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Ninjala the Animation

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Season 1 Episode 34 | TV-PG | Premiere: 9/12/2023

Survival Battle Finals!

The Preliminaries have ended, and the finals are imminent.

Ninjala the Animation

Season 1 | 51 Episodes

E1 | Ninja-Gum Perfected

After years of repeated failures, Burton, Berecca, and Ron achieve a breakthrough in their secret development of Ninja-Gum.

E2 | A Long Day for Burton and Berecca

Burton and Berecca discover the hard way that Ninja-Gum has certain.... side effects. With their research lab shut down, the two are running out of options.

E3 | Awaken! Young Van!

One night, Van awakens after having a nightmare involving his father. Trusting his instincts, Van pays him a visit, only to discover that his nightmare is now real.

E4 | Lucy and the Mysterious Eye

Lucy was enjoying ice cream with her friends until their paths crossed with a pair of delinquents. With the situation escalating, Lucy's right eye glows red...

E5 | Ninja Dancer Emma

Emma takes out a crime ring with her stylish moves, but someone in the crowd was recording and the footage went viral, which caught the attention of a WNA agent.

E6 | WNA Academy - Let the Battles Begin!

Burton and Berecca enter the WNA Academy and take part in the entrance ceremony.

E7 | Kappei of the Shinobi Village

The students begin their new life at the WNA Academy, but not everyone is pleased with their new status quo.

E8 | Infiltrating WNA HQ

Berecca and Burton breaks into the WNA's server room in their search for answers.

E9 | Emma and Lucy's Fun-sized Adventure

Emma makes it her business when she overhears a suspicious conversation. Meanwhile, Lucy's curiosity spurs her into action. Will the two bite off more than they can chew?

E10 | New Friends? Ron and Jane

Two new students enroll at the academy but, to Berecca and Burton's shock, one of them looks familiar.

E11 | Mission: Survival

The students undergo a training exercise where each team must find their way back to the academy from the middle of nowhere. There's one catch: they can't use Ninja-Gum.

E12 | Hide and Seek with the Unknown

An old ghost town would be the perfect place to practice the ninja art of staying hidden. But the students soon discover they may not be alone.

E13 | Captured Ninja

The students continue their training unaware that someone, or something, is watching them.

E14 | Tailing Burton

Berecca and Burton made plans, but when she can't find Burton the day of, Berecca suspects the worst...

E15 | Space Ninjas

Deep within WNA headquarters, there is an unidentified life form contained within a capsule. Late at night, the capsule is opened...

E16 | Ninja Duty

The students receive their first mission: they must investigate mysterious lights within a cave before the extermination squad arrives.

E17 | Ron and Jane's Infiltration Mission

Ron and Jane are suspicious of the WNA and take it upon themselves to investigate the organization.

E18 | Headed Home into the Sunset

The WNA is worried and tasks the students with following their targets back to their homes.

E19 | Oranje Sea Terror

The student's investigation of the extra-terrestrial lifeforms lead them to a seaside village.

E20 | Leonard the Runaway

Berecca meets her father's best friend, who is being targeted by assassins.

E21 | Tales from the Oedo Hot Springs

Berecca has many unanswered questions that need answers.

E22 | Burton and Chocomin

While returning from a mission, the students encounter a Space Ninja, who wishes to pass on a message.

E23 | Summer Siege on Eagle City

The Space Ninjas are plotting something. Allen hatches a daring plan that requires the extermination squad and the students to work together.

E24 | Battling Shadows

Allen gives a victory speech while Ron seethes.

E25 | Operation Oedo Ninjas! Part 1

Berecca and her friends prepare to infiltrate the Oedo excavation site. However, the Shadow Ninjas were already lying in wait for their prey.

E26 | Operation Oedo Ninjas! Part 2

The students may have infiltrated the meteorite excavation site, but circumstances separate them.

E27 | The Ninjala Championship

The tournament has been announced and excitement among the students is at an all-time high. Berecca is determined to win no matter what!

E28 | Burton VS Berecca

Berecca asks Genryusai to train her for the upcoming tournament.

E29 | Keith - The Dainty Diner

The Ninjala Championships have begun. While Burton successfully passes preliminaries, Dan complains about un-ninja-like behavior.

E30 | Dan and Tyler

Tyler offers words of encouragement before Dan's preliminary match.

E31 | Stealing Back Stolen Treasure!

While training for the preliminaries, Kappei encounters a fellow student. Her movements are sluggish, but that's before she takes off her weights.

E32 | Van! Burning Ninja Spirit!

Van's mother visits the WNA Academy with good news about his father's recovery. With his morale raised, Van investigates who was behind the attack.

E33 | Blueprint for a New Lucy

Lucy discovers a letter from her parents in her room. When a picture falls out of the envelope, Lucy sees her past self, who seems like an entirely different person.

E34 | Survival Battle Finals!

The Preliminaries have ended, and the finals are imminent.

E35 | The New Ninjala Master!

As Lucy and May enjoy their fight, Ron and Tyler are determined to best the other.

E36 | Ninja Beach Break

The students arrive at a private beach owned by the WNA Academy.

E37 | Touring Oedo Town

A Kroko seeks to return a favor after Naomi's assistance.

E38 | Fright Night at the Academy

The WNA Academy get more than they bargained for when they investigate a scary rumor.

E39 | Swordmaster Kappei

Kappei takes it upon himself to train the owner of an abandoned kendo practice sword.

E40 | There Goes the Pumpking

Van recalls his favorite picture book when he was younger.

E41 | Ron is Always at Your Back

One of Bruce's puns fills Ron with a strange sense of dejà vu...

E42 | Every Vote Counts in a Crazy Election!

Worried about the future, Dan approaches the principal with a proposal to form a student council.

E43 | Banished from the WNA Academy!?

The WNA higher-ups realize in shock that their systems have been hacked by an outsider.

E44 | Poop Recruits!

A competition between Van and Kappei results in the creation of Giant Gum Weapons during a training match.

E45 | Operation Hideout Takeover!

Burton is busy inventing, but his friends are making it extremely difficult to concentrate. It's only a matter of time before his patience breaks...

E46 | Eagle City's New Hero - Part 1

Emma, Van, Kappei, and Lucy are on the monorail when a horrific accident suddenly occurs. This looks like a job for a giant ninja in a black cloak!

E47 | Eagle City's New Hero - Part 2

The fierce battle with the mysterious giant ninja takes a turn for the worst. With little options remaining, Lucy removes the eyepatch covering a glowing eye.

E48 | The Tenacious Assassin

Genryusai grows suspicious after Allen orders the meteorite core be transported to HQ and sends the students on a secret mission to Oedo.

E49 | Battle for the Meteorite

Leonard, Burton, Berecca, Emma, and Van must protect the meteorite from both the Space and the Shadow Ninjas.

E50 | The Shadow Ninjas Strike Back

Burton does not trust the Oniwabanshu and insists that they take it back to headquarters themselves.

E51 | Battle of the Opera!

The Shadow Ninjas have kidnapped the President and demand the meteorite for his safety.



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