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Season 1 Episode 30 | TV-14 | Premiere: 12/2/2022


The Chiram and the Emaan are now united against the Mu, but where does that leave Mome and the Captain?


Season 1 | 35 Episodes

E1 | Time Space Rift!!

Everything changes when Kei activates an uncalibrated dimensional oscillation bomb.

E2 | Lonely Wolf

Kei is now a stranger in a strange land and in need of answers. Unfortunately, the exposition must wait as he finds himself in an armed standoff.

E3 | Pretty Machine

With the Bronco II out of commission, Kei must learn how to operate a new ship and fast; he is a singularity, and that makes him a target.

E4 | Caravan

The Emaan intend to open a market but when the Chiram make plans of their own when they learn of this...

E5 | Lovers

The villagers have no interest in Kei's help and don't want any trouble with the Chiram. Why then did two of them sneak aboard and steal the Orguss?

E6 | Vanishing Point

A determined Commander Roberto sets his sights on Kei to protect his unit. Meanwhile, the crew of the Glomar needs a new product to sell.

E7 | I Love You

Passions run hot as Mimsy and Mome reveal their feelings.

E8 | Runaway

The Glomar must return home as quickly as possible, but that means going to the Port of Lyon, where the Chiram await.

E9 | Revolution

When the Francie government rejects their market, Shaya sends Kei and Mimsy on an investigation.

E10 | Barbarians

A horde of barbarians suddenly attack the Glomar! Surely the crew has nothing to fear from horseback riders with swords and bows...?

E11 | Dummy

The only way to save the crew of the Glomar from the Chiram is Kei's death.

E12 | Chiram Girl

The Chiram have come to their decision: the best way to capture Kei is to send another singularity after him.

E13 | Caspian Crater

Someone must act as a decoy. But with the Chiram out in force, there's a good chance the volunteer won't be coming back...

E14 | Operation D

Kei slipped through Olson's fingers and the Chiram demand answers. The captain, however, had his reasons for letting Kei go.

E15 | Singularity!!

Kei finally meets Olson in person and learns a series of shocking truths.

E16 | My Factory

The Thoov clan abducts Kei in the name of securing the future for the Emaan.

E17 | Seventeen

The crew of the Glomar must worry about both the Emaan and the Chiram. Meanwhile, time is running out for Mimsy.

E18 | Sisters

Two sisters have different opinions over how to handle Kei.

E19 | Time Slip

The battle between Kei and Athena intensifies, and only Olson knows of the tragedy that would result if one were to die by the other's hand.

E20 | Broken Through

Kei doesn't have to think twice: he will help Olson, even if it means fighting against the Emaan. However, the two friends come to blows once Olson reveals his motivations.

E21 | Father

Kei and Athena confront the truth.

E22 | Decide

Kei has a choice to make: the Emaan or the Chiram?

E23 | Destroyer

Everyone is in danger once the Mu discover what the Chiram and the Emaan have created.

E24 | Mu

In the aftermath of a cataclysmic loss, the Emaan must decide what comes next.

E25 | Chiram Soldier

Wesley has no choice but to give Roberto one last chance to eliminate the singularities. Not unless he wants a mutiny.

E26 | Break Down

Kei and Olson have a heart-to-heart about Athena who, unbeknownst to them, is about to make a life-altering decision.

E27 | Message

Leeg needs rodometal to finish the dimensional converter, but that would mean the Glomar must enter Chiram territory...

E28 | Come Back Lover

The Chiram needs the singularities and the crew of the Glomar needs rodometal. Perhaps diplomacy can succeed where fighting has failed.

E29 | Choice

Manisha is suspicious about the Chiram president and warns her sister to be careful. Meanwhile, Kei entrusts Mome with an important task.

E30 | Outsider

The Chiram and the Emaan are now united against the Mu, but where does that leave Mome and the Captain?

E31 | Children

The crew of the Glomar celebrate a momentous occasion, but not everyone is happy at this unexpected turn of events.

E32 | Lost World

If the Great Singularity is destroyed, everything the Chriam and the Emaan have done will have been for nothing!

E33 | Last Charge

Athena will fulfill her duty, but that doesn't mean she has forgiven Kei. Meanwhile, the Emaan suspect the Chiram are hiding something...

E34 | Battlefield

The Chiram and Emaan forces engage the Mu in a battle that will determine the fate of humanity!

E35 | Time Space Creation

Time is running out for everyone. Kei and Olson may have reached the Great Singularity, but the price for victory may be higher than they ever imagined.



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