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Nobunaga the Fool

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Season 1 Episode 11 | TV-14 | Premiere: 8/5/2023


Tensions rise as Caesar and Brutus plot further to invade the Oda clan, who get more than they bargained for.

Nobunaga the Fool

Season 1 | 24 Episodes

E1 | The Star

Joan Kaguya d'Arc escapes the Western Star, searching for a prophesized Savior King. On the battle-torn Eastern Star, Nobunaga starts to comprehend the folly of war.

E2 | The Lovers

King Arthur and his Round Table plot their next move upon discovering Da Vinci's defection. Nobunaga learns more of Jeanne and Da Vinci's intentions.

E3 | The Chariot

The Oda Clan argues how the foreigners could impact their war when it abruptly arrives at their doorsteps, forcing Nobunaga and his new allies to ride into battle.

E4 | The Magician

Nobunaga agrees to marry Queen Himiko in exchange for an alliance and one of her Sacred Treasures. To Nobunaga, it's a means to an end, but others have different opinions.

E5 | The Tower

As Nobunaga suffers a great setback in his bid to take control of the impending war, the Takeda forces launch an attack with the help of an unlikely ally.

E6 | Strength

The Oda Clan mourns its tragic loss and needs Nobunaga more than ever. As he becomes increasingly callous, his friends and allies take matters into their own hands.

E7 | The Hierophant

Shingen and Caesar negotiate the terms of their alliance while Nobunaga marches on their camp with questions that demand answers.

E8 | Wands

Nobunaga seeks to regain the Regalia entrusted to him by Shingen. Things heat up when Caesar tries to seize the Regalia as well. Meanwhile, Jeanne has a horrific vision.

E9 | The Moon

Nobunaga's victory renews the spirits of the citizens. The Oda clan finally begins to unite under Nobunaga's leadership.

E10 | Temperance

As the Oda clan gathers allies, Caesar gets one last chance to prove his aptitude for the spoils of war.

E11 | Death

Tensions rise as Caesar and Brutus plot further to invade the Oda clan, who get more than they bargained for.

E12 | The Fool

Nobunaga extends an invitation to Caesar for a tea drinking party in order to gauge any interest on a possible alliance between himself and the other Savior King, Arthur.

E13 | Swords

Nobunaga's gambit has borne fruit, but not without sacrifice. On the Western Star, King Arthur can no longer afford to sit idly by and the Round Table prepares for war.

E14 | The Empress

The inevitable Western Star invasion has begun. The vanguards of the enemy forces ambush Nobunaga and his allies, forcing them into a fight for survival.

E15 | The Hanged Man

With Jeanne now held prisoner by the Round Table, Nobunaga launches an offensive with Azuchi to rescue her, now knowing that her power is essential to his cause.

E16 | Ace of Cups

Jeanne begins to doubt herself, and is afraid that Nobunaga may not be the Savior King after all. Da Vinci makes a discovery in Donremy Village.

E17 | The Hermit

Azuchi reappers in the East. Himiko, barely hanging on to his life after such an ordeal, reveals to Nobunaga their shared history.

E18 | The Emperor

The Western Army makes their advance on the Star of the East. With Alexander leading the way, Nobunaga will find it difficult to beat Alexander without the help of Regalia.

E19 | The Wheel of Fortune

Greater power is needed to defeat Alexander. In order to do so, Nobunaga will need to venture into realms unknown in order to obtain the power he needs.

E20 | The Sun

With Nobunaga strengthened by the dragons' power, he sets out to put a stop to Alexander's advance on the East once an for all.

E21 | Justice

Caesar explains why he defected to King Arthur's side. Nobunaga refuses to accept that reason and digs deeper to discover the truth.

E22 | The Devil

Nobunaga believes he is hurting and killing those that are around him. Meanwhile, King Arthur summons the remaining four perfecta from the east to join him at the round table.

E23 | The World

Nobunaga makes the decision to strike on Palais Natura before the Holy Grail can be activated. In doing so, he learns the limits of those around him and steps up his assault.

E24 | Judgement

Nobunaga puts the squeeze on Palais Natura in order to draw King Arthur into battle. With so much at stake, Nobunaga faces the most daunting choices he has ever had to make.



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