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Season 1 Episode 8 | TV-14 | Premiere: 10/13/2022

Episode 08

Coming Soon


Pantheon Season 01 | 8 Episodes

E1 | Pantheon

Who is the mysterious online identity helping Maddie defeat her bullies?

E2 | Cycles

Ellen wants to regain control of her husband's consciousness.

E3 | Reign Of Winter

Maddie's quest to bring her parents back together; Caspian's struggle to keep his apart.

E4 | The Gods Will Not Be Chained

David harnesses his power; Chanda is out for blood; Caspian's life turns upside down.

E5 | Zero Daze

Caspian finally learns the truth; David and Laurie fight for survival.

E6 | You Must Be Caspian

The flaw takes its toll; Caspian and Maddie need each other more than ever.

English Simulcast
Thu, Oct 6, ’22 7:00 AM
Screenshot for Pantheon Pantheon Season 01 Episode 7

E7 | Episode 07

Coming Soon

English Simulcast
Thu, Oct 13, ’22 7:00 AM
Screenshot for Pantheon Pantheon Season 01 Episode 8

E8 | Episode 08

Coming Soon



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