group of hikers find a damaged Labor in the forest, but by the time they report it to the police, the Labor has mysteriously vanished!

E5 | Runaway Labor X-10

The military has tried to disguise a Labor in an experimental operation. Division 2 must stop the rogue Labor before it destroys the first city it encounters!

E6 | The Tower: SOS

A routine building inspection goes awry. With the building going up in flames, Division 2 steps in to help.

E7 | Glorious Type 97 Modified

Division 1 is ready to utilize a new Labor prototype, but something soon doesn't seem right.

E8 | Elusive Green

Noa, Asuma, and Hiromi are sent to investigate possible sabotage in the Onifuri Village.

E9 | Red Labor Landing

Public Safety agents seek help on a case. An ex-military Labor pilot turns terrorist, and the agents will the help of Division 2.

E10 | Eve's Trap

Kanuka's grandmother goes missing on Christmas Eve.

E11 | Eve's Terror

Noa battles the Brocken Labors while Kanuka and Ota's Labors are defeated. Later, Ota is captured while Noa is forced to retreat.

E12 | Ohta's One Troubled Afternoon

Ota's aunt sets him up with a beautiful young woman. The first meeting is disastrous to put it lightly. Much to Ota's surprise, the young beauty wants to see him again.

E13 | Gently, Your Highness

When a desert prince joins Division 2, they must protect him when a sniper tries to kill him!

E14 | You Win

The team goes out for a drink in an attempt to get to know each other better.

E15 | The Whale That Sang a Song

When an endangered humpback whale enters Tokyo Bay, Division 2 must get the whale to leave the bay without harming it.

E16 | The Unit Crosses the Sea

Division 2 helps out at a winter festival in Noa's hometown.

E17 | Target, Chief Goto

Goto is acting very strange, and the team seeks to uncover why.

E18 | I Love Noa-Senpai

A famous entertainer named Kana joins Division 2 for one week. Noa is mistakenly kidnapped, and Division 2 sets out to save her.

E19 | Shadow in Geo-Front

When a terrorist plants a bomb, it's up to Division 2 to disarm it.

E20 | Movement in the Dark

Noa and Asuma have a fight, and Division 2 is assigned a special mission.

E21 | Phantom Again

Asuma sets out to rescue Unit 3; meanwhile, Noa and Ota have their butts handed to them by the enemy.

E22 | Labor and Flower

Noa and Kanuka meet with an older gentleman who has a unique Labor collection.

E23 | Kanuka's Report

Kanuka says goodbye to Division 2 and sets out for America. Asuma, Ota, and the rest of the crew throw her a party.

E24 | Farewell, Kanuka

Kanuka is on her way to America, but there is a hijacker on her plane. How will she stop this lunatic without her gun?!

E25 | Storm of Spring

Shinshi takes over Kanuka's position in Division 2, but he is not as good at it.

E26 | I'm Takeo Kumagami

When Takeo Kumagami joins Division 2, Noa is worried that Goto will reassign positions.

E27 | A Calling Voice in the Dark

When the crew inherits an old mansion, they all start to see ghosts.

E28 | Suspicious Duo

Utsumi gives Bud a special labor called Griffon, which Bud will use against Noa.

E29 | SV2 Wiped Out!

Division 2 refuses to work until they receive their lunch!

E30 | Griffon was Here

H.Q. plans to put in more divisions... which means getting rid of the Ingrams and replacing them with economy models.

E31 | Tragedy in Rain

Asuma and Noa test out the new economy model.

E32 | Reunion

Kanuka returns to Tokyo and temporarily takes command of Machine 1.

E33 | Hounds of SCHAFT

Noa and the crew learn that the Griffon's crash was staged!

E34 | The Battle of the Gate

Noa and Alphonse initiate battle with Bud and the Griffon.

E35 | Griffon Down

Noa and Alphonse continue to fight the Griffon. Kanuka must go back to America.

E36 | Noa's Adventure

Division 2 goes to the mountains for a week's worth of training. When Noa finds 20,000 Yen, she seeks out the money's owner.

E37 | I'm Selling Peace of Mind

Division 2 relies on the Patlabor Insurance to cover the cars they destroyed.

E38 | The Underground Mystery Tour

Ota and Shinshi investigate an old tunnel when all of their things go missing. When Division 2 loses contact with them, Noa, Asuma, Hiromi, and Takeo go searching for them.

E39 | Economy Model Plans

Noa, Ota, and Gomioka test the new production model labors!

E40 | Orders of the Coast Guard

Division 2 investigates claims that there is a monster on the beach.

E41 | Save the Terrorists

When two lousy terrorists set off a bomb in the wrong place, Division 2 must save them.

E42 | The Men Who Returned

Three old terrorists get together to steal some money.

E43 | The Working Girl

Noa is being interviewed on "The Working Girl" Show.

E44 | Long Live CLAT

Before Shige is supposed to go to New York, he gets hurt and instead dreams that he is there.

E45 | Vocational Options

Noa must decide whether or not to become a pilot for Helldiver. Meanwhile, she must apprehend a criminal without Alphonse.

E46 | His Name is Zero

After messing up a mission, Noa is worried that she will lose Alphonse.

E47 | Condition Green

Noa visits her hometown. Later, Divisions 1 and 2 must apprehend a terrorist without using weapons.



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