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Negima!? (2006)

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Season 2 Episode 15 | TV-MA | Premiere: 12/6/2018

The class is growing disquiet at these unanticipated turns of events by Mana / "So they're getting loud?" by Zazie / "15 points" by Mana

Negi and Class 3-A find themselves in a ruined world that mirrors the school. How can they survive and, more importantly, can they find a way back home?

Negima!? (2006)

Negima!? (2006) | 26 Episodes

E1 | What, 31 students right off the bat! by Negi

In this alternative tale, Negi Springfield begins his duties at Mahora Academy, unaware that a vampire anticipates the arrival of the Thousand Master’s son.

E2 | No way, that’s what you do for a probationary contract!? by Asuna

Caught off guard by Negi’s power, the vampire makes a tactical retreat. The young wizard has no choice but to confide in Asuna after a memory-erasing spell fails.

E3 | Oh... So is this how you use a probationary contract by Eva

Negi attempts to strike a bargain with Evangeline after learning about her past. However, one should be wary when dealing with vampires. Fortunately, Asuna intervenes.

E4 | Teacher... It’s my first time... by Nodoka

The faculty notifies Negi that something is wrong. Meanwhile, Asuna founds the Chupacabra Research Society in response to the strange phenomena occurring on campus.

E5 | Security deposits and key fees are expensive in Tokyo. Wait, that's not what the probationary contract's about? by Konoka

Evangeline recovers from the recent assault while Negi muses if the attack is related to the disappearance of the Star Crystal.

E6 | Pardon me... Might I not be excused with either the forehead or the cheek? by Setsuna

The new enemy controls three of Negi’s classmates. Now, Negi and his new partners must fight against their friends if they wish to save them.

E7 | Um, I think there are good things about not being seen, but I think there are times when it's better to be seen, too by Sayo

While Asuna attempts to sell a backlog of shirts, Negi practices a spell that would allow him to see Sayo, Class 3-A’s resident ghost.

E8 | Sensei, please make us adults by Fuka - Fumika

While discussing the theft of the Star Crystal with his partners, Negi can’t help but feel they’re being watched. Later, they explore the library.

E9 | Going camping, apparently by Motsu / "Why?" by Shichimi

Negi’s partners propose a training camp so they can learn more about magic. But will anything resembling that actually take place?

E10 | With Negi-sensei, behind my back? I shall never condone such a thing! by Ayaka

Negi’s partners agree that Negi shouldn’t do things on his own when Ayaka confronts them. She suspects that something is going on and is determined to find out what.

E11 | Huh, so Baron is a kind of rose. I thought it was a kind of potato by Haruna

After the Black Rose Baron’s latest insult, Asuna vows to bring the elusive figure down once and for all! But will her investigation turn up anything?

E12 | Well, after much quibbling, what it all comes down to is how you feel by Yue

With Haruna as a new ally, Negi and his partners desperately search for Yue, who now knows too much.

E13 | Rather than it being a matter of you being the enemy, the issue is whether you are a nuisance to the Master or not by Chachamaru

Class 3-A finds themselves trapped within an ancient Welsh castle with no apparent way out. With Negi transformed into a chupacabra, how will they get out of this one?

E14 | Frankly speaking, in the face of magic, scientific theory is as good as nonexistent by Hakase

Evangeline initiates an emergency teleport out of the castle. There may be a way for Negi to return to human form, but it requires additional contracts with Class 3-A.

E15 | The class is growing disquiet at these unanticipated turns of events by Mana / "So they're getting loud?" by Zazie / "15 points" by Mana

Negi and Class 3-A find themselves in a ruined world that mirrors the school. How can they survive and, more importantly, can they find a way back home?

E16 | Yesterday's foe is today's friend by Misa / "Good enough friends to have fights" by Madoka / "No doesn't always mean no!" by Sakurako

Another day passes trapped within the ruined world. Class 3-A continue to find a way home, but will tempers reach a boiling point?

E17 | Natsumi, family is still the homerun king of bonds, isn't it by Chizuru / "I don't understand what you mean at all, Chizu-nee" by Natsumi

Asuna and Kokona discover Nekane Springfield in the bath. What is Negi’s big sister doing in the magical world and how did she get there?

E18 | There's a bastard who gets all happy and wants to spill the beans when there's a secret! by Chisame / "Chiu-chiu's gonna get angry, too Mad, mad" by Chiu

Nekane interacts with Class 3-A, but they've figured out her secret. Class 3-A's mission? To avoid letting her know that they know.

E19 | It's great to go back to being a child again and having fun. Though, I have fun without going back to being a child, too by Kazumi

Most of Class 3-A have mysteriously transformed into Dud mode! How did this happen, and can Negi keep things in control until everyone reverts to normal?

E20 | They say, bigger the blander, but that's not necessarily true in actuality by Satsuki

The darkness is on the move, and now Evangeline is gigantic! What can Class 3-A do about this situation?

E21 | A man silently eats his Ramen Takamichi by Takahata / "What the hell does that mean!?" by Chamo

Yue finds herself conflicted between her feelings for Negi and her friendship with Nodoka. Can she find a way to reconcile her emotions or will she be forced to choose?

E22 | Aiya, something strange is beginning to happen! This must surely be the end of the world! by Lingshen

Strange events continue to plague the group. Evangeline and Chachamaru are still trapped by the water surrounding their home. Chizuru comes to an alarming conclusion.

E23 | Wait, you can't do that, Negi-kun! by Yuna / "That's right, we're your partners!" by Ako

The mastermind is revealed, and Evangeline is possessed. With Negi’s allies turned to stone, can he and his remaining students fight back?

E24 | Negi-sensei, it appears this is the climax by Akira / "Let's all go home together, Negi-kun!" by Misora

Trapped deep within the Star Crystal, Negi confronts the dark power behind everything. Meanwhile, Negi’s allies plan their next move.

E25 | And with that, the case is closed!? by Narrator

Life has returned to normal. Or at least, as normal as things can get for Class 3-A and their teacher. But the story isn’t done with Negi quite yet...

E26 | I will not say that I am lonely! Because, I have faith that we will surely meet again! by Negi

Negi becomes convinced that his father is somewhere nearby. With the support of his friends, they begin their search.



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